Thursday, December 27, 2007

Post-Christmas Down

Am I the only one who feels a little depressed after Christmas? Each year I get a little sad (on top of my regular S.A.D. Seasonal Affective Disorder) right after Christmas. It might be due to the fact that I always get excited about Christmas, about all the decorations, etc. It might also be related to the charity… the gathering of the goods for those in needs, all that is done now, so…

I know that there’s New Year and all, but I’ve never been a real fan of that. We’ll do the get together with friends, but that’s about it. I enjoy Christmas. And now I feel sad that it’s over… Today at the mall, Santa's chair was empty and I didn't like seeing that. Especially that it was snowing outside, and there was still a bit of frenzy in the air, lots of shoppers out.

I received an email today asking if I’d be interested in doing a NaBlo thing for EVERY day of 2008. I must confess that I did think about it. I still have a few days left… if I decide to join. In case you’re interested, check it out here.

As I was surfing around, I went to my “Blog Catalog” and “Fuel My Blog” accounts and looked around a bit. I don’t often go there. I don’t really know if those things really work. I came across a “Blog of the Day” award and it was a blog I read. I was a bit surprised. You see, for those types of awards I always assumed they were awarded by fellow bloggers, not because you nominated your blog and asked your friends and readers to vote for you. That, to me, is just … weird wrong or at least not the way I think it should be done. Someone became my “friend” on Blog Catalog and then sent me a message saying that he couldn’t find my blog in the 2008 Blogger’s Choice Award. I should sign up, nominate myself and then vote for him. WTF?

The little Blogger's Choice guy is cute, I must say. Looks a bit like one of those Alessi bonhommes, but enough for me to nominate one of my blogs. That just seems sooo wrong...
On BlogCatalog they even have a group, with over 250 members where they tell you how to submit your blog, etc. Check it out.

Thinking back, I wonder if all those blogs I’ve seen with some “This blog was nominated…” were actually self-nominations? Not the same at all, now is it? And to think that I wanted one of those… yikes.

Just last week I received my very first Blog Award ever. Yes, Lizgwiz presented me with “A Major Award” (Chech it out on my side bar under "Not So Stinky" You can read her post by clicking on the award)! I was very surprised and also very happy. I didn’t tell her to nominate me and that’s the way it should be, at least I think so… What do you think?


Brave Astronaut said...

I have been deeply touched by the cards. You are very special to send them along. You have certainly made the holiday brighter "south of the border"

Happy New Year!

Tammie said...

Coming down from Christmas is always hard. I think a lot of it has to do with sugar shock and sheer exhaustion!

Love to you and yours at Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Marius said...

I must confess that I am usually relieved once the holidays are over. They're fun, and as a teacher I get tons of time off, but it is usually good to get back to work. As for the blog awards, while I would definately vote for you, I agree that any award that one nominates ones self for would seem hollow.

Trueself said...

Please know that I very much appreciated the ecards you sent me. I sent out no cards at all this holiday season so please don't feel that I slighted you by not sending you one. I slighted all my friends and relatives. Yes, I'm a bad girl.

About the Christmas letdown, go read my post from today. Don't know that it will help, but it is on a similar topic.

Ah yes, the self-nominations for awards. Cheesy. I too had someone add me as a "friend" on Blog Catalog. Initially I was flattered because I thought this person had found my blog and was enjoying reading it. Then I found out he would vote for me if I would vote for him for some silly award. Sorry dude. Ain't happening.

Here's a Christmas, New Year's, Epiphany hug for you to help you through the doldrums. {{{HUG}}}

Lara said...

YES - I totally feel like the days after Christmas are downers. I've been trying to cope by spending evenings with wine and a book in front of my Christmas tree.

I hope you have a wonderful 2008!

Monkey said...

I am sorry to hear you are a bit bummed- hope the blog award you did not have to nominate yourself for will help ease you off the Christmas high.

for me- I like this time of year. It is a relief that the pressure is over. I like all of this extra time for cuddling infront of the fire and movie viewing.

lizgwiz said...

I'm definitely in a bit of post-holiday funk. Partly because I feel like the ice storm/power outage (and ongoing lack of cable, if I'm being honest) cheated me out of a real Advent. And now it's all over. And I've never liked New Year's. And the fellow is with his kids and I'm lonely.

Oh yeah...funk. I think I'd better haul out the gift cards and go shopping this weekend!

Stinkypaw said...

astronaut: Glad you enjoyed the cards. I simply love cards (to receive & send)! All the best for 2008!

tammie: I know that my routine is out of wack so that could contribute to the post-Christmas down as well... Happy New Year!

marius: My sentiment exactly about the blog awards... it just seemed weird to me.

trueself: I already knew you were a bad girl, he! he! ;-)
Thanks for the hug, those are always welcome!

lara: I did the same today, cuddled up on the sofa by my tree and watched some movies... a good day! Ditto for 2008!

monkey: I didn't nominate myself, so that was good!
That's one thing I miss from our house, the fireplace...

lizgwiz: Shopping might help... but then again, you should ditch that cable cie!

Purple Pigeon said...

Yeah, I got the MoFo email too. A post every day for a year??? A colossal effort!

Sorry to hear you are a bit bummed out. Though just think, you get to start a fresh new year in your finished apartment. Woo!

Personally I'm quite relieved Christmas is all over. Now its just a big party ahead, and the leaving the crappy 2007 behind, and awaiting a shiny new lovely 2008. Marvellous.

Charlie said...

Here I am, old Grandpaw (but no relation to you) running a few days behind on commenting.

I would look at Christmas like this: it is now less than twelve months away! And thank you again for the e-cards—they meant a lot to me.

Congratulations on receiving a real Blogging award. I think that many of these blog groups are for self-promotion to draw new readers or "Vote for me" popularity contests. I think that for some Bloggers it's quantity of readers and links and not the quality of the Blog or the writing itself. I'm not about to waste my time reading a crappy blog because someone won a self-award.

I would rather read a blog like yours.

Stinkypaw said...

pigeon: I'm sure 2008 will be a good year for you!

charlie: Glad you enjoyed the ecards. I would have sent "real" ones, but don't have your home address, so...

And thank you about choosing to read a blog like mine, I'm not really sure about its "quality", but I do try! :-)