Friday, March 24, 2017

Anonymous vs Identified

When I started to blog it was mostly to post my Friday Smiles.  Every Friday I would post a joke.  Then I took a liking to writing and started to post more, about everyday life, what ever happened that I felt I could write about.  I've met some pretty neat people through this blog, and through their blog as well, and I miss those days of logging in to see what Preppygirl was up to, or Marius... I miss them, reading them.  I miss my Blends (BLog friENDS) as I used to call them.  Most of us moved on to Bacefook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever else tickled our fancy, but in the process we lost touch.  I have kept in touch with some, I even met one person a few years back while driving by her town.  It was cool to meet IRL.

Since blogging became less present in my life, it was replaced with Postcrossing.  Doing the official thing only, i.e. sending/receiving registered cards through the site doesn't lead to meeting as many people as blogging did, but they have a Forum and on there we can exchange more.  Some people are intimidated by the Forum, so I've started a Bacefook group for Canadians wanting to exchange about postcards within Canada.  That was in April 2014.  We now have over three hundred members.  It's a fun group where we play many games, and share our addiction of postcards.  Through that I've also managed to meet some interesting people, develop some virtual friendships as well as real ones.  It's interesting to see the interactions between us.  Like in every group activity clicks develop, some become regulars, others are lurkers, it's quite a varied group.  We're a good bunch.  After all, we're all Canadians, eh!

Back in 1999, I had started to work on a manuscript.  I even sent it to a few publishers in town.  I didn't push it much, I was shy and (to this day, still) not sure I really want to share it.  Then again, I did had a few people read it. I did choose with whom I would share it.  The idea of sharing my story, dates back a long way (thus the original title of this blog: Stories 2 Tell), and the past few months the idea of actually sharing, here, one of my stories has been trotting in my head.  I'm thinking of using my blog as a 'publishing' tool, but then again I'm debating if I shouldn't instead start a new blog, completely anonymous so that nobody knows who the author is... because here many people know who I am IRL.  What started out very anonymous, slowly became more opened even if I never (I think?!) revealed my name on here nor those of the people I've mentioned.  Over the years this blog became for many a way to keep in touch with me, to know what was happening in my life even if we could talk IRL, some keep on reading for whatever reason.

I don't know what to do... I want to share my story because deep down I hope that what I did go through could maybe help at best one person to deal with a similar situation.  Writing about my father's suicide on here did trigger some reactions. I did tackle some subjects that made people angry, laugh and at times touched them too.  I still believe that everyone has a story to tell and in doing so, it might help one person to cope with something.  I'm just not sure... do you have any thoughts?  If so, please do share.

Monday, March 20, 2017

International Day of Happiness!

Today is so many things to celebrate.  Who knew March 20th was such a busy day!

  1. First Day of Spring
  2. International Day of Happiness
  3. Alien Abduction Day
  4. Atheist Pride Day
  5. Bibliomania Day
  6. Franch Language Day
  7. National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
  8. World Sparrow Day
  9. National Bock Beer Day
  10. National Jump Out! Day
  11. National Kiss Your Fiancé Day
  12. Won't You Be My Neighbor Day
Those are the events being celebrated on March 20th, there are more for today being the First day of Spring or today being the third Monday of the month of March, unreal how we need to mark things.  Anyway, today being the first day of Spring, I thought I'd show you what Spring looks like in Pleasantville...

View from home office, March 20th, 2017 @ 1 pm
Nice and Springy, isn't it?  Today being the International Day of Happiness, that view doesn't convey that for me at all!  Quite the contrary.  I'm done with snow, I'm done with winter really!

I hurt myself thirteen days ago, in the back yard which at the time was all grass and ice.  I was touring the property with engineers and a representative of the builder as I slipped on the grass/ice.  I fell hard, and since I have a really hard time sitting down or getting up.  I've seen my osteo twice thus far, and according to her it was a good thing I fell on the grass rather than the cement, but still did some damages to by lower back.  2017 really sucks this far health wise for me, but I'm keeping at it, slowly and on pain killers but still not giving up.

