Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's been busy to say the least in these neck of the woods...

  • Work has been keeping me away from all of you. I can't complain, it's good to be busy.
  • Was supposed to go shopping with Mom last week, but a snow storm made us cancel that plan.
  • Spent the weekend cooking, meat pies. Between picking up my mother at her place, one away from where we live, doing a specific grocery run, making the dough and cooking everything the whole weekend was spent in the kitchen.
  • Played some Wii, while the pies were in the oven, and we made my mother want to get herself one. Ha!
  • Another crazy week ahead: clients to see, preparation to get done, party to attend, test to do (for MS) to name a few of the things to do, argh.
  • Actually spent a beautiful afternoon today - good thing I wasn't home, we had no electricity. Spent the afternoon and part of the evening with an old high school girlfriend, who's now a talented profesional henna artist.
  • I'll be showing off my right arm at that client's party, with my freshly done henna work.
  • Walking with new boots, with heels, when you're used to flats isn't a good idea. I have the blisters to prove it. Ouch!
  • Postal services suck (more than usual) this time of year... I know my parcels have made it to their destinations country, but they haven't been delivered yet. So much for paying extra for a quick delivery!
  • Since we had no electricity for most of the day (the time I was here) I took that time to wrap some gifts. So efficient, aren't I?
  • Feeling a little overwhelmed, but it's almost over, right? Ten little days left... *sigh*


kara said...

no electricity? you mean you had to wrap presents with NO white christmas on the tv? boo!

Robert the Skeptic said...

See I would milk the "no electricity" for all it's worth... "sorry couldn't shop for your gift online.. no electricity" or "darn, wanted to make Christmas cookies but no electricity". Mailing Christmas cards requires electricity too, doesn't it?

Purple Pigeon said...

I got a shiny parcel from you this morning!! But I haven't opened it yet, as i was rushing to work. I'm all giddy now!

Mmmmm meat pies.....

Marius said...

I received a lovely Chri'mas card in the mail yesterday. *big grin!* :-)

Charlie said...

Thank you for the Christmas card, SP. It got here last week, which shocked me--the postal services must have made a speed mistake.

Grumpy said...

Your Christmas card gave me the biggest smile - thank you so much :)

Anonymous said...

I got my card from you today! It was seriously cute! And my Santa Paws came. I posted the pictures! Love, love, love it. I know who it's from but I can't remember if we were supposed to put who we think it is or not.

Stinkypaw said...

kara: I know! No tv and no music, really quiet, very different.

Robert: Sure does, it you make labels! Good luck with that! ;-)

Pigeon: Yay!! Hope you'll like it. N.B. I'm not your Santa Paws.

Marius: My pleasure!

Charlie: Yeah, someone must have been sick or something :-)

Grumpy: Happy you liked it.

greenduckies: If you know, do tell who you think it is, of course!