Monday, December 06, 2010

Call me Stinky Humbug, I don't care, I'm tired!

First weekend of December is done, and already two Christmas parties down.  Talk about a busy weekend.  I'm happy to say both were fun events.  One was client related, on a boat, a fun evening where we even danced some.  The big plus about it was the fact it was walking distance from our place.  Hubby could drink, and I wasn't the designated driver.  The other one was with my meditation group.  Always a fun time, with good food, lots of gifts and usually an early night.   This year was no different.  Over the years some members became friends more than acquaintances so it makes the evening a pleasant one.

Last week, was a busy week for me.  I've been feeling a little overwhelmed and my office is showing signs of it all.  Unlike Hubby, I do work with lots of papers, but for some reason, lately they seem to spread around like peanut butter on a toast.  I have to clear my head, thus my desk and get things in order.  Once all my Christmas cards will be sent out, that will liberate a big chunk of my desk; after all over 100 cards do take space.

While watching a show, one evening last week, I said to Hubby I thought of not putting up our tree this year.  He looked at me funny, not because he didn't believe me, but because he thought I loved Christmas too much not to have my tree.  He was/is right.  I do love Christmas, sitting by my tree looking at it in all its beauty, lights flickering, the feel of it all, how festive it makes the house, and yet, this year, when I think of putting up the tree I only see the work it involves.  It's not like me to walk away from something I enjoy but let's be honest here, who likes the work it represents?  There is a lot of work involve in doing this, especially if you like to decorate, which I do, for three weeks or so.  Yesterday we went to our storage facility (that's another piece of the puzzle, all my Christmas stuff is in storage, a few blocks away from here, which means two car trips for Hubby to bring me the goods and two others for after) and brought home the tree, the wreath and a few other things.  He was to go back to get the lights and the decorations.  When I came home late after my last party I told him I really wasn't making a tree this year.  I will decorate a little; I did put up the wreath. I will hang all the cards we'll get. But I won't be making a tree, not this year.  Maybe it is also due to the fact Hubby decreed there would be no gifts exchange between us this year.  He's been saying that for years, but I always got him to change his mind.  We've spent a lot this year.  And there was one purchase we've made we had agreed it was our Christmas gift.  But I really like to give and love to unwrapped a little something... He's not budging. Yet. Oh well, at least I know I'll be going to my mother's!

So, no Christmas lights (because of our windows. he, he), no tree... does that mean we're turning into a Humbug family?  I don't think so!  I love Christmas, in my house, but going to a mall or anywhere else for that matter,  I find people go crazy this time of year... so being inside with my lovey is all good, even if it won't be as joyous... but I take console in knowing I won't get depressed come January because I have to take everything down... it will already be down!

Tomorrow will be at Flurrious' turn to keep this roulette going!


flurrious said...

My cat's current favorite sleeping spot is where I normally put the tree and I don't want to disrupt her, so this year, I'm doing a small tabletop tree and some evergreen garlands. The smell of pine in the house makes it feel Christmas-y to me, so I don't think I'll miss having a bigger tree up.

Robert the Skeptic said...

I'm trying to picture a "meditation group". I can't imagine you all talk with each other very much?

Linda Brytak said...

This year,for the first time in my life I'm not going to go full hog on decorating either. If someone comes to the house who is willing to help decorate, then I might be persuaded. I know I shouldn't let my current circumstances play a part in not celebrating the most important day of the year. Mia culpa..... I plead guilty to sloth.

I will enjoy the festivities of others and enjoy their decorations. may the fatigue that many are experiencing fade with the outgoing year. So that we can all face the new year with renewed energy.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Stinkypaw said...

flurrious: Now that's an idea and a puurfect reason not to put up a big tree!

Robert: We don't during class, but we do before and after! ;-)

Linda: Welcome to my world.
Let's hope the fatigue fades away in 2011, we could all use a break from it, that's for sure. All the best to you as well.

Biddie said...

I got my prize in the mail yesterday :) Thank you. I have only ever travelled through Quebec, and had a stop over in Montreal many many years ago. I have always wanted to really see the province.
Now I can :)
I almost went without a tree this year, too. KC put it up and did most of the decorating.
I should be Mrs. Claus this year, with so many reasons to celebrate, but instead I am feeling more like Scrooge.
Maybe as I get closer to the 25 th, I will feel differently...