Monday, December 08, 2008

What makes you happy?

I’ve been tagged by TraceyTreasure to do this meme. It comes at a strange time, since I’ve been wondering about the things making me happy… Her timing is almost creepy.

The rules are simple: list ten things you’re happy about or thankful for. Tag ten people who you’re happy to call friend at the end of the meme.

Ten things that makes me happy:

1. to have such a good husband and thankful he makes me feel so special.
2. our Christmas tree and lights being up; I just love the way it looks. It’s so festive.
3. to have many friends and thankful I’m done writing our Christmas cards. We’re sending over 100 this year, including our business ones.
4. to have a bag full of candies!
5. to see that some friends did take the time to think about what they were giving me for Christmas.
6. to hear my pussy cat purring, in bed, next to me.
7. to prepare food that other people enjoy.
8. to see that I’ve influenced or helped someone to do something they thought they couldn’t.
9. to bitch about things in general.
10. to eat chocolate!

I will not tag anyone, but if you feel like it, grab it and run!
...whatever makes you happy!


Attila The Mom said...

Great list!!

Traceytreasure said...

I agree with ATM! Great List!!

Thanks for doing this and I hope my timing was creepy in a good way!?! ;)


Stinkypaw said...

atm: thanks!

traceyt: Yes it's all good! ;-)