Sunday, January 06, 2008

Just a little...

It’s 4:05 am and can’t seem to find sleep… My internal clock is completely out of wack. It’s getting worst. I went to bed a few hours ago, tried to read but I could feel that I was getting into my book and wouldn’t fall asleep, so after reading for two hours decided to try to meditate some. To no avail, sleep was eluding me. I then decided to get up and take down our Christmas lights. It’s official; the Holidays are over. I removed all traces of Christmas from our house. I hate this part. But it is part of the package, isn’t it?

( Poor Tobi, he’s all confused… He just came by and meowed like he does in the morning when I don’t feed him fast enough after being up…Oh well… He’s even pawing me on the forearm, poor thing… My insomnia is causing him to have false expectation.)

Hubby is sound asleep. As I sit here, I try not to type in a noisy way, but then again with the cat “chatting” as he keeps coming back… maybe I should feed him now…

The last few weeks my sleep patterns have been weird. I’ve always been a night person. I’m not a morning person. I’ve never been either. As a teen I would have slept the whole day through if only allowed. It was tolerated until noon. After that, one was cruising for a rude awakening. I’ve often been called “lazy” because I liked being in bed. Nowadays I sleep as much, or as little, as my body needs, whenever I can. That is one instance when I do listen to my body. That is also my main benefit for working from home.

Maybe I’m still awake because of that pot of green tea I had at dinner? Is green tea full of caffeine? I should Google it. Or maybe it’s due to the fact that I did some work before going to bed? My brain is racing… it’s been like that all day, since I woke up from this strange dream I was having. Ever had one of those dream where even if you don’t really remember it specifically, there was something in it that truly bugged you? That’s the kind I had last night. All day it trotted in my head, and I had this feeling that I did something wrong and was about to be found out or something… Very strange feeling, especially since the people in my dream I haven’t seen in a long time… and I’ve been wrecking my brain trying to figure things out… It doesn’t make sense… conscious sense anyway. This message is way too obscure for me in the state I am in. I just realised that I overused the “…”
Earlier when I tried to meditate, I couldn’t keep my mantra, I felt like a super ball that has been thrown against a very hard surface and was bouncing all over the place. Argh. Even now, I fell like I’m the ball, in a pinball machine, stuck on top, and bouncing off those little bumpers non-stop. Can somebody please give this machine of mine a good shove, a good pelvic thrust, but not too hard! I just want to get out of that area; I don’t want my machine to get tilted! I just want to sleep...


Image: Tilt


Marius said...

"Green teas have about a quarter the caffeine content, by liquid volume, of coffee.[citation needed] Green teas contain two caffeine metabolites (caffeine like substances) theophylline which is stronger than caffeine and theobromine which is slightly weaker than caffeine." This from Wikipedia. As a chronic insomniac I feel your pain, my blend. I have a very narrow window each night where I either fall asleep right away, or stay up all night. I switched to caffeine free soda years ago, and that helps, since even one Diet Coke will keep me awake...unless of course I want to stay awake, then two pots of espresso won't do it. ;-) I hope you finally got some rest.

Suzie said...

As Marius wrote, yes, Stinky, green tea does have caffeine. You know those so-called "Green Foods", supplements that give you so much energy? Well they are LOADED with green tea extract. I checked into them a few years ago when someone at the gym recommended it to me. Make sure that anything you drink is: TISANE!!! And there is caffeine in chocolate (bummer) and hot chocolate too.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your sleepless night. I hope you were able to get some sleep today. Kudos for making good use of your time by de-Christmasing!
Hope tonight is better.

Charlie said...

The LAST thing I can see myself doing at 4 in the a.m. is taking down my Christmas lights. It's amazing what some insomniacs do in the middle of the night.

Personally, I do all my thinking in the middle of the night so I don't have to bother doing any during the day.

And about your insomnia—this too will pass.

tNb said...

Wow, how incredibly strange that I was up for hours last night, unable to sleep, unable to meditate, talking to my cat Toby.

Wishing you sweet dreams tonight!

Stinkypaw said...

marius: Thanks for the citation and for looking up the info. I just hope I didn't miss my "window" again tonight!

suzie: Figures you would know this! ;-) Tisanes were bought this afternoon! ...but I'm not ready to give up chocolate just yet!

monkey: No opportunity wasted. 'hoping for the same for tonight.

charlie: It is pretty amazing, I even surprised myself while doing it! LOL at your thinking slot! Thanks!

tnb: That is strange... very strange actually!

Kim said...

sleeplessness sucks! I've been having quite a bit of insomnia myself over the past couple weeks...I'm tired but just can't get to sleep. So I get up and do stuff for a couple/few hours until I think I can finally sleep.

hope you find sleep again soon...I bet you can't just sleep in like I can now ;)

Brave Astronaut said...

I used to sleep. I used to fall asleep really easily. I have been afflicted with some insomnia for a few months now. I am hearing all the remedies being tossed at me (melatonin, some warm milk, stay off the computer, only sleep in the bed, etc.)

I noted the other day, it looks like my new neighbor was up late one night. Maybe I should see if he wants to play cards or something.

Stinkypaw said...

kim: Call it "training" for what's coming! ;-) and since I do work from home, and make my own schedule, yes I can sleep in. And I do! :-)

brave a: There are so many people afflicted with lack of sleep, it's a real disease! Maybe you should have a chat with that neighbor!