Sunday, December 26, 2010

A week off, woohoo!

I hope you had a great Christmas filled with good times, food, and loads of things to remember... Ours was sort of quiet, and that's alright by me.  On the 24th we celebrated with Hubby's family.  One word comes to mind: chaos.

On Christmas day we got out of bed late, we were feeling lazy.  We made our way to my mother's.  We were expected for dinner.  It was a smaller group (yay!) and even if at one point during dinner it almost felt like a "Twilight Zone" episode when my mother, uncle and aunt started talking about who had died and who was related to whom and died of what... it was really strange, but overall it was a regular, organised Christmas dinner.

Santa was generous.  We ate well, but not too much. The road was good for driving home after it was all done, so overall it was a good Christmas.

As a kid I remember visiting relatives, driving for hours in the snow, anticipating Santa's visit, being to excited to sleep.  Nowadays, we don't see many relatives, just our immediate family who, by chance, live near us.  Being siblingless makes for somewhat small family gathering.  Despite our abilities, we also chose not to reproduce, so...  I'm thinking in a very near future we will be doing like Monkey and Grumpy Young Lady and escape somewhere warm and beautiful. There's an idea, no?

The one thing I really like about Christmas time (besides the week off between the two holiday), is receiving Christmas cards.  I just love it!  I love to see the different shapes, colours and images.  This year, we've sent out over 110 cards, all over the world.  We've received over 50, I'm so happy.  I think it is the most we've got by far.  Look at this, it almost covers all the door!

Cards received by Dec. 24, 2010
  I'm sure we'll get a few more this coming week. And to think I used to keep them all!  Oh, I will keep a few, the nicest ones, for scrapbooking (of course!), and the rest will be shredded.  Come to think of it, it is such a waste of money...but I see it more as a little gift of friendship, a nice gesture showing that some people do think of us, at least once a year.  Weird huh? We can assign importance to something as simple and in a way so insignificant... and yet it does bring (me) so much pleasure.


TechnoBabe said...

Nice cards. I cut the pictures of some cards to use as tags on gifts for the next year. I write on the back of the card and tie to gift with a ribbon, or tape to the gift and write on the picture. I am always recycling and this way the cards are sort of re-used. Glad your Christmas was nice at both side of the family.

flurrious said...

I'm taking the week off too. I need time to adjust to the idea of 2011. Yikes. How did this happen so quickly?

Tommy said...

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