Thursday, February 17, 2011

No Apologies *

Check this out:

 For the first time, I will be going to see someone who I've dreamed about (on a few occasions).  I'm somewhat excited.  I never really thought I'd go see them in concert, but when a girlfriend offered I thought "why not".  I didn't ask the price, where we'd be sitting or anything, I was just happy to go see them/him.  When she called me back to inform me of the price, I then realised she really wanted to see him/them.  Since they've come to town on multiple occasions and never saw them before, I figured it was all good.  No worst than a ticket for Cirque du Soleil in Vegas or a musical in NY...

It all started in the 80s, there was something about him that hit me right there, you know that spot that makes you go "hmmf"? Well, that is where I felt it...  I will admit I always had (like most girl, I think) a soft spot for the bad boys, especially when I was younger.  Nowadays, I like my settled, matured man. Things, like taste, do change with time. 

Look at the hair on him!  I'm sure he spent more time on his hair than I ever did.  I won't even touch his hairy chest (that doesn't do it for me, never did either), and yet, at the time I thought he was a hottie.  I always liked his jaw. There was something kind about him.

Then, I grew up a little, but still listened to their music. He cut his hair which was, in my books, a great improvement.  He was hot.  He then joined Ally McBeal.  I loved him as Victor, how I wished I could meet a handyman like that.  Have a look at this... isn't he sweet?

One of the thing I've always liked about him is the fact that he's been married to the same woman for over twenty years, which is a rarity in the industry.  He's real as far as his face is concerned, or at least it looks real.  If he had work done it doesn't show, unlike his partner Sambora (which I also liked a lot at the beginning but somewhat turned into a douche bag).

While looking for pictures of JBJ I realised that he's actually 49, darn, he's still got it for a middle age man!  As I'm sitting here, looking at him, listening to his music (I have to prepare the mood for tomorrow night) and shivering a little (because I signed up for "Sweater Day", no other reason, really!), I feel this urge to smile because tomorrow night I'll be along a few other thousands of people, listening and watching him do his thing.

I never quite understood the people (mostly women, from what I've seen) who cry, faint, scream, etc.  I guess I've never loved an artist that much, or is it because I'm stuck or something... I've wondered about that and came to the conclusion it could be because I never truly let go, and because I know they are just people like me.  No matter what they do, say and all they need to go to the bathroom and wipe their nice little tuchus just like I do, so in the end they're really no big deal.  They're not that special!

He's a cutie nonetheless and I'm really excited about seeing him tomorrow night.  I just hope my back will hold and I'll be able to stand for some time... yep, there's no doubt, I, like Jon, am aging...

Images: his site and here
* Title of their latest song

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TechnoBabe said...

When I first met my hubby my computer wallpaper was Bon Jovi. I want to hear all about it and see pictures.