Thursday, November 17, 2011


Last year when the time came for me to put up our Christmas tree I didn't feel like it.  It turned out to be a good thing since I hurt my back during the holidays and didn't do anything.  It didn't feel quite the same, but in the end I was happy I didn't have to take anything down.

Since we live here, all of my Christmas goods are in storage, a few streets over.  I have a lot of stuff.  I use them all.  Hubby has to do a minimum of two trips to get everything here, and another two to bring everything back.  Then, in the new year he has to make another four trips.  The things this poor man does for love - teehee.

Two years ago, because he really hates all of this and only does it for me (yes, I have a good husband), he informed me that he would not be making these trips after he hits 50.  At the times I didn't too much of it, but in February he will be hitting 49, so my time is up, almost.  He did give me a one year credit since he didn't haul anything last year, but still, it's coming fast.

This year I'm not sure if I want to put up our tree.  More and more, I find it all to be a lot of work for a few weeks.   I love it when it's all done, but doing it, isn't all that fun (anymore).  This year (again), we agreed to a no gift Christmas.  I don't mind too much, since I do exchange gifts with friends.  For the past eight years, my Christmas really happens early December, at my meditation group.  We pick a name and do a gift exchange, but most of us also give a little something to others.  Even if it's little somethings, it does add up fast.  This year, I've decided to bake goods for the little somethings.  So far, I've baked over three hundred cookies.  I'm running out of space in our freezer to store them.  I'm enjoying it though.  It's fun.

I just realized I have to prep our Christmas cards as well. Geez.  It never stops, does it? 

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