Monday, August 03, 2009

Men talk of killing time, while time quietly kills them. ~Dion Boucicault

Can you believe it’s already August? It’s hard to imagine we’re only 144 days away from Christmas. Crazy isn’t it? Not too long ago it seemed I was reading about how some of you were anticipating the summer break and now you’re talking about going back. I’ve also been counting the days, besides Christmas, for our little time away.

Ten years ago, when my father died, we were both employees of the soon to no longer exist Mortel, and FB Hubby was sent to a conference/training in Sin City. My mother being somewhat of a gambler envied him a lot. FB Hubby promised her that one day he/we would bring her. We always try to do something special for our anniversary, and this year we wanted to go away somewhere. The economy being what it is, we thought it might be an occasion to get away and carry through the promise FB Hubby made to my mom. Better late than never, right? We looked up flights, hotel, etc., talked to mom and in a few days we’ll be heading South of the Border, all three of us. Like every other times, before going away there’s always a ton of things to do, or so it seems. We’ll manage I’m sure, we always do.

Side note: Once again, this weekend I’ve realised how good my husband is to me. I know I’m not easy (well, it depends, you know…* snickers *), and yet he’s quite patient. He does things to please for me, like attending family dinner on Saturday for an aunt’s birthday, or coming to see a movie with me when he should have been working. He’s really good to me. I know that. I have it good and it’s all because of him. I love the man, and the fact that he’s cute and has a nice butt makes it all even better.

My mom is super excited. This is no exaggeration. I don’t know if it is because she will be travelling with us, or what, but a part of me feels “blah” about this trip. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to hitting the Strip and spending some mullah (which has been doing quite well these past few days, that’s our dollar btw) in different shops. I will be hitting “Trader Joe” for sure, as well as “Bath & Body Works” and of course, the “M & M’s Store”. Besides that, we have a few shows already booked, “Jersey Boys” and “Cirque du Soleil’s, Ka”. When we booked this trip we reserved a one bedroom with two beds, but after thinking about it, we might just pay an extra fee and ask for a suite. The last time I was on vacation with my mother/parents, I think I was sixteen… It’s been a while. It’s nice and dandy to have her over for a few days, or for me to go sleep at her place, but a whole week in one room, sharing everything; I’m not so sure anymore. Both FB Hubby and myself value our privacy and time together A LOT, so maybe getting a little suite will make this more of a vacation for FB Hubby and I. After all, this get away was originally planned around our anniversary... maybe it will be better for all involved to have separated sleeping quarters. What do you think?


Marius said...

A week in Vegas is awesome, unless you throw celibacy into the mix. Definitely get the suite.

And say hello to the Star Trek Experience for me. :-)

Have a great time!!!

flurrious said...

Absolutely get the suite. You're already going to be spending more time with mom than you're used to, and 24 hours a day isn't going to be good for anyone.

If you see Tom Jones, throw your panties at him for me!

If it wasn't this... said...

Yessss! Seperate rooms ...too much Mom would ruin your fun :) Enjoy your time away and will lots of $$

If it wasn't this... said...

*win too !

kara said...

oh the vegas. the dirty dirty vegas. i dislike the place. i do like laying by a pool with misters, though. you should do that while you're there.

Charlie said...

I'm joining the consensus—a suite for sure.

And there's lots to see without spending a dime—I'm not much of a gambler, but I have a good time there anyway.

Maybe it's because Martha likes my butt.

Shannon said...

i am for upgrading to a suite as well. a whole week in one room is a lot to deal with.

good luck and hope you win some ca$h

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Suite, suite, suite equals SAWEEET!!

Have fun!!


Joanna Jenkins said...

144 days til Christmas! OMG!!!! No wonder I saw Christmas decorations at the Hallmark store yesterday! Yikes.

And remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas :-)

Stinkypaw said...

Marius: LOL, celibacy, yeah right! Last time we were at the Star Trek Experience (2 years ago), it was VERY disapointing... humm.

flurrios: I've seen him (TJ) in concert in Montreal, it was a blast to see all the women. Thanks for the advice on the room issue.

If it wasn't: Thank you, that's the plan!

kara: The pool thing sounds appealing, espepcially sun is rare here lately!

Charlie: Now, that's a great reason to have a good time anywhere in the world! ;-)

Shannon: Welcome back & thanks!

GEM: Thanks!

JJ: But of course! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, that sounds like fun. But yes, a suite is a good idea. My mother and I had to share a hotel room when we were in Vegas and I was incredibly grateful that I could sleep out on the couch and not have to spend even more time with her (I was also incredibly sick the entire vacation so pretty much all I did was lie on the couch and watch old television shows).

Stinkypaw said...

greenduckies: You're funny with your "late" comments, lol. It sucks big time to be sick during time off, no matter where you are...