Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nope not that way. Nor this way. Can't even turn around!

Driving in Montreal this summer is getting worst by the day. It is completely ridiculous. Our infrastructures are falling apart, everything is old and needs to be either repaired or changed. It's not safe. We have four main bridges coming in to Montreal, and two of them are under serious construction, and last weekend one of the other two had a police blockade (speed trap). It's bad.

To add to the fun of it all, Festival Season has begun. Driving in town feels like we're on an autocross circuit with all the orange cones everywhere! Streets are closed for either construction, repairs, some festival, sidewalk sales or even better, closed for the summer to give full access to pedestrians.  And then they wonder why drivers are experiencing so much road rage... really?

In order to get anywhere one has to plan lots of extra time, and this no matter the time of the day.  It used to take me seven minutes to get to my meditation class, the past three weeks it's been taking me between fifteen to twenty minutes.  I won't even talk about parking because that alone is yet another nightmare!

Last week I went back to see my little Chinese man for a treatment.  Something funny (well, not really) happened.  I managed to get there 15 min. before my scheduled appointment, and they took me in almost right away.  He came in the room, exchanged very few words and I ended up on my side with a few needles (acupuncture) stuck in my neck and left shoulder.  Since I was facing a wall, I started meditating and trying to relax.  I guess it worked since I dosed off a little.  At some point I started to feel like I'd been there for a while, so I managed to get up and look for my watch.  It was almost 6pm, and I had been there since 4:15pm.  I opened the door to the room and saw the little Chinese man, sitting at the front desk.  I asked him if he had forgotten about me... The look on his face... priceless!  He had.  He felt really bad, and wanted to treat me, but I had to leave.  This was the very first time a therapist forgot about me while I was in treatment.  It happened once or twice that double appointments were giving for the same time slot, but someone forgetting I was there, in a treatment room, was a first for me!


Robert the Skeptic said...

The glaring question is, of course... did he bill you/insurance for that appointment?

Stinkypaw said...

Robert: Yes he did. I paid the regular full price. I did think he would tell me to "forget about it" this week, but he didn't.

Attila The Mom said...

Oh golly! Good thing you didn't get locked in!