Sunday, July 12, 2009

I've been naughty. I think?!

If we’re friends on Bacefook then you’ve seen that I had a pleasant time at my little get together with some high school buddies. Naturally some people who had confirmed didn’t show, but that’s always the case. Just can’t rely on people it seems. The spot (which I had chosen) was really nice and since it was a rare sunny day in Montreal it made it all better. Weird fact: one of the guys there wasn’t really a friend in school; he was my own version of Steff (from “Pretty in Pink”, remember that mean rich guy?). One on one he wasn’t so bad, but as soon as he had an audience, he turned into this mean, hurtful kid. I wasn’t really looking forward to seeing him nor did I care for him being there at all. After a few glasses of sangria (actually, it was more like two pitchers), I actually reminded him that he wasn’t really a nice person. He said something that could be considered apologetic, but then again… I’ve put that demon to rest; yay me!

We went to a favorite store of mine, Ares, because I needed a specific kitchen tool. We found it as well as this little fellow. We’d seen him a little while back but decided it wasn’t necessary. Saturday, it seems, it was a different feeling. Yet another time we succumbed to the Alessi's temptation... We brought Chin Banana home! Isn’t he cute? Plus we got 20% off, so even better! BTW, Mr. Chin is a toothpick holder, neat huh?

Weather wise, our weekend wasn’t the most beautiful. We had a little monsoon, the sky just opened up, it was crazy how fast we got wet running to the car. This is after we’ve been good little spenders. FB Hubby finally decided to bite the wallet and change our audio system. While he was shopping for that I went into a craft store and got lost for a while. I just love it in there. I manage to come out of there with a bunch of things and only paid $0.39 because if their fidelity program. I was actually surprised to see I managed to save about $40; yay me, again!

For the first time in many moons, my neck and shoulders area aren’t hurting. I don’t want to jinx it, but I think my cutie pie osteo’s treatments are working out; woot!

I’ve been a naughty girl when it comes to spending money, even if I did manage to find a lot of deals, but still I’ve been spending. The fact that many things were on special makes it all better, right? Right? Riiiight! Glad you’re agreeing with me. Hi! Hi! Hi!


Green-Eyed Momster said...

I could live in a craft store. If they'd let me, that is....


Purple Pigeon said...

I dont wish to sound like i dont know about novelty kitchen items, but well... i don't. What, pray tell, is chin banana??

Marius said...

I must echo what the lovely indigo avian said. Is the monkey thing, cute as it is, also a tool of some kind?

Stinkypaw said...

GEM: I know, the fun would be limitless!

Pigeon: Chin Banana is our new toothpick holder!!

Marius: I'll echo my answer to the bird as well; it's a toothpick holder. (I edited my post, ;-)

kara said...

a toothpick holder?! that's racist!

(i'm now going to go figure out a way to back up my assertion)

Charlie said...

It's really amazing what you'll say to someone with a couple pitchers of sangria under your belt. I've got the broken nose from 1964 to prove it.

lizgwiz said...

Hey, the economy needs stimulating, right? And what better way to do it than to buy adorable kitchen gadgets? (I have to fight the urge on those, too.)

Anonymous said...

I would also live in a craft store if I got a chance. Love them.

Chin banana is pretty cute and I agree with Liz about both stimulating the economy and resisting the cute kitchen tools. But then I have Keem who is a) practical and b) reminds me that I don't cook so I really don't need it.

I'm glad you let him have it and yes, I do remember Stef! That's an awesome 80s movie! James Spader was so hot.

Periwinkle Studio said...

Sounds like a great time! :) I know the feeling, I just splurged on a SHARK! Yes, not the real, toothy kind, but a steam cleaning floor animal! :)
Have a wonderful day!