Monday, March 23, 2009

"The more things change, the more they remain the same."*

Last Thursday I had a very interesting evening. I had organized a casual ‘reunion’ for people who went to the same prep school I did, twenty-five+ years ago. A few of us did get together in February and enjoyed ourselves, so we thought of doing it again, hoping we’d be more than four people present. We were. Twenty of us showed up this time. What an evening!

Some people didn’t remember me, no surprise there, I was quite the wallflower back then, plus I was good in school and didn’t date, so… not really a “popular” combo. Despite my dislike of those years and apprehension, I actually had a good time seeing these people again. It was fun to see how much the guys did change, so much more than any of the girls there. The hair loss does a major number on many of them, unlike women who often will only get thicker. It felt nice to reminisce about so-and-so, and that guy who made out with this girl, etc. I must say I really did enjoy myself. It was nice to catch up with most, and interesting to see how some people just opened up about what they’ve been up to. Some of the people present graduated two years ahead of me. Back then, those two years made such a big difference. Last Thursday not so much.

I’m already receiving request to organize the next one. I will, some time this summer. I’ve been in contact, thanks for Bacefook, with a guy who used to be two years ahead of me and for whom I had a major crush. He now lives in TX and is planning to visit this summer. A perfect occasion to combine seeing him and other schoolmates, don’t you think?

Throughout the evening I noticed how some people might look different a little, but their demeanours were just the same… once a bitch always a bitch type of thing. It was funny to see how the older crowd would look at us (which were the main group) and leaned in to each other, sort of felt like high school again, except that now I didn’t care. I also blatantly realised how some (not to say most) people really don’t listen to others. It’s all about them. At first I thought it might be nerves, then I thought maybe it’s the alcohol but then came to the conclusion they just don’t listen but they sure enjoy the sound of their voices.

Someone made a comment about how good my memory was, because I remembered a lot of the names. It is, but it is also because for many years I’ve been listening and watching people. I still do. Plus, I’ve never really drank nor did drugs, so… I’d say that would help a little. Some may think it’s boring, I don’t. I’m naturally crazy, can let go easily and outgoing, despite my liking to people watch.

It must be a sign that I’m getting older this need to reconnect with people from my youth… the reminiscing, the trips down memory lane, but whatever the reason why, I had fun and for that I’m thankful.

*Quote from Alphonse Karr


Charlie said...

A great post, SP, and I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. A couple of quotes I particularly liked:

. . . once a bitch always a bitch type of thing.

I also blatantly realised how some (not to say most) people really don’t listen to others. It’s all about them.

You are, indeed, a wise observer.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. I keep debating on if I am going to go to my 25th class reunion. I'm reconnecting with a few people on Bacefook but don't know yet.

Hee. Once a bitch indeed.

Traceytreasure said...

I'm so glad it was a good evening!! You are so funny and wise. I wish I could be there for the next one so we could make fun of the bitches!! LOL!!

I know what you mean about the 2 year difference. How it didn't seem like much then, but now? Big difference. I couldn't believe how some of the men looked from my class. A friend sent me some pictures of a reunion....Some of the guys looked old enough to be my dad...Ewwww!

I shouldn't talk, I'm much thicker now than I was back then....


Annake said...

The "once a bitch, always a bitch" observation is one of the reasons why I've never gone to a class reunion. I didn't like those numbnuts then and I'm sure age hasn't mellowed them (or me) one bit! ;-)

lizgwiz said...

Most of my friends in high school were either younger or older than I was by a year or two. A mixed-ages "reunion" would be much more fun for me than just my class.

Glad you had fun!

Stinkypaw said...

Charlie: Thank you sir!

greenduckies: I debated a little prior as well, but I'm glad I did go in the end.

Traceyt: Time really affected the guys in a more visible way than on any of the girls there, that's for sure!

Annake: I know what you mean, and yet I'm glad I saw it for myself! ;-)

lizgwiz: I, too, had more friends ahead or after me than in my year, so last Thursday's mix was great for that!

Being and Quirkiness said...

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose :)