Monday, November 03, 2008

Quick recap.

In case you hadn’t figured it out, we were away on vacation for two short weeks. We made our way to Hawaii, for the fifth time… I love this place and the fact that each island is so different from the previous. We had good weather, really hot and humid, even got to experience “vog” (volcanic smog), which I could have done without.

The main reason for this trip, besides vacationing, was to see our dearest and utmost respected Shihan (karate master) while he is still around. He’ll be hitting eighty this year, his health is frail and with the recent events in our lives, we figured we should see him while we could. And we did. I’m really happy we got to spend a little time with him. It did us good. There are some people like that, very few, who really do affect your life. He’s one of those few.

We had said that we would swim daily and snorkelled as often as we could, and we did just that. We even were lucky enough to swim with some green sea turtles. To see them as if flying and so graceful was a real treat! We even managed to get a few shots under water. They’re not bad those disposable under water cameras. Worth the ten bucks!

We walked a lot, visited things we hadn’t yet, like the Bishop Museum in Honolulu, and the Polynesian Cultural Center. There is something about their culture that really attracts me – the people are warm, respectful and friendly – and they live in beautiful islands. We ate well, lots of Japanese food and their fusion Hawaiian cuisine is really tasty.

Overall we had a great time, despite our dollar hurting again and us spending so much, it was all worth it. I wish I could say I’m happy to be back (I’m not really) I, once again, realised I might have some part of me that is coming from some snow bird, because flying away from winter and its cold looks more and more like a great idea.

Until then, I’m leaving you with some shots, nice isn’t it?

Magic Island, where we got married in 2000 (on Oahu).

View from our lanai at the Holua Resort at Mauna Loa Village, on the Big Island.

On our way to Hilo (Big Island), natural beauty...

Do you remember this statue from the opening of "Hawaii 5-0"?
Punchbowl National Memorial Cemetery, north of Honolulu.

And finally,

Sunset on Ala Moana Marina, taken from our resort's (the Ilikai) on Oahu.


Purple Pigeon said...

Welcome back, ducky egg! I have to say, it looks gorgeous.... just too cruel to be coming back to cold winter!

Marius said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful time. :-)

Annake said...

Beautiful photos as always and glad to hear you had a great time. Welcome back! :-D

Traceytreasure said...

Welcome back!
I've missed you something terrible.
Can you adopt me next time you go to Hawaii?

That would be super!! :)


Biddie said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Those photos are incredible!

Stinkypaw said...

pigeon: Thanks Chuck! You have NO idea how bad it is to go from hot to cold like that!

marius: I did, thanks!

annake: Thanks, it was great!

traceyt: Thanks, I'll let you know by our next trip! ;-)

biddie: We did and thank you!