Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Time for change!

Don't you ever feel like you need a change? Often, when I feel this need for change, I go get a new hair style or change hair color, since these are easy to change. Making changes to one's life isn't an easy task. Change is hard. It's tedious no matter how we look at it, plus we don't like changing our habits too much.

I've been thinking about this blog.  I have 1, 012 (including this one) posts.  I've changed looks a few times, even change the title once, but what I post about hasn't changed that much.  This has always been a place where I related my stories, my life, sometimes in a funny way, sometimes more seriously.  I've been told at times I shared too much information, or that I was "too much" for work (whatever that means).  In all my posts, despite what it may look like, I've always tried to refrain my true nature, that side of me who in real life, calls things as she sees it, swears and is even crude.  If you've been reading me for a while now, you do know I am direct.  I don't beat around the bush.  I hate to waste time with futility.

Tonight we got together with an ex-colleague visiting from out of town, which we hadn't seen since 1996.  We caught up, it was nice to see her again.  Some people came out of the woodwork for the occasion.  One guy showed up and we hadn't seen him in twelve years or so.  Within minutes of sitting together he said something to which I commented, without batting an eye.  I don't really remember exactly what it was, but according to him it wasn't too nice.  What can I say, if you open a double garage door expect me to drive in for sure!

That being said, I think it's time for me to post things I've been thinking about but at times held back because I was afraid to lose readers.  I've lost most of my readers because I don't post as often as I used to.  I will not be changing the color or the display of my blog, but the way I post might change so don't be surprise if you find I'm a little more raw, 'cause I might be.  I won't be doing it on purpose, but I feel that I need to post real things, how I feel them and not auto-censured.

I don't know if this makes any sense, but then again it is here, so it will go with the rest.


Marius said...

Yay!! I can't wait. :-)

Robert the Skeptic said...

I know I have lost readers. But then again I have lost actual friends as well. You can't please everyone, but you are the one person you have to live with. Go for it.

Steph said...

Fuck the colors! Post whatever is on your mind, that's what good writing is all about! Just read it over before you post... I've looked back the next day and deleted a paragraphs worth of content!

comebacknikki said...

It's your blog -- post whatever the heck you want! And if people don't like it? Well, screw 'em! :-)