Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yes, that's me right this moment!

This is how I'm feeling just now.  Yep, I'm happy.  What can I say, shit does happen!

I received two phone calls this afternoon which made my day, not to say my week, if not more. 

The accountant of a client I've been trying to let go called telling me how much he enjoyed my work.  (Can you hear me purr, right about now?) Since he liked the way I did things, he referred me to a client of his. Plus, he offered me a percentage on clients I would refered to him for accounting.  I do bookkeeping not accounting.  He wants us to meet and discuss different options.  Interesting.

The accountant of another client (who I've been thinking of letting go as well) also called and only had good words about my work.

These twoo calls came in at a moment when I needed to hear something good.  I needed this positive reinforcement.  Being told by a client they appreciate what I do is one thing, but being told by these two men (which I've never even met), was all the feedback I needed.

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Marius said...

Yay! Unsolicited professional praise is wonderful!!!

Oh, and MEERKAT!!!!!!