Let me tell you about what brings me happiness these days, in no particular order:
  • my lovely husband, who takes care of me and makes me laugh daily
  • where we live, I like this place, our home...
  • being able to be home...
  • writing
  • my postcards
  • our friends
  • getting closer to cousin's kidlets
  • reading
  • creating (postcards, scrapbooking)
So, you see overall every day  is a good day to celebrate!

Sunday, March 05, 2017

The Paw is Alive!

Despite a very rough start to 2017, I'm happy to report I'm still alive!  After two full runs of antibiotics which made me dizzy and really nauseous and the other gave me diarrhea, and felt like shit for many, many days, and lots of sleep, I'm starting to feel human again.  Well, let's face it, as human as I can be or feel.  I was home for almost two months, doing nothing be read, sleep and eat a bit.  It wasn't a fun time, that's for damn sure!

We did very little socializing.  Managed to catch up with some people we met during our trip in Dominican Republic in November.  A very nice couple who actually live about five minutes from us, small world.  We met up with them for a drink (while I was finishing my second runs of drugs), it was nice to catch up and to see that we still clicked even dressed and sober, ah!

Managed to go see, with a girlfriend, ''Fifty Shades Darker''.  It's a love story with a bit of very soft porn.  I liked it, but then again I liked the books too (sue me!).  We also started watching ''The Fall'' with Jamie Dornan (oh man!  Just googled him for a cute pict. to put up and just saw he was born in 1982, O.M.F.G. I could be his fucking mother!!  Geez!  That's a kick in the teeth!!) - a series he did before the Fifty Shades movies, and he's fucking creepy in it, but I love it!  He's so twisted, and in a way not that far off from Christian Grey... If you haven't and want to hear what he really sounds like, with his cute Irish accent, I strongly suggest watching 'The Fall.'

Anyway.  Despite having quite a bit of snow at some point this winter, we haven`t done one single outing of snowshoeing, either because I was sick, felt sick or by the time we felt like we could go, the weather turned, got really warm and melted a lot and then froze over. So no snowshoeing!

About two weeks ago, we went to our jeweler to get a new battery for one of my watches and noticed that he made some silver bracelet like the Ani and Alex ones - which I have a few - and since he had done a little paw for me as a charm on a chain, I asked to have a bigger one done and to have it mounted on the bracelet.  Today we went to pick it up... and I love it!  I love my paw!

Ain't it purrrdy?!
Other than that, life is good.  Can't complain too much.  Hubby is busy, we still enjoy our new place, and liking the neighborhood more daily, so life is pleasant in Pleasantville, and I'm thankful for it all!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Start 2017 with a bang... or was that a cough?!

Almost three weeks of completed in this new calendar year that is 2017, and let me tell you those three weeks were not easy...
It started well. Got together with Hubby's cousin and his family on New Year's Eve.  They crashed at our place while the kids and I were playing different games, the adults watched television. When came the ball dropping time we all watched (in horror at Maria Carey's sound issues), cheered, has a bit of champagne and went on to watch some movies.  The next morning we had breakfast together and they went on their merry way.  It was a quiet day for the rest of it, and by quiet I really mean quiet.  We're not used to have three kids running and screaming around our place. It was quite a change in noise levels.

On the second I was feeling yucky; headache, nausea, feeling like I was coming down with something.  I was suppose to have a movie date with one of the kids, just her and I, but had to cancel since I wasn't feeling right.  Then it hit me.  Shakes, shivers, aches all over, and this cough.  I basically spent two full days in bed. Sleeping.  I didn't eat, didn't do nothing but occasionally get up for the washroom and back to bed.  I felt like shit.  Well, this lovely feeling of feeling like crap is still going on.  Last week, after ten days of being sick, I called our family doctor for an appointment.  Whatever I had wasn't just a simple cold, and wanted some meds, this had to stop.  Managed to fit me in, and prescribed some antibiotics.  Started them that same night, on the 12th.  As of the next morning, some serious side affects kicked in: nausea, diarrhea, and shaking inside.  I felt dizzy and so nauseous that the only comfortable position was lying down.  I caught up on my reading, that's for damn sure.  Today, the nausea wasn't so bad, but the diarrhea and shaking was another story.  My daily meds and the antibiotics don't mix well, it seems.  The pharmacist had warned me.  I'm happy to report that my cough is almost gone, except at night, at around 3:00 am I have a serious bout for some reason...

