Wednesday, May 04, 2011

In other news...

  • we've been having yucky weather, rain, rain, rain.  We have friends who had to evacuate their house due to flooding.  It's been going one for over one week now.
  • I didn't watch "the" wedding.
  • I couldn't (and still can't) understand the comparaison between Lady Di and Kate... that was just weird to me.
  • I wasn't a good citizen on Monday... I didn't do what was expected of me.
  • dieting is a bitch!
  • Tobi is losing tufts of hair... might be due to his meds.  At least he looks like he's doing ok.
  • I can't believe we're already in May!
  • Ben Laden... really?!
  • this is my 999 posts!


Marius said...

I don't really have anything to add, but I wanted to say hi anyway. :-)

Robert the Skeptic said...

You need to post something fantastic for your 1000th post... or not.

combacknikki said...

I can't believe we're into May already either! It seems like we were just buried in snow a few weeks ago -- the year is flying by!