Tuesday, April 07, 2009

No rest for the...

Just when I think things are finally going to be ok, wham! Something else comes along. I know that’s the game of life, but darn it, I wanted to cruise for a while, was that too much to ask? Obviously, it was!

As you may already know, I’m doing the Relay for Life again this year. It’s going well considering the economical situation. Things are a bit slower, but overall I can’t complain, I’m blessed with very generous friends and blends. If, by any chance, you'd like to sponsor me, let me know and I'll send you my link. For some reason, tonight, the Canadian Cancer Society’s site, messed up my donation page. Instead of my name it now shows up as the name of a relative who signed up as a survivor. Plus, their IT jockeys aren’t doing a great job with their web site. I made a donation to a friend, also doing the Relay, and despite me entering all my info, the receipt issued was made out to my aunt! Go figure that one out. It’s only been over three weeks since I told them about the issue. I wonder if they’ll take that long to fix the other major issue. That one I’m really pissed about.

Today was a spring-cleaning day for me. I’ve decided as soon as I got up that I had to clean, so I spent most of the day cleaning. It’s amazing how much hair a thing like a cat can shed. Actually it’s kind of gross, and despite regular cleanings, it stills generates a lots of crap… oh well.

In other news, I’ve sent out an invite tonight that I may live to regret… I invited my FIL and the new woman in his life, over for dinner. We haven’t seen her since that dinner back in December, and haven’t really heard anything from the FIL either. I called, spoke with my FIL and he’ll confirm tomorrow after having talked to her. We’ll see… wish me luck, or call me stupid, whichever....

It felt somewhat good to vent a little. Thanks for reading! ;-)

Update: The invite has been refused... she had other plans, with her son.

Update 2: My problems with Cancer Society have been fixed. Woot!


Traceytreasure said...

Don't worry, be happy?

Everything's going to be fine. I hope I win the lottery so that I can sponsor you.


flurrious said...

For some reason, the Relay for Life people think I'm a participant. I get mail from them all the time about the upcoming event or the one they think I was just in. Weird.

Good luck with your FIL plus one.

Charlie said...

I'll be more than happy to sponsor you, SP, but I think I'll wait a while until they get their doody together.

I watched Martha do the spring cleaning and I was sweating, tired, and sore by the time she finished.

As far as your FIL's beloved, their are other sharks in the water beside pissed off kitties.

Traceytreasure said...

Congrats on Updates 1 and 2!!



Anonymous said...

super-win on the dinner invite. You look good and no work was actually needed. Woot for you!

Stinkypaw said...

Traceyt: Thank you, you optimist you! ;-)

flurrious: They (Cancer Society) don't seem to be the most organised group around, that's for sure...

Charlie: Thank you for the donation, you rock!! Poor you, must be terrible to have sore eyes like that, I feel for... Martha!

Monkey: You're right, double wammy for me, woot!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I will definitely sponsor you, just need to know when you need the money by. My mother is a two-time cancer survivor so anything cancer related is high on my donate list (also high on the list is fluffy animals). I really admire you for doing this. If I ever got into some semblance of a shape other than round, I would try this.