Besides that, life has kept going its fast pace.  No slowing down, that's for damn sure.  I just hope this will be over and done soon - only four more days of the antibiotics - and I can get back to the living.  In twenty days, I've only stepped outside three times, a great way to start the new year, right?


Saturday, December 31, 2016

Another one bites the dust...

What a year we are about to close, and I would lie if I'd write that I'm sad to see it end.  It wasn't the worst year, but it sure wasn't the best either.  Weird how it feels like many things happened and at the same time, it seems like a relatively quiet year, busy but with no big drama, which is for sure a nice thing!  I like the drama-free part!

If I look back at 2016, I can say that January was not drama free, but we did manage to get away from it all by putting our condo up for sale, and actually finding a buyer! It went up for sale fast and we were lucky enough to also sell fast.

The initial move and storage of our stuff went relatively well, and having to move to a furnished place for a few months wasn't really fun, but during our time in the rental place we did manage to escape for a week in Toulouse and a week in Vegas, so it wasn't all that bad.

During our time in Vegas we went to see Rod Stewart at Ceasar's Palace and what a treat that was.  The old man still got it!
We moved in our new place in April, as promised by the builder, and that was quite a freaking nightmare.  Besides most of our furniture being damaged (either in storage or during transits), we ended up with a shit load of boxes and not enough room, again.  Let's just say that eight months later we still have some boxes that have not been unpacked.  I don't care (at least try not to!), there is so much stuff for so much room, right? Right!

Since we've been in the new place, things are good.  Busy but good.  We're now away from the toxicity that was our old place, and are enjoying our new bled.

During the summer months, we actually managed to catch up with some people from out of town passing by, like a friend from Switzerland we hadn't seen in over ten years if not more.  We also met up with the kid who had stayed with us for a few nights while passing through Bodø, Norway last year.  We've managed to also get together with some local friends which we hadn't seen in a while, show them the new place.  It has not been easy keeping up with friends for some reasons.  Between life, the daily buzz and whatever else thrown in the mix we both feel that it is getting harder to keep in touch. We do manage to see people, still have a social life, somewhat...

I naturally kept up with my postcard addiction, that has not gotten any better, I'm afraid.  If I look at my stats (generated by the site), I've sent 524 cards (that have been received as well), but my stats say that I actually sent 555 cards.  That is to 45 different countries.  I've received 514 cards from 45 countries as well.  The country I've sent and rec'd the most from is Germany followed by Russia.  If I look at my stats for the cards I've sent through games, trades, and just because, I've sent close to a thousand cards!!

This could explain why this year, for Christmas I've filled out not one but almost two doors full of cards!  I know it represent a lot of money, but the joy I get out of it, and the people I get to meet, some I actually do meet in real life not just through cards, like the friends we've met in Toulouse because of this, it is well worth it.

Many think of it as a crazy hobby, a waste of time and/or money.  That is fine.  Some people smoke, others drink, or shop, I write and send postcards.  At Christmas time, I love to write and send cards too, always have and probably always will too.  What can I say I'm a paper kind of gal!

Fall brought a tooth ache and a serious wallet ache.  What started out with a little discomfort after my annual check up at the dentist, turned into a root canal, an infection, a trouble adjusting to the new bridge, crowns, etc.  I had reached a point where I was thinking of having that tooth pulled out, despite the thousands of dollars already spent.  The pain had to stop.  It did eventually, but man oh man, those were rough weeks.

November also marked another big milestone, in my life, anyway.  We escaped for a week in the sun to celebrate me turning fifty...  I don't feel it, most days, but the days I do, damn, I know what hit me, the BIG 5-0!  We had a good time, ate well, relaxed much, and enjoyed our time away.  The reality remained the same though, time only goes one way, and it is going fast in that one direction...

