Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I'm sure this is how my cat feels when he stops chasing his tail...

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad January is done. To be honest I’ll be glad when winter is done with, but that’s not for another few months, so I’ll try to be patient.

This time of year is the worst for me, work wise. Starting a New Year just suck ass. To add to my pleasure, most of my clients have employees, therefore when January comes about T4s and such tax papers have to be generated by moi.

Did I say how much I dislike this? No? Well, I do! A lot! I’ve been wondering how come it is that every time I do something for the government I have this weird feeling that I’m messing up something? Could it be because filling out forms for the government (whichever one, Federal and/or Provincial) is just complicated enough to make me doubt the little knowledge I have about such documentation? To make matter worst, there are also some little wrinkles along the way to iron out before actually completing everything.

Or, even better, I get an email from staff of clients asking me questions about their pay, because god forbids that someone living in this country for, oh, I don’t know, at least fifteen years if not born here would know what EI, QPP and such would mean? How can someone, who manages to hold a job for at least the last eight years (with this employer), asks now what these letters stand for? Really? You really don’t know where you money goes? It scares me a little to be frank… Even if one isn’t financially inclined (and trust me, I am not) I’ve known what these stood for even before I prepared payroll. I know, I know, I should rejoice in the fact that he did ask, and yet…

I’ve been trying to contact the Santa Paws’ participants to find out if everyone had received their gifts. Seems like some haven’t yet, for some reason. It saddens me. I knew this might happen, but still. I wanted everyone to get his or her little something special… At least, I hope that did get their goodies, enjoyed them even if they didn’t post about them. Actually, two or three weeks ago, I received a little parcel from Marius. He sent me, to sample, some of the key lime fudge he had made for the Santa Paw’s Exchange. It was delicious. It was vacuumed sealed, and seeing that so well packaged, made me decide it was time for us to get ourselves a “FoodSaver”. We shopped for one. I got a call last week from a store, informing me they had received some.

That same day hubby saw this baby at Costco, cheaper than the one we had asked to be put aside, plus it matched better with our décor. We went back to the store, told them about the special etc. and made our way to Costco to get ourselves our latest toy. I actually realised tonight how great this gizmo will be for me, when comes time to freeze some berries (for making jams, etc at a later time). It looks sleek and it came with a marinating bowl, extra. I think I’ll be having fun with this.

In other news, it’s been pretty cold in Montréal lately. Sunny and all the past few days, but man, when the wind kicks in, it’s cold! It’s interesting to think that within a few months we’ll experience 40 degrees difference (in Celsius), from –20° to 20°, huh.

I'm hoping to get back into it (it, being blogging) a little more, even if I feel that I'm running out of time. Hubby mentioned, tonight, that I should not be taking on new customers. I agree. My last one is a lot of work at the moment; hopefully once things are settled and figured out, everything will fall into a routine and will run smoothly, 'cause at the moment, it's far from being the case.

In a way I don't feel so bad when I think it could be so much worst. Imagine if I had kids? Someone would be in jail right about now, I'm pretty sure of it, or on a gurney, ah!


Image: FoodSaver


Barb said...

I'm so glad January's over, as well, but today we're getting at least an inch of snow -- or at least that's what it looks like through the window from where I'm sitting. I haven't even bothered to check whether or not that groundhog saw his shadow -- I always get it confused, anyway. Still, I'm glad we're just that much closer to March.

Taxes, schmaxes. LOL I've never done my own taxes in my life. I'm really lucky to have a CPA for a mom. :-D

LeeAnn said...

I'm always happy to see January go too! I have one of those food saver thingys - but have never used it. Not quite sure why -other than it is another gadget for the kitchen and I'm not very gadget-y (though I do have my eye on a Mr.Coffee Frappe maker).

I really appreciate you putting together the Santa Paws exchange - it was fun to participate in it. Unfortunately, I am one (and I hope the only one) who Santa didn't visit. Not your fault - you did great organizing it. I just hope the person who got my name got a really great gift and I hope they were able get everything else done people need to do during the holidays.

Seeker said...

I HATE January! This one just gone was a particularly bad one. Roll on summer (that's if we actually get one this year; last year summer forgot us here in the UK!)

Charlie said...

Martha and I used to work as self-employed public accountants, so I know exactly what you're going through. Including the never-ending stupid questions.

Finally we burned out, sold the practice and our condo, and moved here to the desert. My nerves are no longer frayed, but they do have a tendency to melt.

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