Friday, January 23, 2009

Who would have thunk it?

Before blogging I used to keep a diary (I still do on occasion). I would write in it fairly regularly, I was journaling my life, like I do here I guess. I was curious to see if I had written anything about him. I took it out and here’s what I had written:
…life has been pretty wonderful! I’ve been seeing Tux since Wednesday (the 23rd), which is when we started our face sucking, as he calls it. It’s going great! We get along so well, we have a lot of common interests (besides karate) and our conversations are great.
Who knew, fifteen years later I’d be sitting here, and would be almost hyperventilating (‘kidding!) when I’d think we’ve been together for fifteen friggin’ years?

Did I ever tell you just how special you are?
Did I ever tell you how important you make me feel?
Did I ever tell you just how much I love you?
‘Cause I REALLY do!
... gros, gros, gros...


The Rev. said...

The wind beneath your wings, perhaps? ;)

First time here - nice to meet you (of sorts)!

-The Rev.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

Awwww.. that is SO sweet and I love it.

Oh, and on a related note: I was singing "Be our Guest, Be our Guest" this morning!! *snort!*

lizgwiz said...


flurrious said...

Gross! (Kidding.)

Is it your anniversary today? If so, Happy Anniversary! If not, ignore what I just said.

Anonymous said...

Very sweet and cute and "awwwwww".

(okay that is all the sugar I have to give today).


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your lovey day!

Traceytreasure said...

I'm so happy for you!!
Happy Anniversary and many, many more!!


Stinkypaw said...

The Rev.: Welcome to my world! Nice to meet you too - hope you'll come back soon!

PPPaws: Thanks, anf following reading your comment I had that song in my head the rest of the pm.

lizgwiz: :-)

flurrious: It's not gross, it's scary! Yep, it was on the 23rd.

Hilly: Thanks for the sugar, you're too sweet! ;-)

Monkey: We did, thanks!

Traceyt: Thank you.

Marius said...

How did I miss this? Happy retro-active anniversary. Now you get to have another one. :-)

Stinkypaw said...

Marius: Thanks, no matter how late!