Friday, August 07, 2009

What a dream!

After much running around, attending a farewell get together for friends moving to FL, getting home late, doing some laundry for clothes we wish to bring with us, and finishing “Club Dead” I went to bed at some wee early hour. Since I’ve been sleeping with my CPAP (breathing apparatus for sleep apnea) I don’t dream as much as I used to. As far back as I can remember I always had weird dreams. I remember, vividly a few which were enlightening, but most of my dreams are really strange.

I was working in an office with a girlfriend of mine from high school (which I haven’t seen nor heard of since, btw). It looked like “cubeville” type of work environment. I was looking for all the account numbers that were being used. I had a list, a long list, and was walking around asking people if they used other accounts. I then went in “his” office. He was sitting there with his feet up on his desk, his shirt’s sleeves were rolled up and it looked like it was at night. He looked up at me, smiled and waved me in. I walked in and watched him, in silence, for a while. I was looking around thinking it wasn’t really as I’d expected it to be. He gestured for me to have a sit, on the couch, so I did. It was a comfortable couch at that. You know, the type you sink into, all soft but a bitch to get out of? He finished his call, and asked what he could do for me. I apologized for disturbing him and explained because I was going on vacation I should make sure all accounts being used were listed. He agreed and said he didn’t know of any accounts he would use. I told him I was pretty sure he must have a few “special” accounts, after all, he was the man in charge. He got up and walked to the couch where he let himself fall. As he sat beside me, I looked at him closely. I always thought he looked good, there was something kind about him. He had a little something that I liked. I was trying not to stare. He looked tired. He asked to see my list, which I handed over. He then proceeded to look at pictures on the coffee table and at some magazines. He looked concerned. At some point he started to laugh at something he read. While he was sitting next to me, I noticed the chair he had been sitting in. I guess I made a face or sometime because he looked at me with interest, asking what I was looking at. I told him his chair wasn’t representative of his position. He laughed and asked why not. The chair looked like a pack of wolves had their way with it, the leather was torn, the filling was ripped, it was a big mess. He said it had seen a lot of important arses and seated some as well. We laughed. It was very relaxed. I asked how come he was allowed or even wanted to have such a chair. It really clashed with the rest of the office. He said something about his wife telling him the same thing. We laughed. A woman came in, looking for me, and asked me how to send a Purolator pack. So I got up, with his help, he actually had to push my butt off the couch, walked to the lady and showed her how to fill out the waybill. I then turned to face him, who was now standing besides me, and as he was unrolling his sleeves, and said that he had to get back to it and if he had special accounts they were really special ‘cause he didn’t know about them. He hugged me and wished me a safe trip. And then I walked out of the Oval Office, and said “Thank you Mr. President”

Weird huh?


Attila The Mom said...

That's what you get for eating cheese before bedtime. LOL

Stinkypaw said...

ATM: Geez, thanks!! Thinking back we did have dinner at almost midnight, that could very well be!

lizgwiz said...

I've always had really weird, vivid dreams, as well. Like the one where I was married to Orville Redenbacher (the popcorn guy) and he died in my arms. WTF?

Maybe I have sleep apnea, too...and the dreams are coming from oxygen deprivation. ;)

kara said...

dreams are cool. mostly in a way that real life just is NOT.

that's my deep thought for the day.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

If it really was the President, he would have tried to have his way with you!! ;)


I'll call you on Sunday to see if we can meet!


Marius said...

So you have friends moving to Florida, eh? Are they close enough friends that you might, some day, be inclined to visit them? If you get anywhere within this state I'll drive however far to meet you for lunch or something.

Oh, and nice dream. At least he didn't turn into a table lamp or bowl of pasta or something like in most of my dreams.

greenduckiesgirl said...

I have sleep apnea as well and I found that my dreams, whenever I did have them, were really vivid as well.

Although typically they're about serial killers, not presidents.