Here are 100 facts about me, some are quite irrelevant and others are ... different.

Want to know more about what makes Stinkypaw the gal I am? Read on!

    1. My father chose my name. He really liked this little singer from Spain, who could sing really well, in the 50s. I remember watching his movies with my dad…

    2. My blog name came about following hubby’s blog about this stink problem we were having with the city we lived in at the time.

    3. I was born in Chibougamau, a mining town in Northern Quebec – it takes about 8 hours to drive there from Montreal – Chibougamau, in Cree, means “meeting place” – Always thought it was a funny name for a place so far away.

    4. I grew up downtown Montreal, behind a counter: my parents owned and operated a restaurant and then a convenience store until I was 24.

    5. I asked to go to a private school where we would wear a uniform, since I wasn’t allowed to wear jeans (before I turned 18 – a dad rule).

    6. Never really been able to do a forward/backward roll… even as a kid. I always fell on the side. Weird.

    7. I love animals, always had pets. Even had a pet skunk for a while, her name was Mooky! BUT I never owned a fish!

    8. I learned to ride a bike on a boy’s model, and the seat was broken so I fell on the cross bar… I was about 5 ½ - 6 years old.

    9. That day my grand father told me “You’ve lost your cherry”… didn’t know what he meant at the time.

    10. My grandmother on my mother’s side didn’t like me that much because she didn’t approve of my father (She always said that my dad stole my mom away from them. He married her.) They/we had this love/hate relationship until she died.

    11. I am the oldest on my mother’s side; and have over 59 first-cousins on my father's side (and I know all of them!).

    12. My birthday was always celebrated with friends; as far back as I can remember.

    13. I love to read since I’ve been able to, basically. Could spend days at a book store or library.

    14. I’ve been watching, on and off, “Days of Our Lives”, since high school.

    15. Broke both wrists at the same time, during a basketball game, in high school. Had to have both arms, in casts, above the elbow for more than 6 weeks. Can you say fun?!

    16. I’ve always had a belly – it varies in size at times, but it’s always there.

    17. I love board games – my favourites are “Taboo”, “Scattergories” and “Pictionary”.

    18. I love everything that has to do with pens and school (or office) supplies.

    19. I always said that if I ever had a boy I would name him “Robin”… because of a summer love I had with a boy named Robin who passed away at 14 from an asthma attack.

    20. I almost drowned twice, in a pool: once in vacation in Lake George, and once on a school outing.

    21. I love to look at pictures. Hate it when someone flips through without “really” looking. They are meant to be looked at with attention, not flipped!

    22. Smells will often trigger my memory, and most of the time; it’s a happy thought!

    23. I have no patience, with people… sad to say, but it’s a fact!

    24. I used to play “Yum” with my mom for hours.

    25. Don’t like to do sports where I don’t feel “grounded” (stable on my feet).

    26. I always liked older boys/men.

    27. I love to hang clothes outside to dry. I even enjoy looking at a full clothesline.

    28. Learned how to swim only a few years ago.

    29. I thought I wanted to be a criminologist in high school.

    30. I can be very “anal” for certain little details, like how one hangs clothes on a clothesline.

    31. Saved my dad’s life during a hold-up by doing a tourniquet on his arm.

    32. A few years later my mom shot a guy during another hold-up at the store.

    33. I did karate for over 20 years, taught for 10 of those. It’s because of karate that I met my husband. I was his teacher.

    34. After I finished college, I started to work full time, and never really stopped since.

    35. I’ve made many friends from all over the world, mostly through sports.

    36. My socks are folded and separated by colours in my sock drawer (same thing for my undies…) – told you I was anal…

    37. Actually, thinking about it, all my clothes are colour separated!

    38. Tried to take some night class later on, but it didn’t work out; when I learned that criminology was about “helping criminals get back into society”. I wanted to put them away for good.

    39. Through the years I’ve “cleaned up” some of my friendships. I’m choosier of my friends and of how I share my time.

    40. In the summer (or in the sun) I get freckles. Used to hate it as a kid, now I don’t mind it so much; actually think it’s cute.

    41. I think I was a dog in a previous life: I have a really good nose.

    42. My husband thinks I was a cat in a previous life: As soon as a warm ray of sun hits me I nap!

    43. I don’t like to be kissed with coffee, beer or cigarette breath… eeewwww!

    44. Blue is my favourite colour.

    45. I love everything to do with Christmas, except the malls (or is it the shoppers?!) - I shop for Christmas all year 'round!

    46. I’m a chocolate slut! And I’m not ashamed to admit it!

    47. In my mid-twenties I applied for the RCMP, past all their tests (physical, mental, eyes, etc) and was turned down at the interview – I let the interviewer get to me…

    48. I love to drive around new neighbourhoods on a warm sunny day and watch people.

    49. I have a watch fetish – there’s no such thing as too many watches! And I like “good” watches… unfortunately.

    50. I’m a big flirt!

    51. I REALLY don’t like bugs, especially spiders!

    52. “Born to be Alive”, was the first music record I ever bought – a 45!!!

    53. Love the sound of waves either by a lake, or the ocean – it’s very soothing.

    54. I don’t drink booze at all – one Coronita every so often, and a “sweet” mixed drink but that’s about it. Just don’t like the taste.

