Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I'm being molded!

Last week a friend sent me an email, which started like this:
“God doesn't give you the people you want, He gives you the people you NEED - To help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you and to make you into the person you were meant to be.”
I don’t know if it’s God who gave me these people, but whatever/whomever it is has been generous! Last weekend we watch “Resident Evil – The Extinction” and couldn’t help to think that I was just like the main character; I’m surrounded by them, idiots, instead of zombies! It’s scary at times when I stop and think about it. Why? The most dangerous ones are the ones closest to me.

As you know the Holidays bring out the “best” in people. This year, for the first time I feel strange when thinking about Christmas. It will be my mother’s first Christmas alone and it will be our first Christmas with the new woman in the FIL’s life. My mother I can handle, but the other one… FIL has been dating her since the beginning of the year, and we haven’t met her yet. Imagine my surprise when Hubby asked if we had any plans for the 25th (he only asked because I’m “the social coordinator” as he calls me), because we were invited for dinner with her son and wife. My first reaction was “Hell no!” I’m asking you, dear blends, am I wrong here in not wanting to be introduced to this woman (who has quite a hold on the dumb man) on Christmas day with her son and wife? It just feels strange and way too much at once. FIL doesn’t seem to understand why we would like to meet her before, through a dinner just the four of us.

We saw him briefly on Saturday, at his house, which is under complete renovation and anything that had MIL’s touch has been sold, given away or destroyed. I felt sad looking around the house. I can only imagine how Hubby felt even if guys are different and don’t attach the same importance to these things, but still… It is/was his parents’ house; where he lived for a good 15+ years. Granted the house needed a good cleaning, paint job, etc. but maybe not all at once and so drastically. With me not wanting to partake in the Christmas dinner (and I’m using my mother as an excuse to bail, since I don’t want her to be alone on Christmas day) Hubby feels stuck in the middle. Just like when his mom was around and making our lives miserable. Not good!

Thinking about the quote, I can’t help but think I must be needing some really special help, because I tell you, idiots are all around me! Argh! What to do, what to do??

BUT, there are also some really special people in my life. A few weeks back, Periwinkle had a little "give away" and I won! Yeah me!

Today I received a little package with my prize in it.

Look what I've got! Ain't it puuuurdy?
A beautiful pendant! I just love the way it sparkles.

Thank you so much Periwinkle, you're too much, and that pendant is beautiful! I luuuuuuvv it! Thank you, thank you!!

If you haven't yet, check out her Etsy shop, she has really beautiful items, you'll see. And they're affordable, even for this Canadian. Hee.

I guess it's not all bad, but I still feel there are more idiots than nice people, except around here, of course!


lizgwiz said...

I think it makes perfect sense to want to meet the "new woman" in a low-pressure non-holiday setting first. It's not like you're refusing to meet her, just wanting to reserve the actual holiday for people you're close to.

Charlie said...

I agree with lizgwiz. If you know you aren't ready yet and are feeling very uncomfortable about it, I think the whole thing is doomed from the start. I think I would take a raincheck.

I also think your estimate of 10 billion idiots is way, way too low.

Traceytreasure said...

Is another trip to Hawaii for the holidays an option?
Just sayin' that'd solve a lot of your dilemmas....Take me too!! LOL!! ;)

I'm so glad you won the giveaway!! You so deserve it!! It is very pretty!!


flurrious said...

No, the idea of a first meeting at Christmas dinner is just weird. Holidays are stressful enough without having to act like virtual strangers are your family.

Annake said...

I don't think it's wrong to want to meet her in a different setting. And I'm convinced once again that we were separated at birth because I'M surrounded by idiots too!!! ;-)

Stinkypaw said...

lizgwiz: I knew I could count on you. ;-)

Charlie: Glad you're seeing it my way as well, and I agree the estimate is a bit low!

Traceyt: We've sort of decided that next year's holidays will be somewhere else.
The picture doesn't do it justice!

flurrious: Very true about the stress level brought on by the Holidays... too much!

annake: Maybe we were in a previous life?! Hee

Periwinkle Studio said...

I hear ya! Holidays seem to bring out 'more' of the crazy behavior out.
I agree, it would make more sense to want to meet this new woman under a different setting than the one proposed. Tell them you want to start the relationship on a good foot and have some dinner together. Otherwise, meeting her 'with' the others 'on' Christmas would be at the minimum...uncomfortable and even a bit hard. I completely agree with ya and go see your mom.

I know, we want our loved ones happy, but be truthful and go with your gut. Not everyone is going to like it and what our decisions are. Hope this makes sense.
I had to do the same thing this holiday season.
I do hope they understand whichever way you go. Good luck!

Also, I am glad you like the pendant. It just 'seemed' more like you. I am happy you won! You deserve it! :)You are awesome!!!!