Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I could tell you about this or that, or how I've been busy or taking it easy, but in the end you (and I) don't really care, right? Right! Glad you agree.

It's been nice and warm not to say friggin' sticky and let's not forget humid in town.  No matter what, someone, somewhere, will complain about the weather.  I'm just sayin'... We're never happy and that is a fact.

Last week I went to see a friend, a henna artist (remember she had done this two Christmases ago, already) and asked her to decorate me, something light for the summer.

This is how my feet looked when I got home:

Driving home with my feet wrapped in saran was interesting to say the least.  I had to keep my feet wrapped for at least four hours, in order for the henna to really set.

Once I waited the required time, I had to unwrapped these puppies and dry scrapped them of the henna. which gave this:

The oxidization hasn't really started yet, thus the light rust colour.  It will darken within forty-eight hours or so.

This is what it looked like two days or so after:

It got darker and thus so much nicer.  I love it.  It is what I wanted, but I just can't believe how many comments I'm getting.  I did it because I like the way it looks, it's not permanent and it's pain free - why not!

It's been over a week already and sadly they started to fade some.  It usually lasts about two weeks.  When she had done my arm, I had made a boo boo.  You're supposed to cream yourself, which I do, daily, with or without henna, but what I didn't know is that vitamin E is an anti-oxidant and will help remove henna.  On my arm the design only stayed a few days, until I realised the cream/lotion I was using contained vitamin E.  This time I've made sure there wasn't any vitamin in what I've used.  The fact that I wear sandals which rubs on the area when it's hot and humid might be contributing to it's fading, but still, it does look pretty good.

Hubby says it doesn't do a thing for him, and that's fine, I did it for my pleasure.  This was/is one of my Summer's treats!  What is yours?


flurrious said...

One of my summer treats used to be to take a half-day off from work during a heatwave and go see a movie in an air-conditioned theater. I haven't done it in ages, though, because now that I work from home, it's less of a treat. I'd rather be at the movies than in an office, but I'd rather be at home than anywhere else.

cinnamon girl said...

I think they look beautiful!

One of my summer treats is icecream.. I know it's pretty standard thing, but i simply cannot tolerate something that cold except on the hottest days of summer. I only eat expensive, good quality icecream, and it is fabulous.

I occasionally sandpaper all the hair off my legs in summer, and enjoy the strange feeling of a skirt swishing around my bald ankles.