Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Things I’ve noticed…

I’ve always been the type to people watch, I just love it; especially when I note differences. That’s the main thing I love about travelling, to see different things, to feel that I’m away from home, out of my comfort zone.

- There are some major differences between “Old Vegas” and “the Strip”. One is decrepit (I guess the economy really is affecting it), smells bad, most casinos aren’t that busy, their dealers are mostly all big breasts young women, barely dressed, and their customers are older. The other one is all about “bling”. It doesn’t really smell of smoke, except here and there you’ll get a whiff of cigar. The crowd is much younger and the dealers are all dressed very proper as in pants, shirt and vest, no boobs showing.

- Very few women have grey/white hair. My mom was among the few… and she wears it well.

- I shouldn’t feel too bad about my body. There are a lot worst out there.

- The trashy look seems to be “in vogue” with younger women. What’s the deal? Maybe I’m just getting old and can’t understand the young ones, but wearing an “aviation” skirt with 5” heels and boobs hanging out, with tons of makeup scream “trash” to me. I do get: “if you have it, show it” but does one need to look like a pole should be next to her in order to get attention?

- Despite the recession, there are still a LOT of money being spent in Sin City… between the shops, the casinos and bars… there are still lots of mullah going around.

- Everybody has a cell phone, and too often will be talking too loud on it as well. Yes I’m sitting next to you, at the pool, but do I really need to know how drunk you got the night before and hear all about it? I don’t think so. What ever happened to going to the pool, with a book, for some peace and quiet?

- You know you’re in Sin City when the signs in the restrooms say: “Drinking might affect your foetus.” Really? We need a sign, in the washroom, for this?

- I knew I was in the States when I saw, at the entrance of Café Bellagio, a sign warning people about eating raw food. Common sense is out the window, that’s for sure. Why think for ourselves when we can sue their pants off! Got to love it!


Green-Eyed Momster said...

Yeah, all reasons we didn't want to raise our children there.
Our daughter got up on the living room table and lifted her dress when she was about 2 and Hubby just about shit. We moved shortly after that. We didn't want our little girl dressed like you described with a pole next to her. I wonder if there are still scantily clad women on the taxi's and the sides of busses... Yikes!

Glad you survived Sin City! Too bad people can't relax at the pool anymore. I'm sick of cell phones!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder about the raw food...

I'll put that reminder right next to the one about not juggling butcher's knifes.

Anonymous said...

Again, I beg you: don't judge the US based on what you see in LV. I really do think it is the representative of the worst we have to offer.

Anonymous said...

Ha. Love the idea of reminding people to not juggle butcher's knives. Funny!

I love to people watch as well and take pictures of random people. Then, of course, I can't remember why I took the picture and need to ask my friends.

Barb said...

One thing I've noticed is that the new Strip isn't just about bling, but attempts to cater to families. It's like each casino has to have their own version of Disneyland.

Stinkypaw said...

GEM: Oh yes, half (if not more) of all advertising (on buses, trucks, taxis, side of roads) are of people half naked... Skin everywhere!

morethan: I'm sure they have that reminder in the kitchen!!

Monkey: LOL, I wasn't really judging, more like observing (and commenting, of course!) ;-)

greenduckies: I'd taken lots of pictures as is; don't want to think how it would be with "random" people. Sure wouldn't scrapbook about them!

Barb: Welcome to my world!
True, I've seen more families this time than before. But it's still a "grown-up Disney"!

PinkPiddyPaws said...

Hey, "Warning, the beverage you are about to consume is HOT" is my fave.

When you ask for a hot cup of would ASSUME that you know it's hot. *snort*