Thursday, January 28, 2016

Quick update - stuck in a whirlwind

This has been our motto for the past week or so... It's crazy, things are moving, so freaking fact my motion sickness is starting to kick in!

At times I feel noxious, some many things going on at once, it never stops.  Between this and that, I feel like I'm caught in a wind tunnel during a twister and I see a bunch of crap flying around me and I'm trying not to get hit by a cow or a tractor!  Really that is how I feel!

We poke the Universe and it's poking back for sure.  I guess it is true that if you start a motion of some sort it will generate a series of ripples - a bit like the butterfly effect - we started something and now are dealing with many ripples... 

If I was a drinker I would have most likely drank myself to sleep most night this week... I did think about it, but I guess my dislike of the taste overtook my wanting to slow my brain down.  Let's just say that I've been meditating A LOT!

Tonight we are attending a dinner at a local restaurant whose purpose is to help the community (follow the link and read about it, it's an interesting concept) , for an Italian dinner and opera - we are not really fans of opera but a friend organized it so we will show our support.  It should be interesting.  I also know that the daughter of a staff member of an ex-client will be performing and for having heard her once before I know she had quite the voice.  It will be nice to see her father and catch up some too, plus we will be going with one of Hubby's cousin so it will be a pleasant evening for sure!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Where did the years go?

I guess it is a good thing that it doesn't feel that long (yet!)... Love you my cute husband!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Two Down, One Thorn and Shit

Week Two almost completed, and what another week that was too!  The sign went up, the pictures of our place were taken and we had our first visit as well.  Tomorrow will be our Open House.
Things are moving.  Fast.

Because of all the preparation I did to get our place ready for showings, I've been getting rid of stuff as well.  Storage for some, charity for others and garbage too at times.  I don't remember seeing my desk or our place, for that matter,  this empty.  It's nice. 

In other news, our current condo manager has finally agreed to the terms we had proposed, after many back and forth.  Yay!  That is one thorn out... now if we could get rid of the other one... that would be heavenly!  Really! 

I hate to admit it, and even more to live it, but because of one moron our life in general, but mostly our emotional health and patience are (or at least do feel like they are, at times) on thin ice.  Despite my efforts not to get it all get to me, and trying to remain calm and all, there are moments when I feel that if I was to let go the tiniest bit, everything would spin out of control and that would be bad; not only for me but for us (as in Hubby and moi).  Through all the years we've been together, these past few months (since August) had been the roughest.  In twenty-two years (next week, actually!) together, I don't think in our worst (when dealing with his crazy mother) we rocked the boat as much as we have lately.  I hate it.  I hate not having my husband "there" or seeing so pissed off all the time.  All of this because of one dumb ass.

I've been trying to let go, to drop the anger and (try) to remain calm, but man oh man, it's not easy when constantly poked or nagged.  Those are the days when I miss my dojo time.  Actually I should write, those are the days I miss the kumite days.  Not easy having to assume the calm role when in fact my fuse is so fucking short I feel like I could explode at any time, and sometimes I do (I feel for that poor girl of Fido who got an earful this week, and she did not hang up on me, to my surprise!).  Yep, if I was a bird I would so know who I'd shit on, it's not even a question.

Please, do keep sending those good vibes!

Monday, January 11, 2016

One Down, Poke and Gemma

I can't believe that we are already the 11th of the month and that one full week of 2016 has gone by already.  What a week that was! 

We ended 2015 being quite busy, with our move back to our place, with work and with life in general.  The past week was quite the week.  We had meetings every other night.  We meet with potential new managers for our condo association, and in doing so, we all came to the realization that the one we currently have sucks.  It is hard to see that for the past eight years we've been taken for a ride and didn't even realize it.  I had to become an administrator on our condo association to see that things weren't right.  Since September I've been doing a lot, for the condo association, which I thought were my duties as an admin.  Turns out, I've been doing too much and most of it should have been done by the manager.  Let's just say it was an eye opening week. 

We also decided to put our place up for sale.  Yep, Hubby is royally fed up of it all, so we met with a real estate agent and signed a sale contract.  Let's hope everything goes as smooth as it did for us when we sold our house in Rockbottoms.  The market isn't the best, especially not for condominiums but we have to get out of here.  It actually saddens me a little, since I really enjoy our location.  We are so close to everything, but at the same time, condo life and all its problems isn't really for us.  We will see where that move will lead us...

Like Hubby often says, we poked the Universe, let's see if it makes sense or if it's dangerous...

The weather has been so strange, it's almost scary.  Some days feel like Spring, mild and rainy and then the following day we hit -10 degree Celsius, so much variation from one day to the next.

I've already broke my "resolution" to try to participate less in games re. postcards.  I did send less, but still sent.  It's almost as bad as for chocolate, no will power when it comes to postcards!  I am weak!

I haven't let go of the group just yet... I have to step away, or step down, whatever it is... it's not easy... I enjoy it despite episodes here and there.  I think about it daily, so it will happen.

Today I did a little test/quiz to know which Sons on Anarchy Character I most resemble and oh big surprise, I'm Gemma!  "You are ruthless, and sometimes considered heartless. You will do WHATEVER it takes to protect the ones you love. You have no filter and say whatever comes to your mind, which will most likely cause problems for you, but you can handle your own!" ah!  go figure!
I will admit, the no filter and say whatever comes to mind is true, and like Gemma I can handle my own!

