Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm still here... for the moment, anyway.

Feels like ages since I sat down to blog, and yet it was only last week. I haven’t been around much because of Bacefook and because I was busy with other things like working at clients, getting our place completed, celebrating yet another birthday for my husband. I don’t know what is up with him and having to have one of those yearly, it’s really getting to be a pain. Despite the “pain” we had a nice dinner with friends so that his aging wouldn’t go completely unnoticed, after all if he’s going to keep doing this every year, might as well give him the attention he seeks.

I cooked all weekend, but nothing for us. My right arm is sore. I guess the osteo was right on Friday when he told me I was starting a tennis elbow… ouch! I have one lady who orders food from me, and she hadn’t done so in a while. Now I’m paying for it. Good thing I like to cook. I’ve only done half of her order, the really involved things I will do during the week.

It is still snowing over here. I was hoping spring was on its way and maybe had started a little early, but I was brought back to a white reality on Thursday. I know we’re only end of February, but still, I’m craving sun, and blue skies. I want my flip-flops!

This time of year is boring and I feel just the same, can you tell? It is not surprising so many people commit suicide this time of year; it sucks! Friends of ours announced last week they were moving to Florida. He will be heading south next week, and his wife and kids will follow after school year. I so wish we were doing that… I want to leave; I’m fed up of the cold, the slush, and the grim weather. We’ve been talking about it for years and maybe the last “episode” with the condo all are contributing factors to this regain of wanting out of here, I don’t know… Hubby would love to live somewhere where he could cycle all year. He can’t really do that here, because of winter. The only main restriction his surgeon gave him post op for his hip was not to fall. He stops commuting by bike as soon as it starts to freeze and will get back on by the end of March or later, depending on the winter we have. That’s the one activity he enjoys and not being able to do it for four months takes a toll on his moral. He needs it for his sanity. I want him to do it for mine as well.

Maybe we’ll turn out to be among those people who only talked about it and never made the move, but I sure hope not. I know it’s not really a good time to do something like this, especially in this economy, but we are not getting any younger, that’s a fact, and we both would welcome a change, so something needs to happen… soon.

Photo: Ours from Big Island, HI 2008


Periwinkle Studio said...

Hmmm....a move in your future? Sounds interesting.

I am sure you will know what to do and when it is 'right'.
You just never know. I have not been to Florida, so I haven't a clue what would be there except alligators, hurricanes, and OJ Simpson! LOL
Have a wonderful day.

Marius said...

Come on down, the water's fine! And yes, we do have alligators, and the occasional hurricane, but I believe OJ is cooling his heels in a Vegas lock-up, isn't he? ;-)

Nicotine Jones said...

We like it. Made the move to Orlando almost 3 years ago. And this is the best time of year. Not as much fun in August, but I'll take it. Oh, and FB is why I haven't blogged as much either. Also, didn't want to depress people with my lack of a job. Still looking. Seriously, consider the move - stressful, but worth the effort.

Anonymous said...

i did not know you cooked! Now I want to visit all the more.

As a Wisconsinite, I can really relate to how you feel right now. The constant cold, snow, short days can get to the most chipper person. Try to hang in there- we are almost out of it. Just a few more weeks! Consider something a whole lot cheaper than moving- like forcing some bulbs in your house so you can have some flowers, or grow some grass. Sounds goofy, but as we know, desperate times call for these measures.
Send much love your way!

Annake said...

I hate this time of year too. Nature keeps giving us little teasers for spring and then we get more snow dumped on us. Yuck. I'll admit that the thought of moving to a warmer climate is very appealing! :-D

Charlie said...

Yes, you're definitely suffering from the winter blues and blahs. But move down here to the land of empty big box stores, no jobs, and the minute you cross the border, no health insurance?

cinnamon girl said...

Move to Australia! It is so very far away from everything else... but it's warm and there's lots of jobs and big backyards with the occasional koala. ;-)

flurrious said...

I've been cheerful for the last few days because we had some unseasonably sunny weather. Then it started to rain and Thursday it's supposed to snow for the third time this winter (most years we get no snow at all). So now I am not cheerful. In fact, GRRRRR.

lizgwiz said...

We've had the weirdest winter--one week of ice, and other than that...nothing wintry. Then sporadically it just gets super-warm and I wear sandals and capris for a couple of days. Then cool again, but not cold and no ice or snow. I'm not complaining, mind's just odd. ;)

Stinkypaw said...

Periwinkle: Thanks.

Marius: I really don't know nor care about OJ.

Nicotine: Hope you'll find something soon.

Monkey: Whenever you want to visit, you will be welcomed and well fed!

Annake: Winter just sucks!

Charlie: Good point, the voice of reason! ;-)

Cinnamon: We thought about it, and it still on the plate...

flurrious: I know the feeling!

Lizgwiz: Mother Nature is going thru "the change" - hah!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I would like Florida, I think it would be too hot for me. But yeah, I get sick of the snow. We're supposed to get 6 inches today. Woo-hoo!

That is a sarcastic Woo-hoo, in case you were wondering. I suppose I should be used to it since I've lived in Minnesota for 40 of my 41 years but each year it seems Spring is farther and farther away.

Stinkypaw said...

greenduckies: I don't think FL is for me either, too many Canadians, hah!