Saturday, June 05, 2010

Trevor's First Canadian Adventure!

Trevor, you do remember him, right? He's that little Brit pigeon who wanted to be a homing pigeon or rather a postal delivery pigeon, but because of its size couldn't really do it. (Sad story really.) On the other side on the pond, he did have a few adventures, he even had his own blog at some point... He's been living with me for a while now. I must say he's been a very good guest.

Here he is, by my keyboard in the office.

This morning, I decided to take him along for our Saturday ritual. You know, get up late, have brunch somewhere and then do a little shopping, errands and such? When I opened the front door, he didn't seem to keen... Tobi had to used a little feline persuasion (read "push him out")

True, today wasn't the best day to get out; it was raining. Then again, he's Brit, he should be used to rain, no? I thought so. Anyway. He wanted to have a look at our street before making our way to the restaurant...
We made our way to the West-Island (once more, we're always ending back there for some reasons) and headed for...I hoped the name of the place wouldn't upset him too much (you know, "Eggspectation"), but he seemed to forget all about it when he saw our plates arrived. Hubby's plate was loaded with melting cheese and bacon, and Trevor was so excited... Check him out, sitting right smack among the potatoes.Then he flew over to my plate and wouldn't shut up about the size of the strawberries and banana!Anyway, we all enjoyed our brunch and went on with our day... We went shopping, spent too much money (as usual), then made our way back to town and stopped for some groceries.

It'd be hard to forget the little guy is Brit when he just sat on beer cases and waited for us while we were doing the alleys.
He complained a little about our "poor" selection, not many English beers in grocery stores, but overall, I think he was happy to get home at the end of the day...

I know I was!

This concluded Trevor's First Canadian Adventure!


Wandering Coyote said...

This is so sweet - Trevor is a cutie!

I used to really like Eggspectation when I lived in Ottawa. Great breakfasts there, for sure - totally worth the wait we always had!

Robert the Skeptic said...

A grand day out for the little guy. Something to write home about!

Purple Pigeon said...

oh wow, hes a proper seasoned traveller now! much more glamourous than the postie life!

Marius said...

Yay for Trevor's big adventure. Let the little guy know then when he's tired of the frozen north he's welcome in Florida any time. :-)

Gledwood said...

O look at the feathery little swine!!

Well, perhaps dough-ey is a better expression but there you go.

I have a wood pigeon called Flapper resident on my street. He has been cooing endlessly for days. Now he has at least one portly pigeon friend cooing away opposite ... what's going on I do not know. What I do know is the conversation of these birdbrains is driving me round the twist!!

Stinkypaw said...

WC: We've rarely waited to get in nor for service, we like that one. Other locations, well, service at times is doubtful.

RtS: It sure was!

PP: Now it's your turn to make your way over the pond! ;-)

Marius: I'll let him know!

Gledwood: Welcome to my world!
Flapper is a cutie (I went to see it), but those rats with wings (sorry PP) can be VERY noisy indeed!

flurrious said...

Aw, Trevor is very cute! And I'm glad no one accidentally ate him.