Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Feeling wonky that's what I need!

Here I am sitting in the main area of our temporary apartment for the next three weeks, minimum.  We moved ourselves this past weekend.  Besides preparing our condo for the work to start on Monday, we packed stuff to move here.  It's a cute little apartment, in a big building, right in the heart of town.
It has the basics and it was cleaner than our Bodø apartment.  The worst thing about this place is the sofa.  It is used and so low... maybe it's because we're tall but still it's ridiculously low.  Not good for old bodies like ours.  We brought a lot of our stuff over, beside our computers, our laser printer, we completed the kitchen with our pots and spices, etc.  Overall, the place isn't bad.  This morning they shampooed the hallway carpet, which is a good thing.  I haven't really heard noise, unlike our condo, but for the past twenty minutes I've been smelling some wonky tobacco... I might be high by the time the husband gets home.

The past few days, not to say weeks, have been challenging to say the least.  Not only is our patience being tested, our backs and mental health in general as well.  Besides having to deal with every day life, Hubby is super busy at his client, and we have to deal with our new roles as condo administrators.  At times, I can't help but feel it would be hell if we had kids to add to this mess.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Little recap

It's been a few weeks since I last was here, so let me bring you up to speed in the Challenging Life of Stinkypaw!

  1. Re. Condo:  Nothing yet has been done, BUT we now have a start date!  Woohoo!
  2. The expert in HVAC came and within the first five minutes he looked at the unit, he found the issue.  It was missing a little cap. $30K worth of damage for a little cap that cost $1.15, imagine that!
  3. Because of all the delays and little fights we've had to deal with, Hubby decided that he doesn't want to do any upgrade anymore.  Boohoo!
  4. I got my new wedding ring last week.  It's huuuuuge.  It turned out great.

    from idea to wax to a beautiful new shinny ring!
  5. In a month of business I did manage to sell two hundreds cards!  Crazy, and since I haven't sold any...I have a feeling I won't become a millionaire with that...
  6. The Québec Meet Up was a success.  It was a bad drive.  It snowed all the way there, so it took me longer than anticipated to get to Québec. Good thing Hubby had changed the tires on our car the night before.

    Other than that I feel like we're both about to crack... we manage to do our things, Hubby goes to work, but he's running on a very thin sheet of ice.  He could slip at any time... His fuse is getting shorter by the day, which is not a real good thing.    We have to be moved out by Saturday next week.  If everything goes well (yeah, right) the work on this place should be done within three weeks.   Time will tell...

Monday, October 12, 2015

Hoping and hopefully...

Nineteen days since I last came by here, and to be honest not much as changed.  The work has not begun in our condo yet, some issues with the kitchen estimation. The insurance company sent their guy to re-appraise the work to be done earlier last week.  I'm hoping to hear from them soon.

Our moron of a neighbor didn't provide a written confirmation that his unit is working correctly and that the issue which caused the damages has been resolved correctly.  We had to get a lawyer involved, and mandate a professional consultant to confirm everything.  Hopefully that guy will come by this week.

When the cabinet guy came by last week, I did ask him about how we would proceed if we were to do some upgrades, like changing our counter top.  While he was measuring and examining our cabinet he did mention a possible problem we might have with doing so.  Our current top is shaped and set a certain way and replacing it might not be as easy task.  We will have to see a professional and make sure it can be done... I'm hoping it will be a possible project, since it would be a superb upgrade in our place.

We went to see our jeweler and he showed us the new rock that will be on/in my new ring, which he had a wax mold of.  It will be quite a change from the ring I had for fifteen years.  Hopefully it will be even better in gold and meets all my expectations.

My postcard online shop is up and running.  I've made three sales this far.  It would be a lie to say I'm not disappointed.  I'm waiting for a few more new designs from the printer, which will broaden the types of cards I offer.  I've also created another few, but haven't sent them to the printer yet.  I'm hoping to sell some at the Québec meet on Saturday.

I've organized a Postcrossing meet in Québec city.  I was planing to drive there with Hubby, but he mentioned not being too hot about spending time alone while I was at the meet up, so I've asked a member if she wanted to share my room.  I didn't want to drive there alone and turns out that I will be driving there with two women, so it all worked out.  At the moment we are about ten postcards addicts attending, should be interesting.  Hopefully it will be a nice day, hate to drive in the rain.