    55. In sixth grade, I created my own “Pink Ladies” group (after watching “Grease”) and we (4 or 5 of us girls) would meet, in our basement, for our weekly meeting.

    56. I love to be barefoot, even if they’re often cold…

    57. I use a dictionary daily, especially since I’ve been blogging.

    58. I can, without any guilt, just drop everything and crash to watch a movie or something. Love to do nothing!

    59. The older I get the “girly-er” I’m becoming…

    60. I sweat very easily; don’t even need to do a lot! When I’m training simply love the feeling, but not when I’m working!

    61. I love to organize parties. I’ve been told many times I should become a party planner.

    62. Despite my many years of karate I still have feminine, callus free feet.

    63. I despise stupidity and ignorance.

    64. Everyday I laugh. By myself, with hubby, at myself, at others, but I laugh!

    65. I hate white chocolate, which isn't chocolate anyway!

    66. I must have been some kind of house pet before, because I’m a whore for caresses!

    67. I change my hair colour or a regular base, just love to change what I easily can!

    68. EVERY time I start chewing a hard shell gum I sneeze! People “tested” me, and it never fails!

    69. I love cherries so much that I could totally be in that scene from “The Witches of Eastwick”(one of my favourites) where they eat cherries like there’s no tomorrow!

    70. When thinking I often bite my nails, or play with them.

    71. Got a post card from Disney with the Disney Villains – can identified almost all of them. There are 18 of them. May not know their names, but I know in which movie they’re from.

    72. I have a morbid fascination with gory things (like accident pictures, or surgery).

    73. My parents thought I would grow up to do something in the medical field, because I’ve always been curious and used to collect sutures…

    74. Really don’t like to be introduced as a second-degree black belt, I have a name and it’s not “karate black belt”. A LOT of people do that, and I always get uncomfortable.

    75. I’m very “first impression”, and so far I haven’t been wrong often. Once my opinion is made up, good luck trying to change it.

    76. Sometimes when I looked at my cat, I just felt like picking him up and squeeze. Hard. Just loved that fur ball.

    77. I often do that to my husband. Well… not the picking up part!

    78. When I’m bothered about something or wondering, I don’t keep it bottled up, I do what I call my “perception check” – I ask is something is wrong. That often throws people off because they/we are not used to being confronted. I don’t like ambivalent situation.

    79. I’m very curious about everything. If I don’t know something, I’m not afraid to ask questions.

    80. I have a VERY warp sense of humour – and EVERYTHING is a double meaning, I’m really bad for that and I just love it!

    81. I love to make up words, especially in English (not being my first language). I often get looks because of that, or people correct me. Did that in Greece once, without knowing the language... let's just say "embarrassing"...

    82. I don’t really have any taboo subjects. There’s really not any one thing that I can’t talk about. I’m very open minded about everything (from food to sex, even my folks having sex!).

    83. My emotional glass is barely full, so my emotions are easily accessible, way too easy to make me angry or cry.

    84. The first movie I ever saw in a theater, with my mother, was “Kramer vs. Kramer”

    85. First time I ever played Black Jack I won over $200.00 for a $5.00 entry bet.

    86. Even if I’ve never smoked I have always loved the smell of a fresh-lit cigarette, and even more the smell of a match (sulfur).

    87. I've "adopted" a family (in need) at Christmas and provided them with a Christmas Basket. The goal was for them to have a good, nutritious Christmas dinner and breakfast. Each year I’ve showed up with 3 carloads with food, clothes, gifts, etc. - thanks to my friends! It a great feeling.

    88. My mind is no longer in the gutter… It has been floating in the ocean by now…

    89. I’ve been “consciously” on a spiritual path. I’m not a religious person though.

    90. I have one tattoo. On my right cheek. I got it when I turned 25. It’s my name in Japanese and the face of a wild cat.

    91. Always said that if I ever went to Japan because of karate I would get another one. In November 1999, went to Japan for the World Karate Tournament, and when I came back I went to get the “kanku” (a karate symbol from our style) added on to what was already there.

    92. My favourite misused word is “worser”, when the worst gets worst, it has to be worser!

    93. First time I ever went to a strip club was with my parents (for both male strippers and female) – I was about 14 years old. (They'll let you in if accompanied by your parents!)

    94. If I was to get married, I didn’t want a big church wedding. Always thought it was a big show that just wasn’t for me. We got married, barefoot in the sand, on a beach in Hawaii (during a karate seminar!).

    95. The first and only time I smoke a joint was at my parents house, with them. My dad had found a bit at the store and wanted to try it, so I rolled it up and we smoked it.

    96. I have a firearm and a permit for it. I was a teen when passed the tests with my mother. She didn’t want to go alone.

    97. Did I say that I don’t have any brother or sister?

    98. I always thought my dad looked like Elvis in his younger years. I think I’ve also always loved Elvis because both my parents did, and his mouth was so yummy!

    99. I can be am brutally honest and blunt at times.

    100. I’m a big Whippet: Hard on the outside but really mushy soft and sweet on the inside.
There! Now you should have a better idea of who I am.

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Confettiny said...

You say: 1. My father chose my name. He really liked this little singer from Spain, who could sing really well, in the 50s. I remember watching his movies with my dad…
Now I'm really curious about what name that is!
Actually, that's the reason I came to visit your blog coming from the Postcrossing site ;-)