Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Random Thoughts

My latest client is driving me mad… They are so disorganised. One big mess… Argh!

Yesterday I went for my head scan. Awaiting the results. (Keeping fingers crossed)

I have no tolerance for people who make faces when you offer them something they never ate before! C’mon people, at least try ONE bite!

Our staircase going to the basement has been re-done! It was missing a layer of drywall so they added that, plus made a frame, added isolation and more drywall. Now, we don’t hear our neighbours at all! This morning was the sanding phase, yikes! Dust everywhere!!! Yet another thing to add to my going mental!

I’ve been thinking about doing the “NaBloPoMo” (National Blog Posting Month) this year. Last year I was tempted, but didn't do it. A post per day, I can do that!
…I think?
I just spoke with the painter, and if we’re lucky, and if he has time, we might get the staircase repainted before the weekend! Woohoo! Could we actually get done? After four months of living here? Really?!?
Tomorrow I’m getting my hair cut! I’m so overdue I can hardly wait!
“Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya tomorrow! You’re always, A day, A way!”


Paisley said...

Cute paws, Stinky!


I hope your hair and head scan turn out A-OK!

Mousse said...

Uhm....a head scan ? Are you alright ? Did I miss something ?

Anonymous said...

you said to post questions for you - so here theyt are:

what do you do?
Why did you get a head scan?
how did you get involved with martial arts?
is it hard to write in English since French is your first language?
How much national support does the party who thinks Quebec should break-off have? What do you think? ( I do not know how to spell the party name- and I do not want to embarass myself)
What is the deal with so many people having black belts?

Anonymous said...

Hope is all right with the cabeza! If it is not too personal please let us know what is up.

Anonymous said...

I just had a physical and the head scan came back negative..now I'm not sure if that's good or that they didn't find anything in there..which is the direction my daughter is leaning..any more smart remarks out her I shall be rewriting my will again...

parisukat said...

I have no tolerance for people who make faces when you offer them something they never ate before! C’mon people, at least try ONE bite!

-- yeah i feel the same way about this one. How will they find out if it tastes awful or great if they wont even try it..

parisukat said...

i hope you guys will be fine... will be waiting for more updates.

Stinkypaw said...

paisley: Thanks! I wanted something different than just a bullet... I'm not worried about the hair. I trust her in all her funky cuts! She can be prety wild at times!

mousse: I'm ok but there's something not really right, so we're testing...

monkey: Thank you! I will answer all of those, mostly in a post/day for Nov. (:-D) But I'll tell you this, I do bookeeping (mostly from home), and lately it's been easier to write in English than in French, since I think in English.

wreckless: I will, promise, once I know more myself.

nascar: I know what you mean! In a strange way, I do hope they do find something in there! Hee.

Stinkypaw said...

parisukat: They should at least taste it first, and then make a face! I hate that!

Kim said...

c'mon, you can do it...join NaBloPoMo...if I can do it, so can you!