Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I could be doing much worst.

Yesterday's post was about social medias keeping bloggers busy from blogging, after all there are so many hours in a day and between Bacefook and Twitt and whatever else people play with these days, there's not much time left to actually do some work, take care of ourselves and our family, and let's not forget to watch some TV and have a social life. I'm out of breath just writing this, and I'm starting to feel a little stress creeping up my neck muscles.

I will say that because of Bacefook, I've been able to find long lost friends.  Well, let's be honest, if there were really friends, they wouldn't have been lost in the first place, right?  Huh.  Anyway, I've found people I knew from way back when, people I went to primary school with and some from high-school.  For that I'm enjoying Bacefook, for that and for the fact I'm now able to poke someone just to say hi, or to see what's happening with them.  Like blogging, people do have to post in order for the rest of us to know what's happening with them, dah.  Let me tell you, if you're not on Bacefook, some people do.  They post about what they had to eat, what they wear that day, oh yeah, the real important stuff, just like what I've been posting here. Teehee.

This morning I've received a one-liner email, from a friend (let's say he is) I haven't seen in many years and with whom I rarely have any contact.  He sent me a birthday wish (a few days early).  I'm pretty sure it is not because he remembers my birth date, but because I must show up in the "Upcoming Events" box in Bacefook.  It's a nice thought.  He didn't have to do it, I recognize that. 

That's one thing, on birth days, one will get their wall filled with wishes.  It's a nice feeling, even if we know they were reminded, because even if with the reminder some people will not.  Among my 352 "friends" on there not all of them will take the time to write my a line when the time comes. I don't expect people to do it either.  It'd be phony.  But then again, I can't help to think why is it I can not de-friend someone?  I don't accept all requests.  I have a few pending from people I've never even met.  They sent me a request because I did the same style of martial arts they do.  Nah, don't know you, sorry.  I see people in the "People You May Know" box I went to school with.  I'm guessing they would see me as well.  I didn't really know them in school so why now?  Yes we went to the same school, but that didn't make us friends.  I'm not in a quest to have the biggest amount of friends.

I was looking for an image representing Bacefook Friends, when I saw this... If this app really exists, I'm sure some people got it, because we all want to know who left us... Strange!  Check it out, if you're interested.  Bacefook is a time waster, I'll admit that, and yet I enjoy it.  What do you like about it?

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