Saturday, March 05, 2011

No more, please!

There are times in ones life when ones say, enough is enough. I’ve reached that point. I want the pain to go away. For good. It has to stop. I do nothing; I hurt. I do a little more; I hurt. I do lots; I hurt. No matter what, pain is present.

If one believes in karma, I must have been a really, really bad person in a previous life, because I’m paying for it in this life. That or I’ve had it so good that this likfe I must experience pain and what it brings. No matter what, I think I’ve learned my lesson, so please, the Powers That Be, give me a break!

I’ve been stressed by the situation with our neighbour among other things, which I’m sure doesn’t help my back in any way. There’s an irritant that has to go. We are taking steps to make that happen. No, we’re not hiring a hit man to “take care of him” (even though the thought did occur), we’ve started to shop for a new place to live. It, most likely, won’t be happening this year, but it will happen. I’ve let a client go. I gave them a notice of a month. We’ll see how that goes, but as far as I’m concerned on April 1st, I’ll be done with them.

In other news, my kitty cat is losing weight again. He’s become a finicky eater in his old age. He doesn’t like his dry kibbles anymore. He just eats his wet food. I hate to think that he’s on his way to Rainbow Bridge… I do know it’s a reality of owning a pet, we outlive them, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

We will be having houseguests for the next week. Friends from Switzerland should be staying with us, while they’re in town for our friend’s mother funeral. They were here three years ago (already), it will be nice to see them again, even under these circumstance.

I’m sorry I haven’t been reading you much lately, but life just got in the way. I haven’t given up on blogging… yet. How’s life treating you on your side of the screen?
Image: Enough


Marius said...

Alas, I can sympathize all too well with constant pain. I hope you find some relief soon. I presume you are seeing medical professionals about it? As for the neighbor, is there no homeowners association or other regulatory body you can speak to about his obnoxious and inconsiderate behavior? What about an automatic garage door opener? I think they can be set to automatically close after a certain amount of time.

In any case I wish you swift and complete bliss, my friend. You certainly deserve it. *hugs*

flurrious said...

The stress is definitely not helping your back. I've also been having a bit of a time recently, and it seems like I'm now grinding my teeth while I sleep. I also have to remind myself periodically throughout the day to stop clenching my jaw. I should probably try to relax before I shatter all my teeth.

Cats do tend to get finicky and lose a little weight as they age, and dry food can be hard on their systems. They tend to do better (and like the food more) if you can find one without corn or wheat in it. Anyway, I hope it's nothing too serious with your kitty; as long as she's happy, that's the main thing.