Thursday, February 05, 2009

Smooth sailing no more.

Things are moving along nicely, well... until this morning... the plaster guy is a no-show this morning. Since the work started it has been early (more like freakin' early, as far as we're concerned) mornings. The guys would be ready to go by 7:15 am. Normally at that time, we are sleeping. We are NOT morning people, neither one of us. Even our cat knows that! So for us to wake up at 5:30-6:00 o'clock, was is a BIG deal. The only time we do it and aren't too bitchy about it is when we are travelling somewhere and need to catch a plane, otherwise, not happy. Remember we are D.I.N.K. are damn proud of it too! I really don’t want to hear about how early you get up daily to go to work or because of the kids, etc. We all make choices, right? Right! Yeah, I’m bitchy this morning, deal with it.

We got up early, again, this morning and as usual Hubby waited for the worker to show up before he’d leave. This morning the plaster guy wasn’t showing up, so Hubby left. Still no guy. He’s not just a little late, he’s over one hour late… I’m not liking this. Everything was going so smooth this far, what now?

On another note, one of the moronic neighbour who was the one who actually left the garage door opened, which started this whole debacle, sent us an email the day before yesterday asking if we wanted a gizmo they bought but didn’t work from their place, which signals you when the garage door is left open. Hubby’s answer (to me) was: “We’re not stupid, we know how to operate a garage door, it’s not rocket science, and we won’t pay for something to palliate our neighbours’ stupidity”, so I told her we weren’t interested in purchasing anything. Surprising, isn’t it, that I’m the one being the diplomatic one? It’s scary, even to me. Ha!

Besides that, I’m meeting a few people from high school tonight, for a drink. I haven’t seen any of them in over twenty-five years! Should be interesting for sure.


lizgwiz said...

Oh, I can't wait to hear details on the high school "reunion"! ;)

Traceytreasure said...

Wow! Your neighbors surprise even me and I see stupid every day.
My manager asked me how often I received a certain flyer in the newspaper and I said "about every two weeks" and she said "about how often is that?" I couldn't make this shit up if I tried...sigh...

We aren't morning people either. I homeschooled the kids so that we could all sleep in!! LOL!! ;)
That's just one reason! I'ts a miracle that our neighbor is still alive after hammering at 5 a.m.
The nerve!

Hope that guy shows up before you meet your friends tonight! Have a drink for me! Have fun!!


Annake said...

We were definitely separated at birth. I'm meeting some friends from high school for dinner this weekend. *Cue "Twilight Zone" music*

Coincidence? I think not....;-)

PinkPiddyPaws said...

Ooooo... drama! drama! drama! i love it... do tell how it goes with the HS folks. :)

And DINKS?? ha.ha.ha.. awesome!

Marius said...

I both admire, and envy your eschewing of the wee small hours. How did the reunion go?

flurrious said...

Ah, the no-show contractor; how well I remember that from the days when I was remodeling my bathrooms. They start a job and then go off and start a different job somewhere else, showing up just often enough to prevent you from firing them and going with someone else. When I am ruling in Hell, I will be particularly hard on all home contractors.

But I hope you had fun at the reunion!

Stinkypaw said...

lizgwiz: LOL

Traceyt: Your manager needs to go! He did show up in the end, only 3.5 hours late, with no excuse, he "just overslept".

Annake: Hope you'll have as good a time as I did!

PPPaws: Yes, DINKS (Double Income No Kids)

Marius: Reunion was great even if it meant coming home late with even less sleep... ;-)

flurrious: Did you apply for that job as well, Hell's Ruler, has a nice ring to it!