Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fifty Things I've Never Had (yet!)

It’s been going around Blogsville, and since Charlie, Wandering Coyote and Meg came up with very interesting lists of things they never had, I figured I could give it a try as well. I wrote "yet" in the title, because who knows what life has in store... Here are fifty things I’ve never had:

1. A fish

2. Long, painted nails

3. A manual transmission

4. A boyfriend while in school

5. Roller skates

6. A boyfriend sleep over at my parents (while I lived there)

7. Chicken Feet at Dim Sum

8. A sister (or brother for that matter!)

9. The urge to eat my toe nails

10. Leather pants

11. A Ten-Speed Bike

12. A Goth party

13. Only one Jello shot

14. Capri pants or Knickers

15. A grand-mother who liked me

16. A rubber back

17. A trip to the UK

18. Dorothy Hamil’s Haircut

19. An Eight Ball

20. A Metallic Lunch Box

21. Droopy hooters

22. A Poncho

23. Suicidal thoughts

24. Sex on the dining room table

25. A crush on Erik Estrada

26. Chewing tobacco

27. A full beer (Hubby always finishes it!)

28. A liking for spiders

29. A pet pig

30. The urge to Bungee jump

31. A child

32. Sautéed Grasshoppers

33. A dislike for chocolate

34. A trip to Cuba

35. Curtains made out of beads

36. A pool

37. A blind friend

38. A crush on one of my teachers

39. A kick in the nutts

40. A slap in the face (but I’ve been punched!)

41. A free trip anywhere

42. A house fire

43. Prescription glasses

44. A husband before my current one

45. An invite to be a juror

46. A winning lottery ticket

47. A prostate exam

48. Too much money

49. A fear to be happy

50. Too little time to blog!


St Jude said...

Without 31, what's the excuse for 24? Just remember to make sure you clear any crumbs away first, they itch! ;0)

cinnamon girl said...

That was funny! I reckon I've had nearly half of those. But I still can't bear to try the chicken's feet, and have no urge to bungee jump...

Anonymous said...

Funny :)

Nice blog.

Barb said...

Well...I can't see #s 31 and 47 being yets, but I guess you never know. ;-)

Charlie said...

I'm with you on #'s 28, 33, and 39, and happy for you for #21. I feel sorry for the women who keep tripping over theirs.

I'll add you to the link list.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Wow! I'm really glad about #23. I'd worry about you regarding #9. When I have more money, I might send you a fish. ;) LOL!!

I love learning more about you. Hugs!!

Stinkypaw said...

StJude: No excuse, really, just haven't "yet"! ;-)

cinn: The chicken's feet, I just can't... argh!

Jess: Thank you and Welcome to my world, please come back often!

Barb: If #31 happens, I'll start a new religion, 'cause it would be a pure miracle! (I don't have any of the "equipment" left...)

Charlie: Thank you! That's the biggest advantage to having a little handful! ;-)

GEM: No worries, I'm all good, despite being a little "off" ;-)

Stinkypaw said...

The weird thing about doing this list is actually reading your comments and having to go back to the list to see what the heck was #so-n-so!

Michele said...


lizgwiz said...

I've had a few of those things!

Meg said...

You shouldn't have said 21. Now you've cursed yourself! Who crushes on Erik Estrada, anyway? Eww.