Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Let's see if this end is the good one...

I should be writing but don’t really know where to start. I hate that confused feeling, as if my thoughts were all mixed up together. Oh wait… they are… it almost feels like a ball of twine after a cat is done playing with it. Argh.

Let’s see if we can fix this mess.

I know that I’m a perfectionist, that I like things to be done the right way, and no, it doesn’t always have to be “my” way (but it sure helps, heh). I like order, clarity, and precision. If I commit to something I’ll see it through. I’ve known for many years that not everybody is that way. Some people, not to say most, aren’t that way at all. I have to accept that fact and I’ve been dealing as well.

Like this Relay thing, it’s my third year now, and I’m wondering if I’ll be doing it again. I find it hard to drag along people (who signed up voluntarily to do this) and remind them that it is first and foremost a fund raising event. I understand that not everybody likes to ask others for money, but then why did they sign up for this type of event? Why don’t they just make a donation and be done with it? Why are we deciding for others if they will or not give us something? Yes the economy is rough, and yes a lot of us are hurting, but should we let them decide if they want to give or not? OK – rant over!

Went for some maintenance on the car. All I’ll say is “Ouch!” So tonight, we’re staying and eating home. Enough spent for one day.

I just love this time of year; it’s sunny, nice and cool. It’s amazing how quickly everything changes. From bare branches, to a few buds here and there, and now all trees are green or really getting there, lovely!

Saturday I need to get my hair “touched up”… red is a pain to keep sharp, it fades so quickly. That’s really the only bad thing about it, no matter what it will fade. Oh well.

Looking forward to this long weekend, since Hubby won’t be working on Friday we will actually have four days in a row off! Yippee!


Traceytreasure said...

Hubby and I were just saying last night how Arizona only has 2 Seasons. Winter and Summer. I miss cool and mild weather. It's either hot or cold.
Congrats on the long weekend!! My thoughts are all messed up and I can't type worth a darn since I've been on vacation. I think that picture is of my brain....


Marius said...

Yeah, we get that down here, too. It goes from 'ahhh, nice cool dry weather to AHHHHH! 90 in the shade, 300% humidity' over night. Sorry to hear about the deadwood on the relay team. I have no doubt that you'll whip them into shape again.

Charlie said...

Enjoy your four days to mentally recharge, SP.

Marius uses a good word—deadwood—but without livewood like you, there would be no relay or fundraising at all.

Baseball caps off to you for your efforts.

Stinkypaw said...

Traceyt: That's one of the things I like here, the change of season, especially winter to spring...

Marius: I wish I did have a whip for some, but I've been told it's to be use in the bedroom only! ;-)

Charlie: One down, and it was really good! I'll have to post a pict. of our caps for the Relay, just for you!

Janes Insane said...

Well, okay, I looked up Mercury in Retrograde & sure enough it is in retrograde. May 7 - May 21. It kinda screws up communication & I forget what else, but it really does effect us. At least I think so. ;)