Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hoarding coupons... there must be such a thing.

Things are good on this side of the screen, and this despite my friggin' back.  I'm much better but then again within the same day I can go from excruciating pain to no pain at all.  It is strange how fast it changes. I don't know from one moment to the other how it will react.  Yesterday, I was feeling no pain. We decided to do a grocery run.  While at the store, it started to hurt to the point I got nauseated.  It's eating at me, at my morale.  I want to be doing stuff, but when I do it hurts.  I've tried pushing though anyway, and only got worst.  I'm stuck in this vicious circle and I am really tired of it.  My patience (which is almost nonexistent to start with) is running thin, thus my tolerance.

Today I was actually able to iron a bunch of shirts which were due since the Holidays.  I'm very lucky to have such a great partner.  He's picked up the slack and has been cooking.  Last night he made Beef Stroganoff that was delicious.  Tonight we're having Chinese fondue, for which he made some sauce.  He's been doing our errands, feeding the cat, giving it its meds and working full time.  I'm lucky.  I'm very lucky. I know that much.  I've scrapped our week off during the Holidays because of my back, even of it wasn't intentional, we ended up staying home doing nothing but watching movies, series and icing.

Speaking of watching TV, I saw this show called "Extreme Couponing" on TLC.  My first thought was WTH? Then after watching two episodes, I've come to the conclusion that these people are not only saving a lot, they are actually hording. I get the part about saving, but for someone to have supplies in stock like toilet paper rolls stacked up for over four years is a bit much, no?  I'm surprised stores will let them use so many coupons at once.  Over here, when we have a special or coupon there are always limits to the quantities we can get at once, so I was surprised to see someone with hundreds of dollars worth in goods to only pay $2.50 after all her coupons.   I don't know about you, but I'm not good with coupons.  I always forget them and the few times I do think about bringing them I forget to hand them in. 

How about you, are you a coupon user?  Do you shop using the weekly circular?  Do tell.


Marius said...

Constant pain sucks so much. You have all my hopes and wishes for a swift, and complete recovery. (and a very gentle cyber-hug)

I try to use coupons, but they're always either for stuff we don't normally buy, or the store brand is already cheaper than the name brand with a coupon.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

I'll check out coupons and use them if it is for something I normally use. I especially look for dry cat food coupons b/c we have started feeding the strays in our neighborhood. But having 4 years worth of toilet paper is a bit over board!

Robert the Skeptic said...

I tried the coupon thing and it was a horrible disaster. I found that either 1) the coupon item was not even in the store, 2) the store brand was cheaper than the name brand with the coupon, 3) I didn't even want/need the item on the coupon, 4) the coupon was expired. I would throw away a handful of coupons as I exited the store. I don't bother any more.

flurrious said...

I know what you mean about your morale. I have back problems occasionally that last a day or two and I always feel really low when that happens, even though the pain itself is manageable. I don't know how people who have to live with chronic pain can do it. I hope you feel better soon.

I use coupons when I remember to take them with me to the store, but that's not very often. I saw one of those coupon people on Ellen or Oprah recently, the type who gets $250 worth of stuff for $12, a hundred coupons, and some pocket lint, but you have to make it a part-time job to get those kinds of savings. But I do have store savings cards at several different places and buy in bulk when things are on sale and save quite a bit that way.

Stinkypaw said...

Marius: I often find that as well they are for things I don't use.

PPPaws: That's a great reason to use coupons, good for you!

Robert: Same here, too much trouble for what it was worth.

flurrious: I've wondered how people deal with long turn pain as well, it sucks.

I, too, use the store cards and go to Costco for bulk. I'm not sure if we really save, but it feels like we do (especially with Costco)