Monday, August 15, 2011


This is going to be a weird post (as if, I needed to let you know!  If you've been here before you know it is always somewhat strange...).

Maybe I'm just feeling out of it today, even if I had a good day at a client.  When I woke up this morning, I didn't want to get up (I rarely do want to anyway, but this morning I felt the urge to stay in bed stronger, let's say).  I tooled around some and finally made my way out of the house.

I'm aware not everyone enjoy a good venting session, and at times I think this blog is just that, a place for me to vent.  I could update my status on Bacefook regularly, which I don't, or even worst, better, on Twitter but I don't twitt.  BTW, I don't get that medium.  Why would I want to know about someone that much, or want to read about their every thoughts or moods?   I don't think there's anyone I know I'd want to know that much irrelevant information about.  Bacefook is getting on my nerves because of all the stupid info going about. 

I share lots on here, and at times even too much.  Maybe I'm wrong in thinking that my blog is my place to share all these useless information, I don't know. At times I think I should write 'article' type post, but then, that is not why I blog. I don't pretend to be a writer, I just enjoy writing my confused thoughts, but mostly what I enjoy is the interaction, when you guys do bother to comment that is!

Plus I don't think I'm that interesting or important that I should let the world know that my cat's poo really stink, or that I ate my first curlywurly (which I really enjoyed!), that I hate Mondays, or that my cute husband is preparing dinner.But then again, what do I know?



Robert the Skeptic said...

I'm with you.. blogging I understand. FaceBook, really the whole thing confuses me. Pointless.

Marius said...

I'll admit to being something of a social media whore; I'm on Bacefook, tweeter, and G+, but in my defense I did not seek any of them out, and I vowed after the first week I was on tweeter that I wouldn't tweet about what I was eating, and I very rarely tweet song lyrics...anymore. And two years ago I deleted my MySpace account because it just got too damned annoying. Mainly I use those things to keep in touch with my friends in far away lands, and to bitch about politics. ;-)

And as long as you post blogs, I will read them and comment. If they're happy posts, I will laugh with you. If they're sad posts, I'll weep with you. And if they're angry posts, I'll rage with you. And if they're drunk posts, I'll point and giggle. :-D

PinkPiddyPaws said...

I have used the "hide" button on Bacefook a lot. I don't dislike the people, I just don't want to read their random crap every freaking minute of every day. And the ones that link their Twitter to their FB get an automatic hide. Geez...

Like you, I don't always have something to blog about (although when I was online dating it was hilarious to post stuff).

Just random thoughts these days.
That's all we are sometimes. A collection of randomness that only our friends (blog or real world) can understand. :D

Site manager said...

Keep writing, and about whatever you want. That is the whole point of blogging. I also have a bunch of people on hide on FB, I also enjoy the games! :-)

Hope you are feeling less meh today! :-)


Stinkypaw said...

RtS: Yep!

Marius: Keeping in touch with friends is the only reason I keep Bacefook. I won't post drunk since I don't drink, and I'll keep on posting!

PPP: Totally agree, only friends get it! ;-)

Michele: Thanks, feeling better!