Monday, November 12, 2007

It sucks!

Today’s post is about me. I feel like complaining a little, so I will… I’m hurting and looking for sympathy.

On Oct.22 I went to the dentist because I had an old filling that broke. He wanted to change it. At times, when drinking hot or cold, it would hurt, so before it got bad, I thought it would be a preventive treatment. $200.00 later I came out of there, frozen, and with some discomfort. At first I thought it was normal, it was on a molar after all, so I took some Advil and tried to forget about it. From experience (I did work in a dental office for a few years) I knew that a little pain was normal. The gums often get a beating during a big filling job.

As time went by it wasn’t really getting better. So I called my dentist, and was told to come in. He did some more work, filing it down since it was a bit too big, and told me to avoid chewing on it, hot and cold for a good two weeks.

I have been doing just that! The throbbing never stops, the last two days it feels like the pain shoots out for one tooth to another. My lower jaw hurts and that problem tooth is on top. I’m in pain and I don’t think I ever had toothache in 40 years. I always took care of my teeth and the only “mouth pains” I’ve had, besides from the braces, were little ulcers here and there. Nothing like what I’ve been enduring the past few weeks. He’s talking root canal, I’m talking pain be gone! Seeing him again today at 3pm.

To add to my pain, our kitchen cabinet doors were supposed to be installed last Wednesday. The team never showed up. When I called the head office I was simply told: “Oh, there was a problem at another site, they won’t be coming today”. I was furious. I waste a whole day waiting for them. One guy showed up the next day, with 9 doors. Our kitchen has 28 doors. Do you think I did the “dance of joy” around this guy? Believe me, I did not!

When will it EVER end? It’s one thing after the other, and it’s never quite done right. Why don’t people take any pride in what they do anymore? What ever happened to pleasing your customer? Don’t any of those people believe in repeat customers?

There’s this general nonchalance that is worrying me. If we all don’t give a f*ck, eventually we will return to our savage ways, and then what? Well, come to think of it, maybe it will alleviate some frustrations to club someone once in a while! I sure would have like to last week!

For now, I’m going to club myself to get rid of this excruciating pain… oye!
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Ananke said...

I've had plenty of toothaches because I DIDN'T take care of my teeth like I should have and from what you're describing, the decay has gotten into the nerve which is why the dentist is talking root canal. My sister started to get one a few years ago and it was so painful that she ended up just having the tooth pulled. They way I look at it, that's the way to go because they're all going to have to come out eventually. Unless it's a front tooth and I'm just vain enough to try to save it in that case. If it's a back tooth, no one sees it anyway. I hope whatever you decide to do, that the pain is gone soon because I know just how much it is hurting you right now.

I can't believe they didn't even bother to call you about not being able to make it. That's happened to me twice this year when I was getting new flooring and I had to take vacation days for it! You're right, no one cares anymore because most of the time, they've already been paid. Grrrrrrrr.

Marius said...

Thirteen years ago I cut the end of my thumb off with a table saw. During my recovery I heard more stories about mutilations than a trauma ward orderly, presumably to make me feel better somehow, so I won't regale you with tales of dental, or contractor, malfesience. I will merely commiserate with you, and recommend ibuprofen, 800mg. And some 12 year old Scotch.

Kim said...

that does suck...big time.

good things rarely come from going to the dentist (or maybe I think that because I hate going), but hopefully they fix things up for you...and soon!

Seeker said...

Oh poor you! Toothache is horrible! I hope your dentist sorts the problem out for you today - and that you manage to get all your kitchen doors delivered soon as well!

lizgwiz said...

Sorry you're in pain! It seems weird to me that you weren't in that much pain BEFORE he replaced the filling. I think if he has to do a root canal, he should give you an incredible deal on it!

Trueself said...

See? That's another reason I hate dentists. No, that's not it. I don't hate dentists themselves, just having dental work done. There are just so many reasons in my history for why I hate dental work. I won't bore you, but I do sympathize.

Your experience with contractors, along with the experiences of others I've known, is why I have never bought a brand new house or condo. Nope, I want all the crap in order before I buy. I'll take fixing my old leaky pipes and my old ramshackle roof before dealing with waiting to have a new house put together.

Proper prescription for both of the above pains -- Jack & Coke and make it a double! It won't necessarily help the pain, but you won't care as much. ;-)

pawpads said...

God I hate having to go to the Dentist and I need to have 2 root canals done. I'm not looking forward to it ~ mainly due to the bloody cost.
Hope you're feeling better soon.

Purple Pigeon said...

Oh no, poor Stinkypaw! *hugs*

I agree that no one seems to have pride in their work anymore.

Have some time to whimper and have Hubby wait on you after you've had your tooth done. Maybe buy you shiny gifts. Poor sausage.

Stinkypaw said...

ananke: The pain is gone, thanks!

Re. the cabinet guys, Grrrrrr is right and then some!

marius: Good idea and thank for sparing me the details just then! ;-)

kim: The temp fix seems to have released the pain. For now.

seeker: I have a feeling the tooth will be sorted out before those darn cabinet doors!

lizgwiz: He's actually ref. me to another dentist for the root canal, and he didn't do me any favor price today either! Bastard!

trueself: Thanks! The Jack and Coke does sound good!

pawpads: We'll cheer each other up, since there's not much we can do about the prices, is there?

pigeon: Thanks, but after my Cartier ring, I've been told I'm done with shinny things for a while... but he's a good nurse! ;-)