As you can read, these days I'm going on hopes... hopefully it will all work out... one can hope, right?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Not all bad...

Well, in ten days things have been moving, or I have... whichever way you want to look at it.  On the condo front though, nothing moved.  No repair insight just yet, we are awaiting the moron's confirmation that it has been fixed correctly and it seems like he's ignoring the requests from the condo association...

My new wedding band is in creation and we actually got a nice credit for our old gold jewels. A nice chuck of that came from Hubby's mother, may she rest in peace.  I had kept her charms bracelet, you know the old style with huge charms, and that puppy weight 111 gm in gold! Between that and my wedding ring, with its diamond, it added up, which is nice since the new ring will be a little more pricey... Yeah this girl likes purdy and shiny things!

Speaking of shiny things, while at the jeweler, I had noticed a pendant he had made, and last time I was there I could no longer resist it.  It is so me, Stinkypaw!

Chuk's Creation
As you may have noticed, on the sidebar, there's a new gadget pointing to my new online store!  I've decided to take the plunge and open an online shop where I would sell postcards.  For now, as I'm building my portfolio, the selection isn't grand, but I'm working on it.  I have some strictly related to Postcrossing and since the selection of Montréal postcards in local stores is not only lame, dated and always the same, I've contacted different people I know and asked if I could use their photos.  The answers have been coming in slowly.  Things are moving and I'm excited about it.  If you have a chance go visit my little shop and let me know what you think.  There's also a blog on my store.

Today, I actually was pleasantly surprise by Canada Post.  I've been collecting pictorial cancels.  What is that you ask?  It is a cancellation stamp that some post office have to commemorate something of the area, like there's one not far from here of the Notre-Dame Basilica.  Here's what it looks like.
Some are really pretty, some are funny and it's an inexpensive souvenir.  I've started that because of Postcrossing, same as with the stamps.  Some countries have gorgeous stamps, like Russia, Finland for example. I've been contacting different post offices asking them to cancel my stamp (on a postcard, of course) with their postmark.  I will say this, Canada Post's website isn't up to date for this at all.  I had contacted this post office in Ontario, which had a postmark showing Canada's First Polish Settlement.  Today I get an envelop from Canada Post addressed with the label that I had put on when I had sent my request.  When I opened it, it contained my postcard, stamped as requested but with another cancellation, and on the note I had attached (my original request) there was a hand written note from the Postmaster in which she informed me that the Wilno post office had closed down, and their stamp was taken out of circulation.  She, instead, cancelled my card with her post office's special stamp.  How sweet was that?  I was really surprised, especially since I've started this, many were simply returned with no explanation.  It is nice to see that some people still care about their clients.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Patience, Pain, Hobby, Business etc.

On the condo front, the guy for our cabinet finally came to estimate the damages.  The insurance appraiser will be coming by on Tuesday.  They are so disorganize it's a little scary actually.  Was contacted on Friday by a man who also claimed to be an appraiser from the insurance company.  Turns out the insurance company seems to send out many request to different appraisers at one time.  First one who answers gets the job, it seems.  Scary.  Good thing I'm on top of things.

On the foot front, it does feel better even without a cast or anything.  My quack did send me a copy of the radiologist confirming the 5th metatarsal broken and not displaced, with a referral to an orthopedist.  I've been trying to avoid walking too much, thanks to Hubby's great help and many extra steps.

On the Postcrossing front, I'm still sending and receiving daily.  Yep, I'm addicted.  Saturday, I drove to Gatineau for a small meet up.  We were five, and four of us were from Montréal.  It was a crappy drive since it rained all the way there and back, but the meet was fun!  I gave a ride to another girl, and we talked all the way.  It was a chatty ride to say the least!

I personally sent twenty two cards.  And actually did manage to use my new personalized signature stamp.  The signature is pretty small actually which will be perfect for big meets.  Yesterday was a mini meet, and my sig looked small, but it was better than the first one I had which turned out bigger than anything I could sign myself.

Anyway, we did manage to prepare (i.e. addressed, stamped and signed) eighty-two cards among the five of us.  Not too bad.  It was a fun afternoon, spent with funny ladies in a cute little café.

