Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yeah, I think I do.

It’s official winter is here. Because of where we live, we expect snow this time of year; actually some of us want snow. I tend to prefer snow, because it brightens everything. The ultimate sight, for me, this time of year, is an evergreen decorated with lots of little lights covered with snow. I just love seeing that. I get this warm feeling inside, seriously. I just love it!

That is one of the reason why going South for the Holidays isn’t that appealing, I like seeing our streets covered in snow. I was starting to anticipate this first snow of ours… It’s not really Christmassy when everything is just cold and dark. Snow brings light and joy.

Granted with snow comes chores and headaches. Coming back from work took over ninety minutes to Hubby by car, instead of the usual twenty minutes. Because it was the first real snowstorm of the season, things were strange. I usually drive to my meditation class in less than ten minutes from home. It wasn’t going to be that way last night. It took us over thirty minutes for Hubby to drive me three streets up! Traffic was a nightmare. How come there is ALWAYS a moron, or two, who will stop right smack in the middle of the intersection? They know they won’t be able to clear the intersection before the other side gets their turn, and yet, they have to drive up to the middle of the intersection. Why? It’s almost as if every friggin’ drivers forgot how it is to drive in winter in Montreal. They’ve only lived here most of their lives, and yet, every winter it’s as if they’ve never seen snow before.

Hubby dropped me at a metro station, and I made my way to my class without any problem. Coming back wasn’t quite the same though. As I got to the station, this guy came by and sat next to me on the little bench. There was something very familiar about him. He looked and sounded very much like someone I knew. He said hello and started talking. I then really wondered if it was the guy I knew. I could tell he was intoxicated and he reeked of booze. As the metro came in, I made my way to the ramp and walked in the train. He followed me in and even suggested we sat together, to which I answered I wasn’t sitting down since I only had one stop. That wasn’t true; I actually had four. It’s a good thing there’s a lot of noise in there, I couldn’t understand everything he was saying, and yet, I had to ask his name. I just had to know if it was the guy I knew. He told me his name and it wasn’t the same person, and yet, his laugh and even the way he talked to me were very familiar; it was almost creeping me out. When the doors opened at the next stop I got out, even if it wasn’t my stop. I made my way up the stairs and waited for the train to leave. I had to wait for the next metro, which I did for over fifteen minutes. I almost regretted having gone off at the wrong stop… That encounter was very strange, and I can’t shake this feeling of knowing this man. Strange, really strange!

When I got home our front steps were not cleared, so I asked Hubby for the shovel and dug in. Despite being hot and cold all at once, there is something about being outside during a snowstorm, but there’s no better feeling than coming home to a loving man, who prepared a delicious stir-fry, sitting in the living room only lit by our Christmas tree. Yep, I do like this time of year… snow and all.
Image: Snow covered tree


Kara said...

this is what happens to Portland in the snow:

it's awesome.

Marius said...

Snow...snow...snow? Nope, sorry, not ringing any bells here. ;-)

Spindle Graphics said...

No snow here and it seems to be getting warmer every year. :( But I love to sit in the dark with only the Christmas tree lights and just reflect in the season. It's so peaceful.

some stirfry can't hurt, either!

(it's me, Pais)

Annake said...

I'll take your snow to our freezing rain!!! I agree, it's not the holidays without some snow on the ground. :-)

noble pig said...

Okay I loved the ending.

flurrious said...

I love snow too, as long as I don't have to drive in it. I doubt we'll get any here this year, though. We had a cool rainy summer and we're having a warm rainy winter. Feh.

Traceytreasure said...

I wouldn't mind a white Christmas this year. It is very lovely. I just don't like driving in it. I'll be that one moron in the middle of the intersection with my luck.

I'm glad you got off the train. That guy probably puked or something awful. I think you did the right thing!!


lizgwiz said...

I don't mind a little light fluffy snow that looks pretty on the grass and trees. But keep it off the streets! We're not equipped to deal with it here, and it makes me nuts.

Stinkypaw said...

kara: O.M.G. That video is amazing! Talk about bad situation! Lucky nobody got hurt in that piece.

marius: Ah! I've seen ice on orange trees back in the 80s! Never know... those bells could ring again... not that I'd want them to!

Pais: Welcome back and reflecting with stir fry is ALWAYS good! ;-)

Annake: I'll take our snow over freezing rain, ANYDAY! ;-)

noble pig: Me too! And it was delicious!

flurrious: I hate driving in it as well, plus I'm really nervous when I feel the traction isn't that good.

traceyt: He was just "happy" and a bit horny! Hee.

lizgwiz: That'd be so cool, to only have snow on grass & trees! I'd love that!