Saturday, July 03, 2010

That one bit the dust, and I'm still stiff a little...oh well.

Today, more than usual (I’m wondering if this is a consequence of my accident, or it’s simply because… well, you know… I am me?!) I feel my thoughts are all over the place, so bear with me ‘cause this post will be as well.

We were informed yesterday that my car was “totalled”; the repairs were more than the market value of the car. We had thought of getting it fixed, but since the frame is affected we accepted the evaluation. I went to take out the carpets I had put in when we bought it and recuperated the lock nuts we had also installed on the wheels. I thought of also getting them to remove the remote starter my mother had given me for a birthday a few years back. We have a friend who could have taken it out but to have it reinstall would have cost about $200, which is around the cost of a brand new one, so I changed my mind. I took off my car key and remote starter gizmo from my key chain earlier. There goes another relationship; the end of a story.

While out, walking around, I’ve noticed footwear a lot of women were wearing. There doesn’t seem to be any rule when it comes to summer footwear… the fashion police wasn’t out, that’s for sure. I’ve had yet another proof that I’m turning into an old lady, a cranky old lady that is. Some of the things people wear as “shoes” are disturbing. I won’t even get into that fact that many people shouldn’t be allowed to wear sandals… there should be a law against ugly feet and toes! Nevertheless, I must talk about a type of sandals I’ve been seeing a lot of, the ankle wrap type and the Gladiator style… what is up with that? When I do wear sandals it is because I want me feet to be aired out, it’s warm out so let these babies out. What I’ve been seeing has been making me wonder… maybe it’s just an age thing… maybe I am getting too old… oh well, there goes another trend I won’t follow.

Don’t you think this is a little strange? I took this shot, with my cell, while sitting on a terrace enjoying the Jazz Festival.  On top of being completely flat (no heels, no arch support, nothing - yep, I AM old) they were leather.  Argh.

Tomorrow is the twins’ baptism. I will admit I had hoped to be asked to be a godmother. I would have loved to be a godparent. I was never asked. I think because I didn’t want children parents assumed I wouldn’t want to be a godmother either. Younger I thought it had to do with me not being married. It’s no longer the case. I think it might have to do with religion. They’re Greek Orthodox, we’re not. I had hoped a few of my friends would have asked, but none did to this day… Yep, it would have been something I would have liked to do… oh well.

In twenty days we're off for our vacation.  Time goes by so fast.  I started counting for this vacation we were one hundred sixteen days away.  Sad thing is, the time away will go by just as fast. Reality bites at times.


Robert the Skeptic said...

You should sell your old car a part at a time through Craigslist. You could probably get about five times more than the thing is worth that way. Just tell people to bring their own wrench.

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

TechnoBabe said...

For me, knowing the car is considered totaled by the insurance people is time to let the car go. I hope you find a car now that you are comfy driving and is safe for you. I know you are looking forward to your vacation. Yay. That is something to help get through all the stuff going on now.

Wandering Coyote said...

That totally sucks about your car...

I was shoe shopping for something to wear to my brother's wedding this month and I tried on tons of sandals...I like some of the gladiator type sandals, but yeah, the ones in your picture are not my cup of tea. I tried on a lovely pair of gladiator sandals, however, and really liked them. I was also told that I have "really pretty feet." WOW! I had never heard that one before!

Anonymous said...

Very sorry to hear about your car...can't believe it's happened again. Hopefully you will not suffer and health repercussions as a result...sending positive vibes your way !!!

Oh yeah, and Gladiator sandals ? One word: Hideous !!! I can't stand them !!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you guys enjoy the baptism, how are you getting around anyway, a rental ?

Mousse xoxo

Meg said...

That's too bad about your car. :(

I hate those gladiator sandals with a burning passion. Ugh. I got some of the Nike flip-flops and I'm loving them. Those are my kind of sandals.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I've had a car totaled too. It was a strange feeling to hear too-- made me even more scared then I was at the time of the accident. Sheesh.

I totally understand your feelings about not being asked to godparent. I have a godson that I adore-- but technically, I'm not in the religious sense. His mom asked me to be his godmother and I took the role on with my whole heart but we never went through the church to make it "official". But I have 10 nieces and nephews and none of my siblings asked me to be a godmother. I married late and never wanted children of my own. It makes me sad and actually hurts my feeling sometimes too. But like you said, "oh well.


Stinkypaw said...

RtS: Technically because the insurance is paying for it, it's theirs...

joven: Thank you.

TB: Vacation will be more than welcome, only 16 more "dodos"

WC: The sandals I took a pict. of are not sandals... Yay for pretty feet! Anything pretty is always good!

Mousse: Yes rental until Fr. than we'll see... Thanks

Meg: Mine too, I'd live in flip-flops!

JJ: Oh well, indeed. ;-) Thanks for sharing.