Monday, May 18, 2009

We are uneven, seriously!

Anyone who’s had the pleasure to meet my husband knows he’s one big ray of sunshine. Not! Oh, he’s pleasant for sure, has a warp sense of humour, but he’s also someone who bitches a lot. (Did I tell you we make a great couple? No? Well, we do!) There are a few things that, no matter what, he will bitch, moan, groan and express his opinions about without much restrain and these are: Windows, Morons and Incompetence. Besides that he’s a joy to be with. Really. Except that we live in a society where morons thrive, and surround us; where incompetence seems to be an actual pre-requisite for many jobs and Windows is everywhere. I must say I share, to a certain extent, his views on morons and incompetence. Let’s be honest here, they’re everywhere!

Over the weekend while I was fooling around Kaceboof I read a post a friend had, about this lady in Laval who got arrested and fined for not holding the ramp of the escalator in a metro station in Laval. It seems we have this law in QC where we should have one hand on the ramp at all time when using the escalator. I didn’t know that, and eeeew! Just the thought of touching it makes my skin crawl. How gross is that? The few times I’ve been taking public transport I try my best to NOT touch anything, especially not ramps or poles. In winter I keep my gloves on, but this time of year, yuk!

Anyway, this lady was asked to hold the ramp and when she refused the cops handcuffed her, etc. $412 worth of fees later she’s in the news complaining about being a mother and how ridiculous the whole thing is. I agree with her, it is totally ludicrous to live in a society with so many rules and laws to protect the morons. How stupid does one have to be to not know that the coffee in a paper cup is hot? Obviously, very stupid, because it’s now on every friggin’ paper cup when you get a coffee! Or the “Do not attempt this” at the bottom of many commercials. Does that mean I can’t ride a grocery cart, on the highway, between two rolling 18-wheelers? Aw, shucks, I so wanted to do that before my next birthday!

We, as a society, are lowering our standards to accommodate the mass. It’s sad. It’s like parents who don’t want to upset their kids and never say no to them. Those kids are in for a rude awakening the day someone refuse them something. Life is not easy, why are we trying to paint everything rose? Sometimes it is dark and rough, and other times it’s light and smooth, but if we didn’t have lows we wouldn’t know how good it feels to be on a high. But like Hubby says often, it’s easy to shine in the dark, and that is really making me apprehend the future… what’s in store for us if you keep trying to protect the stupid people from themselves, to keep the incompetent at jobs they shouldn’t be doing? In doing so are we making sure that Nature’s Law (Survival of the Fittest) doesn’t work anymore, and are we placing ourselves on a path towards Armageddon? I wonder… I really wonder…


Just a grail said...

I wholeheartedly conquer with your husband, who, sharing my opinion, is obviously...a genius.

There ARE many more stupid, incompetent people than there are, intelligent, competent ones. And yes, the world is making it easier and easier for the stupid ones to thrive and it is driving the rest of us to despair.

It really does scare me. My 13 year old came to me last night and told me that he had just learned that 9/11 was a conspiracy and that the US actually bombed the buildings. I had to have a long talk with him about how the world is over populated with stupid people who say stupid things and how sadly, they seem to get more air time than any one else.

There really isn't enough chocolate and margarita's to dull my pain.

lizgwiz said...

I think many people have always been stupid--they just didn't use to be so quick to sue. Now everyone has to protect themselves and their businesses from the idiots. Gah.

Marius said...

Ok, you posted this on Monday, but it didn't show up in my RSS feed until today. Weird. Anyway I am stunned that there is such a law on anyone's books, and appalled that a cop would bother enforcing it. Very sad. One of my favorite lines from a song comes from Harvey Danger's Flagpole Sitter, and it goes "Been around the world and found that only stupid people are breeding." Statistics seem to support that as education goes up, the birthrate goes down. The reverse would seem to be supported by your sad tale. And Darwinism, for lack of a better term, is being severely hampered by money hungry lawyers and public safety advocates. A few years back I designed a set for a show that was a playground. I wanted one of those old fashioned monkey bars that I played on as a kid. You know the ones that were all steel bars and were set into the asphalt of the playground. They don't make them anymore. Everything is all soft plastic and foam padding. We are raising a generation of weak, entitled creampuffs who will expect everything to be nice and friendly for them.

Um, sorry. Rant over. ;-)