Just thinking back of all those known people who past away in 2016, it seems unreal...  Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), George Michael, Alan Thicke (Mr. Seavers from Growing Pains), Castro, Florence Henderson (Mrs. Brady), Leonard Cohen, Gene Wilder (the original Willy Wonka), Gary Marshall, Muhammed Ali, Prince, Doris Roberts (the mother on Everybody Loves Raymond),  René Angélil (Céline's husband), Alan Rickman (Professor Snape), David Bowie... and then there was an aunt of mine, the daughter of a cousin only 21, a friend from karate who was in his fifties, the wife of a cousin also on Christmas day... it makes you think and reevaluate time, that is one thing for sure.

Life is short, we should prepare and live accordingly.  Be in the moment, enjoy the day, we don't know what tomorrow has in store for us, live like it is your last full day with that special someone, tell people you love them and don't be shy to do what your heart desires.  Be yourself, but be your best self.  Wishing you all the best 2017 has to offer, with health, peace and time to enjoy life!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

It's Christmas Time... already...

As I sit here, not moving too fast, since every time I move a wave of nausea hits me or I get very dizzy, and this for the past two days now, I think it is time for me to post about me hitting the BIG 5-0.

Despite the way our trip started, with a six hours delay leaving YUL and the three first days of rain, we did have a great time during our week away in Dominican Republic.  The resort was nice, beautiful property, and the staff was really pleasant. We met some interesting people, relaxed and enjoyed being away. 

While we were away, we missed the first snow fall - what a shame! - we came back in time to get ready for Christmas.  Since my mother is now a snowbird, it simplifies the family visiting time a lot. Not a bad thing, really.  Makes life simpler, less coordination and feeling like we have to, rather than want to.  I've had two Christmas parties this far and one more is planned between Christmas and New Year with his mother's side of the family.  It will be a calm and somewhat quiet Christmas this year, especially since it looks like Hubby will have to be available, if not working.

We had decided to get that Murphy bed unit a while back, for the spare room, and it was delivered and installed the week of our return.  We are very happy with the end result.  It not only looks good but will contain a lot of stuff, and our visitors will have a bed to sleep in!


Following that day of installation, our house feels, to me at least, cluttered, since all the stuff (and there was a lot!) that was in that room was dispersed throughout the house.  I've been filling up the new unit, but some of the things left to be put away don't fit, so I'm stuck with things that I don't know where to put.  Plus, to add to everything else, I wanted to do our Christmas tree, so after a visit to our storage unit we came home with more boxes.  Long story short, the guest room is back to being full of boxes.

It's not easy.  I want to get rid of stuff, and we did in between moves, but like Hubby so often says: ¨We have way too much shit for two people¨.  He's right, but how do we get rid of it all?  I have many boxes of Christmas ornaments, collectables, to name a few.  I'm planning to re-evaluate my ornaments as I take down the tree in January.  Things I haven't used in the past few years will be leaving the house, one way or another.  I've started sorting as I put up the tree and will do some more later.  It will not be an easy task for me, given that the ornaments I have were chosen, one by one, as souvenirs from different trips or received.  When we had the space (to store) I did a rotation, some year I would use some, and not the following year, but if our storage space will now be limited, I have to think about this better.  I will keep what I use, and will get creative with what I keep. Challenges up ahead!

On this challenging note of what is to come, I want to wish you a very merry Christmas!

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Countdown to Half a Century...

It has begun!  I've been counting the days before I hit that milestone, the BIG 5-0, and I'm not even thinking of Hawai'i, my big 5-0!

In nineteen days I will turn fifty.  I thought that writing it down might make a difference, nope, still cringes... I know it is just a number.  I also know that I don't look it, or feel it - but, depending at what time you ask me that question, you will get a different answer, that's for sure.

