Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just when I think I’ve seen it all, or almost all, I get blind sighted.

Remember this post? I should have known when I’ve asked about the cake, but noooo, I was too dense. Geez at times, I swear…

You see what I didn’t tell you about "Le Quartier" (I’m posting a link, because I want everyone to know this place) is that on Feb. 20th when we were there with twelve of our friends, for Hubby’s birthday dinner something happened.

The food wasn’t extraordinary and the service overall was ok. When came time to pay, we got our bill and I waited a good twenty minutes for someone to come pick up my credit card. I don’t like leaving my card on the table while I’m somewhere else (in this case, the dance floor). A girl friend who wanted to leave because she had come from out of town and had a long drive back and I, were standing there, by our tables, but nobody was even looking at us. I did call a busboy and asked him if he could take our cards. He said he’d let our waitress know, since he wasn’t supposed to do that. The restaurant wasn’t full, not even half, so it’s not like they were super busy. He did come back to let us know, he had told her, and she had said she would come when she’d have a chance. We could see her, typing at the cash, who knows what, but she wasn’t waiting tables, that’s for sure.

She finally came, took our cards and went to do her thing, i.e. pre-authorize the transactions. She came back with our cards for us to sign. By that time, I was upset. The service hadn’t been that good and her neglect at the end like this didn’t deserve, in my book, the usual 15 to 20% gratuity. I did leave some tip but because I wasn’t completely satisfy I cut down. It is my right as a customer to do so, when I’m not satisfied. For having worked in bars and restaurants I do know tips are important, and also show the customers’ appreciation of the service they received. I wasn’t happy, so I only gave twenty bucks on a $232.20 bill before taxes, when normally I would have given at least thirty dollars. She didn’t deserve that much. I was dancing and came back to our tables a bit later. Our waitress came to see me. She explained that usually customers leave between fifteen and twenty percent and I had not. Since they had to split the tips among them all, what I had left wasn’t that much. I was shocked (to say the least), and asked her if there was a problem with my card. I think at that point, my brain was refusing to process that arrogance or something… She simply repeated that my tips weren’t enough. I took a breath and simply said: “I wasn’t satisfy with the slow service, therefore only left what I thought was fair. If this isn’t enough I can cancel the whole thing if you prefer?”. She thanked me, and walked away.

When we left, I did ask for whatever was left of that cake, since it was so friggin’ expensive I wasn’t about to leave it there. The hostess went to the kitchen and came back with one piece of cake. Again, I was shocked. How could that be? I had ordered a cake for eighteen people. When they did bring out the cake, it was a big square one. We were fourteen people, thus (the way I count) some cake should have been left over. According to the hostess the cake was cut so that there was nothing left – yeah right! By the way, how do you cut a square cake, in squares, for 14 people and manage to have one piece left? Does anybody know? I'm curious, 'cause I suck at cake cutting!

Now, back to present day: I received our Visa statement. As usual, I matched my receipts with it. Imagine my surprise when I saw this:

and here’s the bill:

The little *itch actually processed my card for $300. thus giving herself the extra $18 she thought she deserved. The nerve of her!

Oh… she’s messing with the wrong person here… I already called Visa and also left a message for the manager at Le Quartier. When asked what the call was about I simply said: “An employee who’s fraudulent” Let’s see if that gets his attention.


Meg said...

Oh, snap! That was completely illegal of her to do that. Wow.

I think they should just go ahead and add the 15% gratuity to the final bill since its mostly mandatory anyway. I've read some stories about people going to jail for neglecting to tip for crappy service. I think it's stupid, but I also understand where the wait staff are coming from. That's why they should do a good job.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I hope you get every penny back plus some gift certificates and a big fat cake!

WTF is wrong with people?

I loved my comment on the original post though. I laughed out loud when I read it today.

(shaking my head)


Attila The Mom said...

Oh my gosh. Let us know what happened! grrrr

Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding me. That is unbelievable. I'm like you, I'll typically tip 20% or higher but if service is bad, I will cut down. I don't think I've ever not left a tip but there have been times when I was tempted.

Michele said...

I get so frustrated with people who feel they deserve something for nothing. Yes, wait staff should be tipped but wait staff should also do a good job it goes hand in hand. And WOW what a little sneak I can't wait to hear what they say.


Susan said...

That story makes me growl! If restaurants would pay their staff a living wage there would be no need for tipping.
My DH works for a bank and deals with this sort of fraud everyday. The restaurant and the waitstaff could both be charged with fraud and end up paying a large fine.
My sis travels internationally. She showed me how to draw a line from the last charge on the receipt to the total, write in the total yourself, and sign. It makes it damn near impossible for the cashier or waitstaff to add fraudulent charges.

Charlie said...

Unfortunately, this is quite common in the restaurant biz--both waitstaff and managers.

I know because I specialized in restaurants in my accounting practice.

Stinkypaw said...

Meg: I don't agree with the mandatory gratuity, it should be left to our judgement, based on the services provided.

GEM: I will get the money back, of that I'm sure, as for the rest I have my doubts.

ATM: I sure will!

greenduckies: I wish I was kidding. We only did once, leave no tips at all, in NY - the worst service we ever had, and yet they didn't 'help' themselves like this one did!

Michele: She didn't deserve the full amount and after this she deserves to be fired!

Susan: First, welcome to my world. I hope to see you again. Second, I've always filled out the receipts myself, but I think this one the girl had ill intentions from the start. Some people will help themselves no matter what. I think she's one of those.

Charlie: I know, and yet, it makes me sick!