Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It makes me happy when…

… Tobi waits for me to wake up sitting on the night table, quietly.

… I call for an appointment with my osteo and get it within a week.

… Hubby asks me to play a game.

… I think of our friends’ daughter coming over for dinner just because she likes to hang around us. I guess were not that old just yet.

… fellow bloggers are excited about our Santa Paws Gift Exchange.

… I see that because of Santa Paws people are discovering other amazing blogs. For that alone, this idea was a good one!


Charlie said...

When I read the first sentence the first time, I wondered why the hell you were sleeping on the night table. I think I need to get my glasses adjusted.

And it makes me happy that you're happy.

Purple Pigeon said...

Yeah, I immediately added all the Santa Paws members to my blogroll. Need to see what everyone gets! Plus i have more people to leave odd comments *whoot!*

Awww Tobi is so cute!

kara said...

i can't do the santa paws. i can barely get my sh*t together enough to remember that christmas is in a month. but I'm watching with glee.

greenduckiesgirl said...

I am excited about checking out all the blogs. You know, when I remember that I have a blog. Dang it. I hate not being able to comment at work. Stupid rules.

I like it when people post their happy lists. Also, please tell me how you trained Tobi. Kalli doesn't understand the words "Please, for the love of God, it's only 2:30 in the morning. Shut up!"