Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hump Day Bullets

  • If I were to come back I’d want to come back somewhere warm! I’ve experienced enough winters in this lifetime to know that I will not complain (too much) about being hot.
  • I wanted to get a tattoo while in Hawaii, but changed my mind in the end when I thought that if I were to have it done there I wouldn’t be able to go for my daily dose of salt water, in the ocean…
  • Why do I feel awkward when comes time to invoice a friend for work I’ve done? I’ve already reduced my hourly rate and yet, I still feel strange…
  • Can you believe in less than 45 days it will be Christmas? It will be time to put up our tree soon… crazy!
  • If you were to win the lottery, a big jackpot, how much would be too much for you? Or is there such a possibility of too much money?
  • In two weeks it will be my birthday.
  • Is it wrong (or really wrong) when I see that a cashier is making a mistake (in my favour) not to let him know?
  • Since we’ve been back from vacation, Tobi (our cat) has been sticking to us like fly paper! ‘Think he missed us?
  • I think that Justin has the sexy thing going for sure!
  • The last few months, I’ve been biting my nails a lot. I know I’m eating part of myself, I get that, but I don’t really know I can’t fight this urge… My nails are too soft and break easily, so what starts out as “making it even” turns into “more than one”. Argh!
  • I know I shouldn’t take it personal that some of my regulars aren’t anymore, but it does something to me… I like my blends and don’t want them to go away. Sad isn’t it?
  • For some reason I have Christmas on my mind tonight. Time to go shopping I guess! Hee.


Mousse said...

1) What would have your tattoo been (or will be one day...) ?
2) Justin Trudeau or Timberlake ? Either one works for me !!! :-)

don't call me MA'AM said...

1. I like visiting 'warm,' but I would prefer chilly over too hot ANY day!!!

2. I'm going to Hawaii in April. YAY. We'll have to compare notes.

3. Ack. You said the "C" word. Now I have to actually think about all the shopping I haven't even started. Excuse while I go have a panic attack. ;-)

Annake said...

I love it when a cashier makes a mistake in my favor. Hee. I can't tell you how many cases of pop I've gotten home with because the cashier didn't ring it up even AFTER I told him/her it was in my cart. ;-)

Purple Pigeon said...

I know what you mean about the nail thing - I'm a chronic nail biter. Its like ''Ohh, I'll just even out this edge...'' and before I know it I've shaved it down to the nail bed and still compulsively keep nibbling away. Boo.

hehehe my word verification is ''monce''

bahahahahahahahah what a word!

Kara said...

the key to a vacay tattoo is getting it the day you're set to leave. but even then...i find it better to wait until you've found an artist you like first.

words to live by and junk.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet your regulars still come- they probably just read your through a reader, which does not register as a hit on your site.
I know- I read all the time, just am a very, very lazy commenter.

noble pig said...

Yikes, holiday shopping...I still have no idea what I'm getting anyone!

Marius said...

1. That's why I keep coming back to Florida. Winter is fun to visit, but not to live in.

2. Tattoos are best not done on impulse.

3. I just had that experience yesterday. The dance department at the high school where I used to work asked me to design the lights for their Nutcracker, and I felt guilty about asking for what would be an unacceptably low figure from anyone else.

4. Christmas will be mostly spiritual this year(except for the COA, of course). :-(

5. Anything over $1M would be gravy...not that I'd complain.

6. Happy impending birthday.

7. If the cashier's mistake is relatively minor then I don't sweat it, but if it's a large enough amount that they will get in big trouble then I say something.

8. Artemis does the same thing. Starbuck usually doesn't even wake up when we come home.

9. Justin who?

10. Does this nail biting hinder you in any way?

11. Blog readers come and go, but I ain't going nowhere. :-)


lizgwiz said...

I have three tattoos that are vacation "souvenirs." Sadly, they're all several years old because I haven't really been anywhere recently. Sigh.

I'll take as much money as the universe wants me to have. And then I'll be the most generous person you ever saw. :)

Stinkypaw said...

mousse: 1. a "Honu" (Tribal turtle) 2. I was thinking Timberlake, but I agree both works!

dcmm: Cool is nice! Whenever you want to compare notes, I'd be happy to! No worries, it will be over before we know it as well! ;-)

annake: That happened to us with cases of beer... oh well! ;-)

pigeon: Exactly what I've been doing!

kara: Thanks for the advice. Unless I travel to Miami to see the guys at "Miami Ink" the odds that I see an artist I like for that are pretty slim...

monkey: Thanks! You're sweet, and please do comment once in a while, like you just did! :-)

noble pig: I've done inventory today, and I'm not doing so bad - I shop year 'round, so no panic when XMas comes... Hee.

marius: I've been thinking about thhis tattoo for a while, and wanted it done in HI... maybe next time I'm there. Spiritual Xmas is how it should be! Thank you for the wishes...and for sticking around!

lizgwiz: I like your answer about the money, not many of us would think that way... Good person, you are. (in my Yoda voice) ;-)

flurrious said...

I'm still here too! I'm just bad about commenting.

cinnamon girl said...

I know what you mean about invoicing friends - I have to do that today and I feel bad!
I'm still lurking here, just don't comment very often.