Tuesday, February 01, 2011

It's cold outside and yet we have no snow.

A month or so ago I joined "Postcrossing" after reading that Barb from Bloggo Chicago had joined.  I've been collecting postcards since 1978, so reading about this site which would able one more of my addictions, I jump on the occasion for sure.  So far I've sent out eight cards and received four. It makes getting the mail a little more pleasant that's for sure.

I can now see my desktop for the first time in a long time!  This time of year is really rock 'n roll for me - the joy of doing bookkeeping I also have to do T4s, Relevés 1 and such, hours of pleasure! Not!  Hours yes, that's for sure, but pleasure not at all.  Unlike my husband my work is far from being paper free, really far from that, even if our governments (both provincial and federal) are now requesting that all forms be completed on either the web or their tool.  Times are changing, that's for sure.  I really don't mind that request since I've been doing it that way for a few years now, but despite it all there is still a LOT of paper involved.

Speaking of changing times, my mother has decided to get herself a laptop.  To play games on, and maybe write a few emails. My mother is anything BUT technology savvy.  She's just starting to be able to change her flashing 12:00 on the microwave, imagine!  Hubby and I went shopping and found one reasonably priced for her budget with just enough features to really foul things up. I told her to call her phone provider and to get an Internet account, etc.  She called me this morning, all excited:

Mom:            Stinky?  It came in this morning, the postman was just here...
Stinkypaw:    uh?
Mom:           I got the Internet!  It came in this morning!
Stinkypaw:   You mean you received your modem?
Mom:           My what?  No, no!  I received the Internet!

I'm anticipating HOURS of fun explaining things to her.  Hubby has been playing with the laptop since we bought it, to make it as safe as possible and to give me access to remote log in (VNC) to it when she'll be in deep doodoo and calls me for help.  Oh yeah, this will be fun!  I'll have to try really, really hard to remain cool with my mother,  I'm sure it will be one of life's test of my patience, that's for sure.

Time will tell...  What about you, what's testing your patience these days?


Marius said...

A kid who can't seem to grasp that telling me she did, or didn't do something while I was watching her do, or not do, that thing isn't lying.

BTW, where can I order an Internet? I could really use one. ;-)

Robert the Skeptic said...

I look outside at the bright sun and expect it to be 70 degrees. I think my thermometer is broken, it says 41.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

Oiy! You should work with my boss. He swore up and down that the "little stick" (aka: flash drive to the rest of us) hadn't been in his computer the other night.

I had to explain to him that it had been there for months.

He said NO WAY

I said "Yes Way" because that little stick is what makes your wireless mouse work. ...sigh...