Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Oh what a night!

I must have been a dog in a previous life because I’m loyal to my friends. Plus I have a great sense of smell… (hummm, something to think about, that could also explain the "bitch" attitude...). I’m saying this because last night I went out with a girlfriend of mine I’ve had for over twenty years. We met at work, became friends and always kept in touch. We manage to get together, just the two of us, every so often. Ah the things I did with her. She’s a good friend, and we share some mutual taste, one of them being A&W Burgers and Dairy Queen.

At least once a year (read summer) we have to treat ourselves to DQ. I thought I had missed it this summer, but, on the last night of August she and I went for a smoked meat sandwich and then made our way to DQ – oh what a treat!

As I was leaving my friend’s place, in the suburbs of Montreal, I noticed a bottle of beer on the roof of her car. I tell her about it, she comes out, and can’t believe it. I then noticed that it’s actually a full bottle. As she picks it up, she noticed it was actually quite warm… eeeew…
It was a bottle of pee, which someone filled up and left there, on top of her car. How gross is that? She lives in a very residential area, in the West-Island of Montreal. I don’t think this was done by kids, at least I don’t think so. Nowadays kids have access to everything. It must have been a sight to see us, in the dark, walking around holding the bottle at arms’ length, if the pisser was hiding somewhere he must have been laughing hard. I sure was. The look on her face when she realised the bottle was really warm: priceless.

Tomorrow night I’ll be hosting a Jewellery Night for a girlfriend of mine (from high school) who makes pretty things with semi-precious stones and silver. What started out as a few girls (2-3) dropping by has now turned into about ten people coming over. I’ll be serving some food (since it’s right after work); it should be an interesting evening. I sure hope she gets to make some sales, because after all it is why I’m doing this, to boost her a little.

Can you believe than in three months we’ll be celebrating the arrival of 2010? I sure can’t!


St Jude said...

I hope your friend used kleenex to hold the bottle and scrubbed her hands afterwards, ugh!! semi precious stones and silver, sparkly, pretty... sorry I'm dribbling not a pretty sight. Why wasn't I invited?

Barb said...

Hmm...a beer bottle full of piss on the roof of a car? Could be the beginnings of a Kathy Reichs novel. lol

Titaxy said...

ewwwwwwww..ewww :-(...whoever did that - sick!!!

lizgwiz said...

That sounds like my kind of jewelry. Too bad I'm so far away.

A bottle of pee? Ewww...at least urine is sterile. Could have been worse. ;)

Purple Pigeon said...

argh, don't scare me with talk of 2010!! Cuz before that, i have to deal with Christmas. Nooooo*whimper*

lol, the word verification is 'bripsy'

kara said...

oh my god, you're right. wow...suddenly i feel the need to start planning my new years outfit right now. this is a big damn deal.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Sounds like fun, except for the pee! WTH?

Have fun at the party!


Charlie said...

I hope it wasn't a bottle of Molson that was desecrated.

Today is Sept. 2, so I suspect the shopping malls will start decorating any time now . . .

Stinkypaw said...

St Jude: My friend didn't use anything, but I'm sure she had a good scrubbed after. You'd be more that welcome to attend, I'll wait for you while you cross the "pond"! ;-)

Barb: LOL, very true, imagine the DNA and such that could be lifted off that bottle and car!

Tataxy: Eeewww is right!

Lizgwiz: Nice to see you back. Yeah distance is playing against us here.

Pigeon: It's beginning to look a lot like... it's coming... ;-)

kara: Damn right!

GEM: Thanks, should be interesting.

Charlie: Actually it was a bottle of Molson Ex. Sacrilege!!