Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I admit it, I've done it.

An uncle of mine used to royally piss me off when he would talk about women.  He had (and probably still does) such a misogyny way to talk about women in general.  Let's just say he didn't think very highly of women in general, especially those younger than him.  He would often used very derogatory words, and at times, my mother would remind him that he had daughters and that it was his job to make sure they didn't turn out the way he would describe women in general.  He had very old fashion ideas about the role of women in society and like many men of his generation, could be very stubborn.  The decibel levels in that kitchen whenever the adults would have discussions about younger generations would reach new heights every single time.  I've seen my aunt being so frustrated with him, cousins leaving, or crying because they were so upset.  I also think, looking back, he had fun driving them that way.  I never questioned myself if he really disliked women or if it just his way to talk. He knew how to rattle cages, that much I do know.

I remember one thing he had talked about, I was in my early twenties, and how upset my cousin got.  He was arguing with her that women used sex and their sexuality as a weapon.  At the time, I thought he was wrong, and argued along side my cousin against her father and his arguments.  But somehow he had seeded a little question in my mind.  As I grew older, and gained more life experience (let's call it that, OK?) I've come to realised uncle Pete had a point.  A very valid point actually.  Women, do use sex as a powerful tool or weapon or whatever else they want.  Think about it.  We (women) may not want to admit it, but it is a fact...

 How many times have we heard of wives penalising their husbands by withholding sex?  I do know the opposite is true and does happen as well, but for this post, I will only write about the games we, women, play.

If a woman wants sex she can have it, unlike a man.  Take for example, the woman who walks into a bar and has decided  that tonight she won't be going home alone, the odds are on her side.  A woman who "puts out" will get lucky. Men can't say the same.  Because of that women do have a very powerful tool, and most women know how to use it.  Some of us don't want to use their sexuality as a mean to get what they want, and that's fine, but how often do we see (on TV and in life) wives playing the "you'll get some" with their husbands when they want their men to do something?  The worst thing is we ALL know this and yet the games go on.  True, men have a very weak fault, they don't often think with their bigger head, they let their little one take over thus making easier for us.

A woman who truly wants sex (I am talking about sex, not love, nor relationship) she can get some. She will always find a man willing, and this no matter how she looks.  She may not get Channing Tatum in her bed, but still, she will get what she wanted, i.e. sex.  This subject came to me when I read a post about a woman wanting sex.  Getting sex, I think, is easy,  if you're single and feeling horny, you will find a willing partner I'm pretty certain of that.  If you're not single, then it's another story, but then again it all depends of the relationship you have.

I'm not even going to say anything about the double standards, those are there, they're not right, and yet like many other things in life, that's just the way it is.


Anonymous said...

That is VERY true, and there is a saying about those that protest the loudest.

People don't like to be called out on stuff, but if we are all very honest and real, it is just a fact.

I also am annoyed that when women withhold sex to get what they want from their men it is regarded as normal and funny (every sitcom) but when men do it, it is seen as mean and almost abusive.

The double standards abound!!


Stinkypaw said...

Michele: Double standards abounds all right! Happy to see I'm not the only one who sees this. ;-)