In thirteen dodos we are leaving for the sunny beach of Punta Cana, in Dominican Republic, at least I'm hoping it will be sunny, because I sure need to crash on the beach and do nothing but decide with bathing suit to put on and what drink to order!  I always thought I would celebrate my passage to being half a century...  I've celebrated my 30th and my 40th, in style, you know, renting a room, DJ, catering, the whole shebang... My fiftieth (yuck, ugly looking word!) I thought I would celebrate in Disney, but turned out to be too expensive and I/we had different priorities, like getting this place organized...  I would have loved to be surrounded with friends and enjoy it all but instead Hubby and I will crash for a week in an all inclusive, which we haven't done in a few years, by ourselves.  It will be nice to recup together, he needs it more than me since he's been working hard lately. He's being pulled in different directions by many people, and he's not really wired to manage it all that well.  He likes his peace and quiet, and lately he hasn't been getting much of that.  He feels like a pooper scooper at even if that can make one feel good at times, it can be very tiresome as well.

Talking with Hubby earlier, we realized that we haven't been to a beach (read sea or ocean) for a good two years.  We were by the water in Bodø (Norway), but it was so friggin' cold it's not like we swim or anything of the sort.  I did go to Rimouski in June, but that as well wasn't really the best condition for a fun time at the beach... 

This summer I swam once, in a pool in July and it was friggin' cold that one time.  Did it anyway, because I like water that much, but time was not wasted between the pool and going in that night, that's for sure!  We are well past our expiration date in regards to some fun in the sand.  Time for me to build something, like a turtle or a Hawaiian Sandwoman... I just love the feel of soft sand in my hands or between my toes...  As Young Dory says: "I like sand. Sand is squishy."  Then again, I've recently watched a short movie made by the daughter of a friend (you can check it out here, very well made and quite interesting) where she talked about Tardigrades, those little water bears that live in the sand, reads all cute but I think I won't be able to help myself and think about them all as I crash upon them...

All in all, my brain has been on overdrive for some time now, and getting away, if only for one week, will do me good. Being away from a computer will also be a good thing for me.  As we are about to enter week 46 of this year 2016 - and a big week this will be as well, with the American Election Day on Tuesday - I can only sit here and wonder not only where did those past fifty years go to, but this past year seems to have gone by as one big blur as well...  Many things came and went at us in 2016 and the year is not over yet:  just this coming week, I have to visit my osteo, then my neurologist, then my dentist to have two crowns put in (can you hear the cash register?!), then next week it will be the hairdresser, annual check up with our family doctor and the esthetician. 

I did laugh when I saw this picture, even if I don't shave (I wax), this image feels true.  Since I'm thinking of joining the Y this winter, that might not work for me, darn!, but still love that image.  Another pleasure of aging is those hairs growing on my chin... never had that before, now every now and then I have to pluck one dark one away... strange and oh so ugly!

Before I get in the TMI space, I shall close.  I do find that people are over sensitive about every little damn thing.  It's unreal how you can not say anything without someone being offended or frustrated.  It's ridiculous.
I miss the days when as kids we were afraid of strangers and/or neighbors, not because they would abduct or hurt us, but because they represented authority and that was respected.  They could and would tell us to get lost or to go plain somewhere else, and we did without crying to our parents about it.  We feared authority and showed respect towards it.  Nowadays nobody says anything.  The kids, read brats, run the world and it's normal. Argh!  Nobody respects anyone no more.  We're all afraid to say something when we see something that is wrong, like a kid who won't give up his seat on the bus for an elderly, nobody says anything. A few years ago, we would have gotten a smack behind the head for remaining seated.  Times have changed.  I have grown and one thing for sure, I'm damn happy not to have had any kid.  I wouldn't want to be raising kids today.  I'm not saying that we should hit kids (well... no, I'm not!) but we should teach them to respect others and their elders.  I hate it now, when I speak (French) with a young person and they use "tu" (informal way to address someone) rather than "vous" (formal way to address).  It's a little thing but it does make such a difference, it creates a little gap, a little difference, it shows some form of respect. 

O.M.G. I read like such an old broad!  OK time to close up, and go drink my cup of hot tea...  Geez...