Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Not much tailgate going on over here.

I'm not much of a sport follower. I grew up in a house where every Saturday "Hockey Night" was watched religiously by my father. To this day, when I hear the theme song of hockey night I want to sleep. Thankfully my current husband isn't much of a TV sport fan. We watched a little bit of hockey during the Olympics (the game between Canada-US, of course), but other than that, there's not much sports watching in this house. The Montreal Canadians (hockey) did better than expected (so I'm told) and yet, despite the commotion in town after one of their victory I really couldn't care less. I don't watch football either, neither Canadian nor American; I just don't care for it. I will watch tennis a little, even if at times I feel like I don't know any of the "new" players. Baseball, well... we no longer have a local team, not that it matters really to me, I was never really a fan.

When I met FGH he played soccer, badminton, volleyball, and did karate. He was busy every night. He played the sports, and did the socialising afterwards. The one sport I don't mind watching, even if the odds are that I'll fall asleep during the game, is soccer. I've always liked to watch that if only for all the nice muscular legs and tight bums! Nowadays, with the friggin' shorts being so long I don't get to enjoy it as much as I used to, but still, I will watch it.

In 2004, we were in Greece when the Greeks made it through for Euro 2004. One evening, while on Santorini, we heard this roar through the island - it was amazing - when Greece scored that point allowing them to get through their pool. We were in Athens the night they made it to the quarterfinals, it was nuts. I don't remember ever hearing so much noise, and for such a long time. It was nice to see so many people cheering for the same thing, and yet I didn't feel completely at ease.

This year, the World Cup is in SA. It's in a few days. I've watched this video and its many versions a few times now. I love the rhythm and I must say I am impressed by what those guys can do with their feet and that ball... Check it out here. I enjoy that tune as well. I guess it a "must" to have a catchy tune for the World Cup like "The Cup of Life" or "Oh Eh Oh Eh". It does work, I will say.

How about you, do you watch much sport on TV and will you watch the World Cup?


Charlie said...

I used to be a huge baseball fan until all the crap about steriod use came out.

I remember the last soccer World Cup and how close England came to winning, and it was exciting. I'll be watching again this year.

Marius said...

I watch pro football, and that's it. All other sports leave me apathetic(although strangely I do enjoy watching curling).

Wandering Coyote said...

Soccer bores me to tears so I have absolutely no interest at all in the World Cup.

I do enjoy watching curling in the winter, though.

Stinkypaw said...

Charlie: I'll be watching and napping this year too.

Marius: uuhhh... curling is not a sport, as far as I'm concerned, but it's great to nap on while on TV.

W C: Curling bores me just like soccer does you...