Let's see what the future hold and please send good vibes our way so that we sell this place!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

S2T: Stinkypaw's: Goodbye 2015

S2T: Stinkypaw's: Goodbye 2015: This time of year I usually do a little recap of the year, not only to reminisce but to give me some perspective on how my year went.  2015 ...

Goodbye 2015

This time of year I usually do a little recap of the year, not only to reminisce but to give me some perspective on how my year went.  2015 was quite the year, and I would lie to say I'm sad to see it coming to its end.  It wasn't all bad, nor was it all good.  We had our fair share of crap and good times too.  I guess the bad has to come with the good, right?

This year, unlike the previous last two, I've experienced less stress... because I had to let go of all my clients when we took off for our Norway escapade.  Looking back, that was the best time of the year for me.  When I try to see why, the same reason always comes back: I didn't know anyone and didn't have to walk around on eggshells all the time. Weird how I'm realizing this now.  I loved our time away, because I was with my husband away from everything and discovering new things/places/people together.  There were no expectation, no relationship, no family, just the two of us and we loved it that way.

This year, once again, Postcrossing took a lot of room in my life.  It helped me (I'm sure, not to feel lonely and lost in the Arctic).  I've met new people, online and through different meet ups.  I was about to write it was all fun, but deleted that phrase because it wasn't.  This year, I've once again realized how people get easily upset.  They get offended by the stupidest thing, and worst thing is when it is in writing.  People will read "tones" and intents and rather than ask a question, or to do a perception check, they will get upset. Just like that.

Managing my Bacefook group has had its challenges.  Yes, I am blunt, direct, abrupt, call it what you want, but one thing for sure, I will answer you if/when you ask me a question.   I've lost members.  Some I was happy to see leave, others I didn't really care, and some I still wonder why, since they wouldn't tell me (I did ask).  When I ask for explanation I'm told I'm confrontational, so no matter what I'm fucked.

This year (again) we had a water damage, a big fucking mess.  We had to move out while the repairs were being done, etc.  I don't remember having to pack and unpack and cleaning up the places where we (had to) live so many times in one year.  So much so, that when came time to get the boxes for our Christmas tree I was done with boxes and didn't want to see any more boxes. Most likely the fact that we had no snow whatsoever until today might have contributed to my not feeling very Christmas incline.

Can you believe that I've received 337 official postcards and sent 336, of course that doesn't include all the ones I've sent at meets, while in Norway, through games, lotteries and such.  I'm thinking that for the new year, I will limit myself to officials only and slowly (but very surely) let go of my group, passing it on to others, so that I can sit back and enjoy the anonymity.  Yeah, I think that is what I will do.  Do my things and that will be it.  Now, here's a good resolution!

Since there is fresh white snow outside, it is now time for my dear husband and myself to go for a walk around our neighborhood and enjoy each others company.

Wishing you, dear blends, a very happy New Year, may it bring you health, peace, love, money and time to enjoy it all.  All the best to you and yours!

Monday, December 14, 2015

No more boxes...

It looks like our life is about to get back to normal (whatever that is!) soon...  I did manage to unpack all the boxes, while Hubby is away, and did manage to pack a few new ones.  Did a little rotation in our decor, moving things around, you know, that things we, women, do?  Since there were so many darn boxes I/we had to deal with, I've decided that this year, Christmas would be treeless.  As if Mother Nature knew this, there hasn't been snow yet in Montréal, and I'm not complaining about it at all - I like this no snow thing - so much easier to drive around, not that I do much of that lately either, but still, me likey!

Having no tree doesn't bring the Christmas feel in, true, so I've decided to open a little gift I got.

It started out like this, then I needed to add the magical potion...

After a few hours it looked like this...
and now a week later, here it is... with its decorations...

Can it be anymore lame?  Now I understand Charlie Brown!

I don't know if I'll keep my little tree until Hubby gets back, anyway, knowing him he will want to toss it out "no need for this crap, enough crap in this house", can already hear it! ah!

Things are progressing according to plan in Norway, so Hubby should be home in time... During the day I keep busy, but at night, some nights it does get boring... You see, the husband makes a lot of noises, natural noises to start with and then noises in general, so the past weeks have been quiet and it is somewhat strange to say the least, but I do enjoy the peace and quiet too.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Feeling wonky that's what I need!

Here I am sitting in the main area of our temporary apartment for the next three weeks, minimum.  We moved ourselves this past weekend.  Besides preparing our condo for the work to start on Monday, we packed stuff to move here.  It's a cute little apartment, in a big building, right in the heart of town.
It has the basics and it was cleaner than our Bodø apartment.  The worst thing about this place is the sofa.  It is used and so low... maybe it's because we're tall but still it's ridiculously low.  Not good for old bodies like ours.  We brought a lot of our stuff over, beside our computers, our laser printer, we completed the kitchen with our pots and spices, etc.  Overall, the place isn't bad.  This morning they shampooed the hallway carpet, which is a good thing.  I haven't really heard noise, unlike our condo, but for the past twenty minutes I've been smelling some wonky tobacco... I might be high by the time the husband gets home.

The past few days, not to say weeks, have been challenging to say the least.  Not only is our patience being tested, our backs and mental health in general as well.  Besides having to deal with every day life, Hubby is super busy at his client, and we have to deal with our new roles as condo administrators.  At times, I can't help but feel it would be hell if we had kids to add to this mess.