Tuesday, June 07, 2011

My momma said there would be days like this.

Despite my best efforts (gardening, relaxing in the sun, reading, playing, etc) I have to be honest and confess I've been feeling somewhat 'blah'.  It's been going on for a while.  I do know my back situation is a big contributing factor to this general feeling of mine.  It will be a year (in two weeks) since my car accident and not a day goes by without me feeling some type of pain.  It is slowly (but surely) eating at me.  Oh how I wish it was actually eating the fat off my body!  At least something positive would results from this daily pain.  No such luck I'm afraid. Oh well.

Maybe my mood is a result of being less busy with work?  I sure hope not since I don't want to take on more clients; quite the opposite, I'm trying to reduce my work load.  Maybe it's guilt related, because I don't do much lately.  I really have no clue why I feel this way, but I do know I feel somewhat sad or rather "meh"...

Many things / people annoy me.  The worst for me these days are clients calling.  I know it's bad, but at the same time, I wish they would figure things out themselves instead of calling me.  I'm not "411 Information" - sometimes they should look themselves for an answer instead of asking me.  This is one bug Hubby and I share, unfortunately.  I used to think he was weird for often saying "RTFM" (Read The Fuckin' Manual), but now I so understand him.  One thing for sure I'm super happy not to be a parent, because having to answer to a kid all the freaking time, would drive me nut!

A few minutes ago I went outside to sit in the sun a bit, to reload my batteries.  Even that doesn't seem to help much. Can you believe that after over six months I'll be getting my MRI results, on Thursday if the quack doesn't cancel?  There is something to be said about the "pay/use" system, 'cause our socialist ways aren't working that good.  But it was free, woohoo. 

It may reads as if I'm complaining, and maybe I am.  Sue me!  Oh wait, I'm Canadian, we don't do that.

I hate to admit this, but I hate it when momma's right...


Robert the Skeptic said...

There is a myth about that Americans don't wait for treatment/results/procedures. We do, particularly in metropolitan areas.

A friend of ours complained to us once that she was pissed that her doctor was called out in mid-exam to deal with an emergency. That's right, this self-centered woman was actually pissed that some kid's EMERGENCY was eating into her precious one-on-one follow-up time with her doctor!!!

Of course people in American do wait to have procedures... the ones with no health insurance seem to wait the longest!

Marius said...

You just go right ahead and vent, mon ami. That's what your blog is for, and anyone who cares...won't. :-) *hugs*