Thursday, July 09, 2009

Where is the love?

Maybe it’s because it’s too hot where you’re at, but over here, it’s not that warm and I needed some love, which I didn’t really get, oh well, can’t always get what we want.

I’ve realised earlier while watching the weather network that our current temperatures are lower than those of Australia in winter – this is wrong! I can deal with the coolness but the wetness I’m ready for it to stop. I need sun, even if I won’t go out and do the bacon (read sunbathe); I need to see clear blue skies.

At a client of mine they had hired a woman to “help” me. I write “help” because she had other tasks as well, but she had to get things ready for my monthly visits so that I would take less time, thus charge less billable hours. She was a sweet person, except she wasn’t very efficient and she had this habit of misplacing documents. About two months ago I told the owner she wasn’t really “helping” me, and would rather do it all myself. It was taking me longer to figure out what she had done and correcting everything than if she had not touched anything. She forgot to tell me things she had to, and last week she even made a call to a supplier as me. That upset me and wanted to meet with the owner to let him know about it, when I got an email this afternoon informing me he had let her go. One problem solved. I know, I know, it’s not nice to say, but despite her being nice and all, she wasn’t reliable. Good intentions don’t make up for skills and knowledge all the time, sorry to say.

I went shopping for clothes with my mother. What a day. Mom doesn’t shop for herself that often, or rather she does for rather inexpensive things. I wanted her to have some nice clothes. It’s not like she can’t afford them. We were on a roll. She bought five pairs of pants, four shirts, 1 jacket, one bathing suit, two pairs of shorts and one Capri. By the time we met FB Hubby, she (we) were exhausted but happy with our purchases. Next week we might do it again but this time for drapes and some pieces of furniture. It sure was nice to spend some time with her, even if most of it was spent in a changing room of some stores.

I don’t have much to say about MJ’s passing, funerals and all. Why? Well, I don’t really care. Yes it is sad for his kids, but then again I can’t help and wonder how normal of a life they’ve had so far anyway. Like any children who lose a parent they will adapt, and cope. We all do. That’s life. I read somewhere life wasn’t fair. Life is actually pity free. It has no compassion; it’s rough; that’s just the way it is.

Tonight I should be meeting some high school friends for drinks on a nice terrace on the waterfront in Old Montréal. We might be just a few of us, unlike the last get together. Vacations are keeping some away. I guess for those of us present it will be because we want to see each other again.

That’s what I’ve been up to, among other things… ‘bout you?


Marius said...

Oh if only it were possible to do a weather exchange. I would gladly mail you some of the hellish heat and blistering sun in exchange for a bit of coolness.

Clothes shopping makes me vaguely nauseous so I salute you on your maternal spree.

Yeah, I didn't much care about the whole MJ thing, either. His music was never a fave, except for what Al Yankovic did with it, and he became a symbol of insanity gone untreated. Plus he was probably a pedophile, so no tears were shed in Castle Marius. I did make the mistake of saying so on Bacefook, and got flamed to a crisp, though. He did inspire deep emotions; I'll grant him that.

And one last thing before I finish this blog post length comment...*HUGS*!!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I'm sending you some love and some sun. I hope it gets there soon! I finally have enough to share and my tan is almost complete. I just need a few more rays on my toes!

I'm so sick of MJ's passing. It's all over the news here. As you can probably imagine... He's one of those people that could have lived forever in my book. Just so I wouldn't have to re-live his career every day for the rest of my life. I hope it'll all be over soon....


Periwinkle Studio said...

I wish that I could swap weather for a bit. It is too damn hot here and I am sweating......Thank goodness I am not made of sugar! I would just melt away..

I want some overcast and rain. Please O please, I have been begging for some rain.....more than a drop or two.

Glad you went shopping with your mom. I am sure she enjoyed it too.

Hugs and tons of love to you!

Just a grail said...

Who is not giving you love?? C'Mere and I give you a big squeezy hug! It is hot here, would be happy to trade.

I agree with Marius as far as the whole MJ thing goes, I think he did some things that are unforgivable and the fact that he was a good entertainer doesn't erase that.

Glad you had a nice shopping trip with your mom!

Ahh drinks on the patio....there may be a trip to Montreal in my future, would love to buy you a cocktail, and deliver my hugs in person! :-)

cinnamon girl said...

Can you be more specific about your weather? Australia's a big place, you know. Where I am now it's about 15c tops, and down to about 7 at night. I'm bloody cold all the time in winter down here. But where I was a month ago it's now double that in the day, and barely drops below 20 at night. I miss the tropics.

Here's hoping you get some warmth and some lovin soon.


Anonymous said...

Hey, where is my Friday Smile?

Stinkypaw said...

Marius: You can, whenever you choose to, always close with hugs! ;-)

GEM: I think I've OD'ed on MJ... Thanks for the love & sun.

Periwinkle: Mom loved the new clothes but freaked out a little at how much she spent. We had a bad storm yesterday and got all your water I think... :-(

Grail: If ever you come this way, we'll be sure to get together - promise!

Cinn: We've been having 15 & 17 the past few weeks. The last 3 days were in the 20s, which is below our normal (usually more in the 30s, and humid). Thanks for the love.

Monkey: Sorry, posted it late, but did post it on Friday!

Anonymous said...

I wish you were closer so I could hug you. I think that would be fun.

I am pretty sick of the MJ thing as well. I liked his earlier music and really didn't enjoy for his latest forays into the news. A friend of mine said, after he died, "Is it wrong that I want to watch the South Park episode about him? Is it too soon?" Yeah, maybe, but funny nonetheless.

Glad you had fun with your mom!