Here's the stack of cards ready to be dropped at the post office.  It was my first time in the cozy little town.  We made it to a postal counter not far from where was the meet, and took the traditional pictures of dropping the cards in the mail box.  They had a rack of pre-stamped postcards with the zodiac signs and other cards we hadn't seen before, so like vultures, or rather a seagull on a fry as my drive partner said, we attacked that rack especially when the clerk informed me the cards were 75% off, so instead of $2.50 they were selling those cards at $0.62 each.  We cleared their rack!

Speaking of rack, it reminds me that I've been toying with this idea of opening a little shop and things are starting to shape up... I'm trying not to get too excited, and won't go into details just yet, but I'm working on its realization and things are heading in a good direction.  Slowly, but surely...

Friday, September 04, 2015


Not much happened since I last posted here... The insurance haven't been by yet, waiting for the Syndic to submit their estimation before sending their appraisal person. 

Wednesday, I finally went to see our quack because my left foot still hurts.  I thought I might have broke something,  it wasn't just a bad sprained since when I walked for a while I felt like something was doing the split in my foot.  Talking with the quack, he said that where it hurts there isn't much muscle and from touching it he thought I could have a fracture so he wrote me a script for some x-rays.  Yesterday, I went for x-rays and he was right, the fifth metatarsal is broken and looks a lot like this...

... except that I don't have a cast on or anything... I called the quack's office today asking if they did get the results of my x-rays, which I have on CD for $10, and they did but, big surprise, the quack wasn't in today...  The receptionist suggested after looking at my file, not to walk on it too much.  Geez, Louise, really?

So, like I said, not much happening here...

* Same Shit Different Day

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hit me, baby, one more time...

Ever noticed how long it takes you, after being away for a while, to get back to the way you were before you left?  How long does it take for life to wipe that smile off your face once you're back?  How fast do you feel stress getting to you or how quickly the benefits of being away from it all disappear upon your return home?  That perma-smile doesn't last that long once back in daily life.  I can now confirm it.  It doesn't take that much, or rather that long to feel a known rush of stress.

Last week, Hubby and I drove to New Hampshire for the week.  A little get away, just the two of us.  Turns out, that the chosen location was actually very remote and there wasn't really much to do around there.  Given that my foot (still) hurts, hiking was out, and since we don't really golf that was out as well.  The nearest town was about 30 minutes away, and there wasn't much there either.  Thankfully, we were lucky with the weather and had a gorgeous week, an actual heat wave, and even luckier there was a pool at the resort.  So, for the week, we slept in, and lounge at the pool.  We rested.

We drove home Saturday.  It was a nice drive,
the one the Saturday before; it rained all the way.  While Hubby was unpacking the car, I made my way in the house, to realize that something wasn't quite right.  I looked around and noticed a spot on our kitchen tiles.  Oh no, crap, something leaked.  I couldn't quite tell where it came from, until I saw the ceiling above the cabinets. Crap!  I'm thinking "this is not good... this is not good!" as I make my way to our office.  As I walked in I see another spot on the floor, the hard wood floor.  I look at the ceiling to see it a joint all puffed up... as I'm looking at this, I also notice the wall and closet doors are all streaked... "oh no, what now?" That is when I opened the doors to find the self ripped off the wall, water dripping.  That closet is where I've kept all my books.  I'm actually remaining calm, until I start to make my way downstairs to meet up the unsuspecting husband to let him know that while we were away, relaxing in the sun of NH, our condo was being flooded again, for the third time.  Let's just say that the shit hit the fan, fast.

We didn't even unpack our luggage, started to look at what happened, contacted our neighbors who did confirm that yes they had a water leak, some problem with the thermo-pump that their owner/landlord had not fix... I took pictures of everything and then, with Hubby help started emptying that closet. That is one big closet and it contained a LOT of shit, let me tell you.

I've contacted the Syndic, to have the insurance appraisal for the repairs, which will not be minimum.  Our kitchen is seriously damaged; our cabinets are warped, and the tracks of the shelves are not working correctly, the hard wood floor is warped as well, the laundry closet, behind the appliances has a bubbling wall and the office's ceiling and floor is warped... so...

Let's just say we are not happy campers.  Not at all.  Our house is a big fucking mess at the moment, while we wait for people to come and see and evaluate and tell us what will happen and when... so frustrating..  We are both fed up.  Ready to snap we are wind so tight... not good, not good at all!