Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bzz, Bzz, Bzz...

My head feels like a beehive, it’s been buzzing all day, plus my back is acting up, again, so I’ll throw some of my thoughts on here, hopefully it will make some sense.
  • Doing the Remembering post touched me. I think it was good to remember, in a positive light, the events that occurred eight years ago and not just the friggin’ terrorists and/or the conspiracy theories.
  • Can you believe that after seventy-seven years on the air “Guiding Light” will end? The first character I truly hated (after Nellie Oleson in “Little House on the Prairies”, of course!) was Beth’s (played by Judi Evans) stepfather, Bradley Raines (played by James Rebhorn) who abused her. To this day I still hate that actor (yep, he was that good!). I used to watch that soap when I was in high school, and identified with the teens on the show. To think it will end this week is strange.
  • No matter how much you try, there will always be someone who complains about the cost, the location, the date, etc. when you organize something. I do know it’s impossible to please everyone, but come on people, really?
  • Yes I work from home on most days, and yes I work whenever I want (as in I make my own schedule), but does that mean I’m available whenever a client thinks I need to be? Nope it doesn’t! Weekends are there for me as well to enjoy the time off.
  • We’re realising condo life may not be for us… I’m sad about that, because I truly love our current location. I like being back in town, downtown, being able to walk and feel like a tourist in our own town. Today we did feel like “real Canucks” – we went for a walk in Old Montreal, wearing shorts & T-shirts – on our way home I noticed that everyone we were meeting along the way were wearing long pants, and fleece vests. It wasn’t cold out; it was maybe in the 20s. I guess we are more use to cold weather than I thought.
  • I still want to move somewhere warm and without snow, and this despite me liking where we live now!
I think that's it for now, the pain killers are kicking in or something. I have a busy week ahead, among which I'll be seeing some old friends from high school... again.


morethananelectrician said...

My wife has been watching GL for 30 years. When I met her, I swore she married me for my VCR. She was so poor (but bought a house) that she could only listen to GL because the heads of the VCR wouldn't play the tape. I brought a working VCR to the relationship and 15 years later, I am still here.

Marius said...

You are getting sleepy...sleeeeeepy. When you awake you will want to move to Florida. ;-)

Purple Pigeon said...

Oh no, whats going wrong with condo life? You've just sorted it all out!!

Agreeing on the warm place to live though. Autumn had just hit over here, and its freezing!

Titaxy said...

it is hard to please everyone, isn't it? there is always someone somewhere who will be ready to complain abt the silliest of things..anyway, don't worry's their problem, don't be bothered

and hey, abt moving to a warm place..hmm, what do you have in mind?

Brave Astronaut said...

Must remember to set up DVR this week! Crap. I've already missed today.

My Guiding Light lament:

PinkPiddyPaws said...

20 degrees??? Uhhh....yeah, I'd be bundled up like an Eskimo. Ha.ha..

Charlie said...

I was a little boy when my mom would turn on the GL—on the radio. It was on for fifteen minutes, followed by another long-running soap that moved to TV, but I can't remember what it was.

And you know the famous saying, "You can't please all of the people all of the time." Nowadays, it's difficult if you can please two at a time.

Barb said...

By 20 degrees do you mean C or F? I SO want to visit Montreal. :-)

Meg said...

Lol. In the 20s. Forgot you were in Canada there for a minute and was getting prepared to warn you about the dangers of frostbite.

cinnamon girl said...

It's warm down here! Move here!
I'd be rugged up if it's low 20's - in fact it is, and I am.

Stinkypaw said...

morethan: Good. Wondering if the fact that you're an electrician helped in the "light" situation? ;-)

Marius: Ah! You wish! :-p

Pigeon: The only thing wrong with this place is our neighbours... :-(

Titaxy: Trying not to let it bother me. We've been talking about it (for years now), so we'll see what's out there and explore.

BA: Not a good time to forget.

PPPaws: Oh come on, it's not that cold!

Charlie: How cool that you remember that (radio). I'm not saying I'm surprised you did. It's just neat that you do. (You know what I mean right?)

Barb: 20°C. If ever you make it up here, I'd love to meet you!

Meg: Oh geez! It was short weather! Really!

Cinn: I'd love to go there, but it's not easy to get in (from what I hear)...

Barb said...

I'd love that! I met a blog friend for the first time just a few weeks ago. And of course, if you're ever down this way.... :-)

Cristal said...

hello. I work for a radio show on CBC in Montreal. We are looking for Montrealers who are huge Guiding Light fans that might have something to say about the last episode today. please contact me at if you know anyone or you can also call me at 514-597-4484.