Monday, August 29, 2011

Let's not complicate things

I'm a guys kind of gal. I like things simple.  When I'm with a bunch of women I get scared because we, women, tend to complicate things.

For example, one of my cousin will be turning sixty soon.  Her daughter decided to organised a surprise party, women only.  Since there was no mention of gift or anything of the sort, I've suggested to get together and offer her something nice.  Nobody had suggestion, so I suggested a spa package at a nice hotel, with a nice meal, etc.  On about twelve women only five responded.  I went out to price different packages, and see what options were being offered.  This morning I received an email from my cousin's daughter saying she didn't think my idea would be enjoyed by her mother.  Funny thing is I saw her mom on Saturday and she mentioned how much she loved to be massaged, so the daughter is wrong.

Why is it people have this need to make things complicated when they don't have to be?  I don't get that.  I like things simple.  When it is too complicated my eyes glazes over and I disconnect.  I'm aware not everyone have the same means, or the same tastes, or the same interests, I get that, plus these are the things that make us interesting.  If someone doesn't want to partake in something, why find excuses and not simply say "I'm not interested" or "I don't want to"?  Is it that hard to say what one means, really?

Let's keep it simple people, it is so much easier... geez.

On a different note,
to Mr & Mrs Marius on their new family addition, and a warm welcome to baby S.


Steph said...

I love this post! It is so true. I think that people like to have conflict and drama though. Like a wedding party for example. Oh, the joys of being a woman... The men have is so easy. Get him beer, sports, or nothing. He will be satisfied either way!

Marius said...

Merci boucoup! (did I spell that right?) You're the best blend ever!! And I agree, some people get so caught up in their belief that they know someone best that they often don't know that person at all. My mother spent years trying to get me to like the things she liked, then finally one Christmas she got me a black shirt and a cordless drill and I realized she was finally starting to 'get' me. Sounds like your cousin's daughter is more into being the one who knows her mother rather than actually knowing her mother.

indonesiatooverseas said...

Yeah, i think you're right. If something can be done in simple way, why should we make it complicate?

Hi, i've follow your blog, and now i'm inviting you to follow mine. Thakns.


Stinkypaw said...

Steph: Thank you!

Marius: My pleasure! I just hope not to creation a situation... Time will tell.
BTW, it's written Merci beaucoup - very close! ;-)

indonesiatooverseas: Welcome to my world. I'll check out your blog for sure. Thanks.